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Kahawa 1893 Coffee Review – Smooth, Aromatic, and Delicious!

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Kahawa 1893 Coffee Review – Are you searching for an honest review of the Kahawa 1893 Coffee? Look at this blog post! This blog post gives an in-depth analysis of Kahawa 1893 coffee. It is a distinct blend of coffees made from the highlands in East Africa.

Smooth aromatic, delicious, and tasty, this coffee is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinker. So, keep reading If you’re eager to find out why Kahawa 1893 is the most sought-after choice of coffee lovers worldwide!

About Kahawa 1893 Coffee

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Review - Smooth, Aromatic, and Delicious!

Kahawa 1893 is a speciality coffee company founded and managed by Margaret Nyamumbo, a third-generation coffee farmer from Kenya. The company’s name comes from the Swahili word meaning “coffee”.

Kahawa 1893 aims to provide premium African beans to the global market and help women responsible for producing a large portion of the coffee used. Kahawa 1893 strives to establish lasting relationships with its farmers.

Customers are encouraged to show gratitude for the effort of these people by scanning the QR codes on Kahawa 1893’s packaging. This allows customers to leave them tips.

Additionally, Kahawa 1893 will match all tips dollar for dollar to double the impact. This means that not only will customers enjoy a delicious coffee, but they can also affect the lives of those who make it.

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Highlights Kahawa 1893 Coffee

Kahawa 1893 is a premium coffee company owned and operated by a third-generation Kenyan coffee grower. The company’s name, Safari, means Journey in Swahili, the language spoken by the indigenous people of Kenya.

Their best-loved blend is Kahawa 1893 Safari Medium Roast, rated 92/100 by The Coffee Review. It’s got notes of caramel and stone fruit, and each bag comes with 12 ounces of premium whole-bean Kahawa 1893 coffee.

This African speciality coffee is made of 100 per cent Arabica beans, which means you can taste the rich flavour of top-quality speciality African coffee at home or office. Why not join the journey and taste some of the finest Kahawa 1893 coffee today?

The Taste of Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 is a mellow, fragrant coffee that will surely please anyone who enjoys coffee’s aroma. Its dark, sweet roast provides the perfect flavour without becoming too bitter, which makes it ideal for those who like cream or milk with their coffee.

Combining Kenyan and Colombian beans gives a balanced, strong flavour profile that will surely delight. The fruity notes of the Kenyan beans create a vibrant but mellow base for the coffee. Full-bodied Colombian beans add robustness to the coffee, bringing flavour and depth.

Kahawa 1893 is an excellent option to make cold brew. This coffee’s dark roast gives an intense and smooth flavour when used in cold brew. It’s the perfect method to begin your day with an energized cup of coffee or enjoy a refreshing drink.

Varieties of Kahawa 1893 Coffee

Kahawa 1893 is a company that produces top-quality coffees in East Africa. They offer a variety of flavours and types to meet any coffee lover’s preferences. If you’re looking for a mild and smooth blend or a solid and robust roast, Kahawa 1893 has something to provide.

One of the most well-known kinds from Kahawa 1893 is their Serengeti Blend. This blend provides an elegant and delicious flavour that is a blend of cocoa, citrus and nutmeg aromas. It’s medium-roasted to highlight the sweetness of its origin and makes it accessible to coffee drinkers of all levels.

Another popular one is the Simba Blend. This robust, dark roast coffee reveals the intense notes of nuts and chocolate. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a more assertive flavour of their coffee.

Kahawa 1893 also has an African Chai Spice Coffee if you want something distinctive. The blend has notes of clove, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon to create a unique flavour you can’t find in any other coffee.

In addition, Kahawa 1893 also offers Decaf Blend. The blend is smooth and sweet without the caffeine rush. It’s the perfect choice for those who wish to take a cup of coffee without worrying about the effects of caffeine on their body.

Whatever kind of coffee you like, Kahawa 1893 has something that will satisfy your taste buds. There’s something to suit everyone, from light and mild blends to intense and bold roasts.

So whether you’re seeking a unique dessert or a good coffee drink, Kahawa 1893 will surely please your taste buds.

The Health Benefits of Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Review - Smooth, Aromatic, and Delicious!

Kahawa 1893 is a premium coffee blend with an intense and delicious taste. It’s not just an excellent treat, but it also offers many impressive health benefits. High in antioxidants, Kahawa 1893 can help reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and decrease the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Kahawa 1893 is also known for its anti-ageing effects. It is a rich source of flavonoids and other beneficial compounds that can reduce wrinkles and help promote healthier skin. Additionally, Kahawa 1893 has been proven to guard against cognitive decline and could even enhance cognitive functioning.

Then, Kahawa 1893 can help in improving mood and reducing stress levels. It is an all-natural source of caffeine, which can boost energy levels and improve your concentration and focus. Consuming Kahawa 1893 frequently can improve concentration and focus and help reduce fatigue.

