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Starfield What Happens When You Steal a Ship?

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Starfield What Happens When You Steal a Ship? Are you ready to become the ultimate shipboarding and theft master in Starfield? Look no further, because this article is your comprehensive guide to achieving greatness in the world of piracy.

Discover the difference between simple ship theft and true piracy, and learn how to acquire the essential Targeting Control Systems skill.

Follow the steps to successfully take over enemy ships, navigate the challenges of stolen contraband, and improve your Piloting skills for higher-class ships.

With expert tips and trustworthy guides, you’ll belong among the elite shipboarders in no time.

The Difference Between Piracy and Ship Theft

In Starfield, it is important to understand the difference between piracy and ship theft.

Piracy strategies involve engaging in combat and using the Deception skill to steal a ship’s cargo. This requires skillful shooting and disabling the enemy ship’s engines early on to cause it to explode.

On the other hand, ship theft involves using the Targeting Control Systems skill to disable the engines of an enemy ship. Once disabled, the player can dock with the ship, clear out the crew, and claim it for themselves.

It is crucial to note that ship theft is illegal in Starfield, and there are legal consequences for stealing a ship. Stolen ships are considered contraband and cannot be landed at big cities or settlements. To avoid detection, it is recommended to dock at specific locations like The Den or Red Mile. Outposts outside patrolled space can also be used to handle stolen ships.

Furthermore, it is important to register a stolen ship before modifying, renaming, or selling it. Unauthorized piloting of stolen ships can lead to difficulties if the player’s Piloting skill level or ship’s class requirements are not met. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the Piloting skill to pilot higher-class ships.

Acquiring the Targeting Control Systems Skill

To master shipboarding and theft in Starfield, you’ll need to acquire the Targeting Control Systems skill. This skill is essential for successfully taking over enemy ships and claiming them as your own.

To obtain this skill, you’ll need to invest in at least one rank. Once you have the skill, you can employ various strategies for shipboarding success. Strategically targeting individual systems of enemy ships is crucial. Disable their engines first to gain control and dock with the ship.

Clearing out the enemy crew and securing the pilot’s seat will allow you to claim the ship as yours. Mastering the Targeting Control Systems skill and implementing these strategies will greatly increase your chances of successful shipboarding and theft in Starfield.

Steps to Take Over an Enemy Ship

Disable the engines of the enemy ship first in order to gain control and dock with it, allowing you to proceed with taking over the ship. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Target the enemy ship’s engines using your Targeting Control Systems skill.
  • Use your weapons to damage the engines, causing them to malfunction or explode.
  • Once the engines are disabled, maneuver your ship close to the enemy ship and dock with it.

Clearing out the enemy crew is crucial before claiming the ship as your own. The importance of this step cannot be underestimated. You must eliminate any remaining crew members to ensure your safety and maintain control over the ship.

Starfield What Happens When You Steal a Ship?

Docking at specific locations like The Den or Red Mile can help you avoid detection when dealing with stolen ships as contraband. Concealing stolen ships is crucial to prevent the risks and consequences of selling them.

Selling stolen ships is considered illegal in Starfield, as they are considered contraband. If you attempt to sell a stolen ship at big cities or settlements, you will likely face severe consequences.

Therefore, it is essential to find alternative locations, such as The Den or Red Mile, where you can dock and handle stolen ships without drawing unwanted attention.

When piloting a stolen ship in Starfield, remember that seeing the message ‘you are not authorized to pilot this ship’ can indicate two possible reasons.

Firstly, it could mean that the ship belongs to someone else, and there might be more crew members present. In such cases, it is crucial to assess the situation and either retreat or engage in combat if necessary.

Secondly, the message could also be due to your piloting skill level and the ship’s class requirements. To pilot higher-class ships, you need to improve your Piloting skill by reaching rank 3 for class B ships and rank 4 for class C ships.

Utilizing Starfield Walkthrough and Guides

To get the most out of your Starfield experience, rely on the helpful information provided by the Starfield walkthrough and guides.

These invaluable resources will guide you through the intricate art of shipboarding and theft mastery. The Starfield walkthrough tips will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully steal and take control of enemy ships. They will teach you the importance of disabling the engines, clearing out the enemy crew, and claiming the ship for yourself.

Additionally, the guides for shipboarding and theft mastery will offer you expert advice on selling stolen ships without getting caught. They will show you the best locations to dock and handle stolen ships, as well as provide insights on unauthorized piloting and the necessary piloting skill levels for different ship classes.

With these walkthroughs and guides, you’ll become a master of shipboarding and theft in Starfield.

Expert Tips for Shipboarding and Theft Mastery

Improve your chances of successfully stealing and taking control of enemy ships by disabling their engines early in the fight, causing them to explode. To master the art of shipboarding and theft in Starfield, follow these expert tips:

  • Utilize the Targeting Control Systems skill to target and disable the engines of enemy ships.
  • Dock with the disabled ship and eliminate the enemy crew to claim it as your own.

To sell stolen ships, avoid landing at big cities or settlements, as they consider stolen ships contraband. Instead, dock at specific locations like The Den or Red Mile to avoid detection. Alternatively, seek out outposts outside of patrolled space that have a Landing Pad and Ship Builder.

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