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Lemme Gummies Review – Do Lemme Gummies Work & Worth It?

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Lemme Gummies Review– If you feel like your social media account is being managed by Lemme Kourtney Kardashian’s new line of botanical and vitamins, You’re not alone. There’s no doubt that Lemme’s snazzy branding is attractive (some items even have waiting lists!). 

However, a deeper dive into the ingredients is recommended before you hit “add to cart” and take Kardashian’s health advice as the truth.

The Lemme motto declares that “wellness should be delicious,” their scientifically proven ingredients are reportedly designed to be a “divine part of your daily life.”

But what exactly does that mean? Are these gummies delivering the promised benefits? What should people be aware of regarding the ingredients? Are they worth the cost?

Lemme Gummies Overview

Lemme Gummies Review - Do Lemme Gummies Work & Worth It?

Lemme Chill, De-stress Gummies

“This one is my favorite,” says Scheinman, because it contains potent ingredients, and Kardashian Barker was “right in the doses.”

Key ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha (300 milligrams): Scheinman favors ashwagandha as an herb that has many studies that suggest it can reduce stress. “Most people take it very easily, and there’s great research on it helping to ease anxiety,” she notes. “She was right in this instance with the dose.” A dose of between 200 to 500 milligrams is the most effective dosage.
  • Herbal blend of Passionflower, Lemon Balm, and Goji Berry (15 milligrams): Typically, Scheinman advises her customers to stay away from supplements that contain proprietary blends as “you don’t know the amount of each ingredient is contained in them.” However, taken as a group, the combination of lemon balm, passionflower, and goji can be very beneficial to boost energy and mood, according to Scheinman.

Lemme Matcha, Energy B12 Gummies

Kardashian Barker’s approach to supplements for energy received some praise from Scheinman “One among the elements I really liked about the product they’ve created here is the focus on the health of cells and nutrition. If our cells are energized and we feel more active.”

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12 (24 micrograms): “That’s a quite common vitamin found in many nutritional supplements for energy,” says Scheinman. The matcha-based vitamins exceed the recommended daily allowance for B12, Scheinman says; however, this amount is safe to consume and is likely to boost energy.
  • COQ10 (20 milligrams): These antioxidant antioxidants are vital to produce energy in mitochondria, Sheinman notes. While it’s a well-studied antioxidant that can aid in boosting energy levels, the dosage is too little in Lemme Gummies. “From what research has shown that the minimum amount is around 100 milligrams,” she adds, “so in terms of COQ10, it’s not doing much.”
  • Organic Matcha Green Tea (50 milligrams): Matcha is one of Scheinman’s top items to suggest for energy as it is less caffeine-rich than coffee and contains an amino acid that is effective when combined with caffeine. “But since there are such tiny amounts of matcha contained in this product, I don’t believe there’s enough to accomplish anything.”

Lemme Focus, Concentration Gummies

The focus gummies were at the bottom of the list for Scheinman primarily due to the shallow doses of its main ingredients.

Key ingredients:

  • Citicoline (250 milligrams): Citicoline is a precursor to the chemical that is “a vital component of brain cells that help keep them healthy,” says Scheinman, “which is why if you have a healthy brain will be more focused.” However, the studies she studied discovered that citicoline enhanced focus by double the amount found in Lemme’s gummies.
  • Lion’s Mane (25 milligrams): This mushroom is increasing in popularity due to its capacity to aid people to concentrate more effectively. “The starting dose is typically at the low end, around 500 milligrams of lion’s Mane, but she’s only got 25 milligrams. It’s much less than the dose that research found to be a bit more efficient.”
  • Vitamin B12 (4.8 micrograms): Here, the RDA is doubled. However, “unless you’re lacking in B12It’s likely not to be doing much to increase focus or more energy.”
  • MCT oil (10 milligrams): “Some people report more energy and focus when using MCT oil. However, the research studies have shown that this benefit is greatest when people follow ketogenic diets,” says Scheinman. “For certain people, this might be enough to feel an effect. However, for others, it may not be enough.”

