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Ethnard Clothing Reviews – Legit or a Scam?

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Ethnard Clothing Reviews – If you are looking for reviews? You’re at the right site. Are you sure that Ethnard is fraudulent? Read the complete review to learn more about the site and whether you should shop.

This review will provide useful reviews to assist shoppers in making the right buying decision and avoiding placing an order on a fraudulent website pretending as genuine.


Ethnard Clothing Reviews - Legit or a Scam?

Ethnard store, sometimes called Ethnard .com or Ethnard com, is an online store that deals with various fashionable items like leisure and swimsuits, jumpsuits and many more. The store sells items for sale at a discount and free shipping for orders over $35.

Furthermore, the online store has a variety of payment options for buyers. Additionally, the time for delivery can vary, and there is a 30-day return.

What We Discovered About Ethnard Store

Ethnard Fashion is authentic, having a clear layout on their website and a low cost, but can you trust the company? The following details highlight what we have found on the website

  • This domain’s name is new.
  • The owner’s details are not readily available.
  • The trust rating of the store is average.
  • Social media accounts aren’t connected to the site.

Ethnard Clothing Reviews by Customers? Is It Legit?

These reviews are based upon real experiences, which aid in understanding the store’s online -delivery process, sale services procedure, and quality of products.

Based on our searches, we found no customer comments on sites that are not affiliated with ScamDoc or TrustPilot. Additionally, we discovered that the store’s online presence could be more popular with shoppers. This suggests that the credibility of the site could be better.

Another important point is that placing an order with fake stores can be painful and depressing. They’re only looking to steal buyers’ money, but they don’t have any product delivery. You will likely receive the product you purchased from this store.

Red Flags About Ethnard Store

Below is some suspect information we have found regarding this particular store.

Suspicious owner

The store is believed to be operated under Aimark Limited, whose headquarters are at Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP. The reality is that the information above is suspect. The company has yet to earn an outstanding reputation.

The exact same address and company are used by other fraudulent stores. This is a great way to demonstrate that purchasing from these stores is extremely risky. We generally advise consumers to buy from recognized brands whose authenticity has been confirmed to avoid being tricked.

Ridiculous discount

If you visit their website, you will see that each item is available at a discount of up to 88 per cent. They are also providing free shipping on all orders greater than $35. The discount margin is incredible.

Scrupulous product companies frequently employ mouthwatering discounts to get customers to buy a product as quickly as possible. We urge our readers to be vigilant and carefully deal with such stores.

Negative online reviews

This site has been rated as low on websites like Scamadviser. There are also negative reviews about this store on other sites, which confirms that items ordered are not delivered to customers or are of poor quality.

Their email needs to be operational, meaning a refund is impossible. This suggests that we’re dealing with an unreliable retailer.

Website just registered

One of the factors consumers of online stores should be looking to determine in a site is the period it’s been around for. Unfortunately, happens to be an unregistered website. 

It was created on April 17th, 2023 and expires on April 17th 2024. This indicates that the website has no credibility. Online shoppers must be careful when purchasing items or using services offered by the site, which is relatively new because they need security.

Contents copied from other sources

Certain information on the website, like images of products, was taken from other websites. This indicates that the store also does not have authenticity and shouldn’t be used for business.

The social media landscape could be more visible

This store isn’t available on any social media platforms. This is not a good sign for the business. A reputable store must be present on at least one social network.

Things You Should Know Before Shopping Online

First, online stores may offer different items with just a click. Still, there are additional aspects to consider before making a purchase. Therefore, the following suggestions can be helpful.

Contact Information

Some suspicious online stores need to offer a contact number on their websites. This is suspicious since customers will only be able to contact the business indirectly in the event of defective or undelivered products. Beware!


Yes, scam stores give the email addresses on the site for customers to view. But the thing to remember is that this is simply another method of looking credible. Buyers who send mail through may lose their hopes.

No Accountability

There is no liability in a scam since the proprietor’s identity isn’t publicly available. The absence of a genuine person accountable for the business’s operations is an alarm.

Content Information

Another warning: fraud stores replicate most of their information, including returns policy and images of products from a suspicious online store. You will see this within them with the intent to appear authentic.

How To Outsmart These Scams

Conduct a Google search to verify the legitimacy of the website’s name, image and address, email address, and other information for authenticity.

Make sure you have the Trust Seal of this siteThe trust seal of this website.

To confirm the legitimacy of a site, the certifier authority (CA) has issued the stamp to signify accredited websites. With the trust seal similar to the Trusted Sites certification, customers are assured of their security when they visit the website.

Use the Google Transparency Report

Google’s safe browsing technology detects thousands of malicious websites and compromised sites online daily. You can use this to look up specific web addresses to determine whether a site has been compromised.

Look for the presence on social media of the site

Awareness of the website’s social media is another method to identify scam stores. Beware of duplicate content or images, ineffective participation, transparency, and links to malware or scams like phishing.

You Can Do This If You’ve Been Shopping at

If you’ve been scammed by a retailer online, you can file a complaint with the FTC and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Or,

Contact your credit card provider or payment platform to report fraudulent online merchants.

Is worth your money?

No! There are better places to purchase any product from. They have poor ratings for trust and have negative reviews on the internet along with other warning signs which should be taken seriously. 

They’ll rip you off your hard-earned money if you purchase their products. We do not recommend this store. We have also reviewed other stores: Fankay, and Hallbag.

Have you bought anything at recently? Please comment in the comments section to tell us about your experiences.

What Happens When You Shop From uses the following method. The company will debit your credit card on the day of purchase. They’ll send an email confirmation and tracking details but wait to deliver the product. This is a common practice for the majority of fraudulent retailers. The tracking number is usually fake.

On the other hand, consumers could be offered counterfeit or faulty products. This type of fraud is referred to as bait and switch fraud. Customers receive a lower-priced item than what they bought. You may get a pair of socks in place of the beanbag.

In addition, there’s the possibility of getting your credit card stolen. In this situation, you could be charged for items you didn’t purchase or overcharged. In the meantime, you could receive alerts about debits that are not legitimate.

Is Scam? is a suspicious site to purchase from. The fake address for extravagant business discounts, a recently registered website, no social media presence and more. 

All indicate it is a fact that does not appear to be a legitimate and authentic website.

Yes, is a scam. The store does not deliver high-quality products to its customers or offer refunds. It is also possible to get fraudulent credit card transactions when customers shop at Ethnard.


Based on our research, Ethnard, located at, is a fraudulent website that entices customers by offering cheap goods. Don’t let the discounts fool you! 

The store didn’t pass the test for authenticity and, as such, we do not recommend it. It’s the same as Deleuza, Oraqui, Pititor and Gracesunny, which I reviewed a few years ago.

Ethnard is a company, and similar to Udysloco, illustrates that the legitimacy of this online website is in doubt. In this regard, we recommend shoppers beware of scam clothing sites that are online and avoid buying products from shady stores.

Have you ever shopped on this website previously? Do you have any plans to purchase at the store? Do you have any tips to share? Please do so in the comments below. Thank you.

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