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TCL Q7 Review – Is This QLED TV Worth Your Money?

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TCL Q7 Review – The TCL Q7 QLED TV is designed like the perfect spot for TCL 2023’s TVs. It is not officially taking over the role of the TCL 6-Series in the company’s new collection. It strikes an appealing balance of attributes and value for a TV with a 4K HDR.

Although TCL is taking on its position in the Mini LED market with sets similar to that of the TCL QM8, its efforts to make QLED a reality have remained strong. The Q7 is priced at the same price as one of the top TVs, such as that is the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (65R655); the TCL Q7 comes with impressive gaming specs, a new generation of local dimming controls and promises to deliver outstanding brightness. 

The TV also has an in-built remote, as the set is operated via Google TV instead of Roku.

We’ll have to test this TCL Q7 QLED in our lab before reaching a conclusion. Let us see how the TV compares to our impressions of appearance, performance, features and more.

TCL Q7 Review - Is This QLED TV Worth Your Money?

TCL Q7 Pros

  • Good brightness
  • Stand with feet that can be reversible
  • Affordable price

TCL Q7 Cons

  • A few backlights are blooming
  • Screen glare
  • Google TV is the only option.

TCL Q7 Review In Depth

TCL Q7 Review - Is This QLED TV Worth Your Money?

TCL Q7 QLED TV cost and availability Review

The TCL Q7 QLED TV will be on sale as of May 15. It is available in a 55-inch size priced at $749.99 and then goes to an 85-inch model at $2,199.99.

  • 55-inches (55Q750G): $749.99
  • 65-inches (65Q750G): $999.99
  • 75-inches (75Q750G): $1,399.99
  • 85-inches (85Q750G): $2,199.99

TCL TVs are usually the subject of one of the most lucrative TV bargains from major retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. Because it’s a brand-new model, it will be sold out after some time. However, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see its first sale in the months to be.

TCL Q7 QLED TV Design Review

The TV TCL Q7QLED comes with higher-end design features than you’d expect. It’s wrapped in a brushed-metal strip and has adjustable, reversible footrests, which we like over the central stand style of the newest generation TCL 6-Series for accommodating a soundbar. When we talk about soundbars The TCL Q soundbar is the latest. TCL Q soundbar is designed to complement Q-line TVs like the Q7.

The Q7’s back comes with a port array, which includes one USB input and four HDMI inputs. It also has two HDMI 2.1 inputs (1 @ 4K/144Hz and 1 @ 4K/120Hz) and an exclusive HDMI eARC input. An array of 2.1 ports is the norm for all full OLED televisions and televisions that use QLED technology. However, the Q7’s inputs are flexible enough.

However, as an option for Google TV-only devices, TCL Q7 is a Google TV-only device. TCL Q7 is less flexible than the TCL 6-Series (65R655) that came in the form of both Roku TV and Google TV models.

The greater use of Google TV helps elevate the experience (Sony’s preferred TV platform choice) and allows TCL to provide it with its own control panel. The most appealing aspect? The remote has a backlight.

Performance of TCL Q7QLED QLED Television Review

The Q7 from TCL has a native 120Hz panel with more than 200 local dimming zones. Its AIPQ Engine Gen 3 controls the dimming zones. When watching shows and movies, viewers will benefit from all major HDR formats, as well as Dolby Vision IQ, because of the inbuilt ambient light sensor. The device comes IMAX Enhanced certified, too.

However, the specs stand out for gamers. TCL’s Game Accelerator 240 can power the gaming experience up to 240 Hz. It also features Auto Game Mode (ALLM) and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

The benchmarking of using the TCL Q7QLED television will allow us to determine if these specs live up to what they promise and also how the set performs with diverse media. We’ll pay particular focus on HDR high-intensity brightness. It’s a feature in the 6-Series (65R655) and a vital consumer metric.

The TCL Q7 QLED Television Display Review

The TCL QM8 looks stunning; however, for less than $700, this TCL Q7 QLED television could be among the best 65-inch televisions you can buy at less than 1,000 this year. 

If you’re looking for a TV with a lower budget, TCL has just announced its TCL S4 4K TV, priced at $279.99. Before offering advice, we must run all our benchmarks using TCL Q7 Mini LED TV. TCL Q7 Mini LED Television.


At $2,199.99, TCL’s 85-inch QLED TV comes with a wide selection of features and good overall performance considering the price. However, it lacks the stunning HDR luminosity of the higher-end TCL QM8 class. This will cost you an additional 600 dollars for a TV with the same size screen.

Do the extra brightness that the QM8’s LED backlight adds make it worth the additional expense? This will depend on the lighting conditions in your home. 

More bright is generally better for well-lit spaces and sports viewed in daylight, and your expectations for more dynamic and exciting movies that use HDR. However, with TCL’s brighter 6-Series TVs being accessible for purchase at a comparable cost, the Q7’s primary rival appears to be TCL, it’s own.

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