Lemme Gummies Review (In Depth)

Lemme Gummies Review - Do Lemme Gummies Work & Worth It?

Lemme Debloat daily digestive Gummies Review

Lemme’s debloat products claim to “support” digestion and help you eliminate the bloat, but they have limitations. 

First, this product does not solve bloat caused by food intolerances, stress, or pelvic floor issues. Therefore, taking care of the root causes of the bloating first is crucial, advises BreAnna Guan ND, an accredited naturopathic physician specializing in women’s hormonal health.

The good news is that these gummies with a blackberry flavor contain probiotics, which are the good bacteria that reside within your digestive tract and aid in maintaining the health of your gut, according to Dr. Purdy. The two probiotics mentioned, lactospore ( Bacillus coagulans) and Bacillus subtilis, are believed to ease bloating symptoms.

Four weeks of Bacillus subtilis usage in healthy adults have shown an improvement in GI symptoms such as bloating and gas, a study published in 2021 published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences discovered. 

Lactospore is also proven in new research to help reduce GI symptoms such as bloating and gas, according to Samantha Nazareth, MD, a gastroenterologist and WHadvisor. However, more studies are needed to confirm the efficacy of lactospore.

It is worth noting that the gummies also contain 3 grams of sugar in each serving. Guan says this can cause more harm than good (bloat and indigestion are typically related to a high sugar intake). Guan.

While these drinks can reduce bloating in people with poor gut health, they’ll only work in conjunction with an energizing diet and healthier way of life, Guan notes. This means drinking small amounts of alcohol, working out, getting adequate sleep, and reducing stress (you already know this! ).

Lemme Purr vaginal health gummies Review

These gummies from pineapple might be delicious, but they’re not guaranteed to help support vaginal pH levels or help in reducing vaginal smell, as they claim.

“The vagina cleans itself so there’s no health or medical reasons for seeking to alter the vagina’s smell,” says Melanie Bone, MD, an ob-gyn and Daye’s medical board member. “There isn’t any evidence to support the assertion that a certain ingredient can alter the vaginal odor for different women.”

As per Dr. Purdy, if you have a vaginal smell, it’s likely to be due to an infection like bacterial Vaginosis (BV). In such a situation, it’s essential to consult with a doctor to determine the cause of the problem, as these gummies can’t cure a disease.

Let’s now examine the ingredients. Gummies are a source of vitamin C, which has been associated with preventing chronic infections caused by bacterial vaginosis; however, only when taken vaginally. 

Dr. Purdy doesn’t know if the consumption of gummies in oral form would result in the same effect in the same way, as the stomach could break them down before going into the bloodstream or gut.

Lemme also contains a probiotic ingredient called SNZ 1969, which claims to be a “clinically verified” probiotic for vaginal health. This isn’t true, Dr. Bone, since the probiotic isn’t found naturally in the body, and no scientific evidence suggests that it affects vaginal odor.

It’s also impossible to alter your vaginal pH by chewing a gummy since the pH is influenced by the “complex, balanced natural occurring bacteria,” notes Dr. Bone. 

This bacteria is affected by sexual activity, hormones, menstrual cycles, and certain medications. In reality, trying to alter the vaginal pH can adversely affect the vaginal microbiome and lead to irritation, infections, and other health problems, she states.

Lemme Matcha Energy B12 Gummies Review

According to Dr. Purdy, these gummies for energy metabolism are high in beneficial ingredients since matcha, green tea, and vitamin B12 are excellent energy sources. 

According to Dr. Nazareth, gummies are also said to “support energy at the cellular level,” which is likely true in vitamin B12. (B12 is vital in synthesizing DNA and RNA, and low levels of the vitamin can lead to an inability to produce energy, she says.).

But, because they’re such a tiny amount of each, Gummies’ effectiveness isn’t sure. Additionally, B12 supplements usually come in liquid, pills, or under-the-tongue form; therefore, gummies might not be the most efficient choice, per Dr. Nazareth.

In addition, if constant tiredness and lack of energy seem to be the norm, you should talk to a doctor because it could be a hormonal thyroid issue or anemia resulting from a nutritional deficit, she says.

“Taking stimulants to help combat fatigue can be helpful for a short time however, we must make sure there’s nothing that is more severe,” explains Guan. “We do not want to cover up more serious problems by using matcha.”

Lemme Sea Moss Liquid Drops Review

According to Dr. Purdy, sea moss has essential minerals; it is nutritionally rich and brimming with antioxidants. Also, Guan says the Irish moss ingredient is excellent for overall well-being and health. While these drops may help, there’s no research conducted on their efficacy, and nothing can be guaranteed, according to Dr. Purdy.

This is because it’s unclear what minerals are presently found in the Irish sea moss and at what dose, says Guan. Iodine (commonly used in marine products) is generally the gold standard in thyroid problems; however, it’s unknown whether iodine can be found in sea moss.

Additionally, even though the supplement is a source of Vitamin D and biotin, which can help promote healthy nail growth and hair, the dose is low, according to Dr. Purdy and Guan point out.

“I’d not recommend this lower dosage of Vitamin D] to meet your nutritional requirements,” Guan explains. “The biotin dosage is also small, considering that the majority of nutritional supplements have 1,000 mcg-8,000 mcg and this one has just 30 mg.”

Who would you recommend sleeping supplements to?

I would recommend sleep support to almost anyone. Sleep is essential and highly undervalued. Sleep is critical for every bodily system to function correctly and keep the delicate balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

What are the most critical elements to be looking for in a successful sleep aid?

Magnesium Glycinate: A lot of supplement companies get their ingredients from less expensive (aka more absorbable, or “bioavailable”) versions of the nutrients we consume in the form of vitamins (vitamin C, B-complexes (zinc, B-complexes), B-complexes, etc.). 

You’ll notice that when you read the nutrition facts on the label, several types of magnesium are available: oxide citrate or citrate, threonate or malate, and citrate. However, the one I recommend for my patients is magnesium Glycinate. The form (Mag Gly) is the most multi-functional. 

It is a good fit for the nervous system since it functions as a smooth-muscle relaxant and vasodilator. It results in lower blood pressure, less heart rate, less anxiety, and less muscle tension and cramping. It aids in regulating bowel movements, both in form and frequency.

L-theanine is my top preferred nutrient for sleep because it also acts as an anxiolytic and is one of the most “fast-acting,” calming, organic nutrients I’ve come across in my research.

Vitamin B6 is an essential co-factor in creating certain neurotransmitters, both calming and inhibitory, that aid in letting our parasympathetic nervous system take over and let our sympathetic nervous system have the time to rest.

What can you do to maximize the benefits of sleeping supplements?

Take your sleep supplements at least an hour before when you’d like to fall asleep. This gives your body enough time to digest and absorb the nutrients individually and to get them into your system.

Are there significant lifestyle changes that affect the effectiveness of these supplements?

A good night’s sleep is essential. For starters, blackout curtains and noise machines, No WiFi, no electronic devices, and cool temperatures.

Make sure you move regularly with fresh air, clean air, and sunshine.

Put down all your work and scroll on your phone for at least two hours before your ideal time to sleep.

What suggestions would you offer someone struggling with sleep aids or not getting results?

Consider naturopathic medicine and functional testing to understand better the daily cortisol output and levels, hormone balances, nutrient levels, and thyroid functions.

Please turn off the WiFi after dinner and turn it off until a.m.

Acupuncture is the one I recommend for treatments that balance the nervous system. It is a powerful method for relaxing your nerves and rebalancing the flow of Qi. Acupuncture is also beneficial for menstrual cycle digestion, urination, and sore joints and muscles, reducing stress levels throughout your system.

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