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Pros

  1. Kahawa 1893 is a fantastic option for those seeking a flavorful, aromatic cup of coffee.
  2. The premium blend is made of 100 per cent Arabica beans, which gives it more health benefits than other varieties of coffee.
  3. The beans come from the third generation of a family farm in Ethiopia.
  4. They are cooked in small quantities to guarantee maximum flavour and aroma.
  5. In addition, a wide range of flavours is offered, including traditional medium, light and dark roasts and different blends of speciality. With this broad selection of coffees, you will find something perfect!

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Cons

  1. In the case of Kahawa 1893, there aren’t any cons to be reported. This coffee is made using top-quality beans and is harvested from sustainable farms worldwide.
  2. The farmers receive a fair price for their labour, and Kahawa 1893 also provides the appropriate trade certifications for their coffees.
  3. This ensures that all those involved in the production process are treated respectfully.
  4. Additionally, all the beans used in making Kahawa 1893 coffee have been carefully chosen to ensure they are of the highest standard in freshness and quality. Every cup of Kahawa 1893 coffee is consistently delicious and smooth.

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Reviews by Customers

Customers worldwide have been raving about Kahawa 1893 Coffee for its soft, aromatic flavour and excellent health benefits. With more than sixty-three reviews on their official site, Kahawa 1893 Coffee has received an astounding 4.97 out of five stars.

Customers have praised the flavour of Kahawa 1893 Coffee, noting its distinctive, smooth taste that is unique to every other coffee. One said it was “the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.” They said the coffee was creamy and rich and didn’t need sugar or cream.

Another customer was extremely pleased with Kahawa 1893 Coffee’s capability to give them vitality throughout the day and without anxiety. They also noted that the coffee was smoother than other brands, but it was a tasty and sour punch.

Other customers have also spoken about the health benefits of drinking Kahawa 1893 Coffee, noting its ability to decrease inflammation, aid digestion and boost a healthy immune system.

One customer reported feeling more awake and energized after drinking Kahawa 1893 Coffee, while another said less joint pain after drinking this coffee regularly.

Customers have received praise for Kahawa 1893 Coffee for its superior flavour, energy-boosting properties and powerful health benefits. Kahawa 1893 Coffee has been a favourite among coffee lovers worldwide with its extraordinarily delicious and smooth taste.

What is the way Kahawa 1893 helped farmers?

At Kahawa 1893, We are incredibly proud of our relationship with farmers and how we help their livelihoods. Customers can learn more about our efforts with farmers using our QR code and make quick cash tips to support them.

The direct tipping program lets customers choose the farmers who receive their information. It also allows for increased money obtained through Kahawa 1893’s match of tips dollar-for-dollar.

So far, the funds generated by tips have been utilized to purchase equipment, livestock, equipment, and more to help farmers expand their businesses and create generations of wealth for their communities.

Do I have the option of buying Kahawa 1893 in stores?

Yes, you can purchase Kahawa 1893 in stores! Kahawa 1893 is distributed nationally in small and large grocery stores, making it easy to locate stores in your area that carry delicious cups of coffee. Visit our Stockists page to find the nearest shop that stocks Kahawa 1893.

If you are shopping for Kahawa 1893 at the local grocery store, Remember that most supermarkets carry only some coffee.

We suggest shopping on our site if you’re looking for the most extensive assortment of goods. There are also special deals and offers only on our site.

We hope you are enjoying Kahawa 1893 coffee as much as we do!

Kahawa 1893 Coffee Price

Kahawa 1893 is an exquisite blend of beans from all over the world, carefully selected and blended until perfect. The cost of Kahawa 1893 coffee is a reflection of the care and quality that goes into its production of it. The cost of a bag of Kahawa 1893 coffee is priced at $16.99. It may go up depending on the size of the bag and the variety of coffees available.

Kahawa 1893 is renowned for offering affordable, top-quality coffee that lets everyone enjoy its smooth, nutty flavour. They ensure that their prices remain competitive compared to other premium brands of coffee without losing quality.

Kahawa 1893 also provides a variety of subscription choices for customers who want to save money. When you sign up for a quarterly or monthly subscription, customers can enjoy the lowest price for each bag of Kahawa 1893 coffee. This makes it simple and convenient to have an ongoing supply of your preferred Kahawa 1893 coffee blend.

Whatever way you purchase the Kahawa 1893 coffee, you can be sure you’ll get the most value for money. Their dedication to providing top quality, fair prices and exceptional customer service has led to a devoted following across the globe for coffee lovers.

Who is Kahawa 1893 Coffee For?

Kahawa 1893 Coffee is an excellent choice for those who love coffee and want to sip a soft, fragrant, delightful cup of tea while supporting sustainable farming practices.

Kahawa 1893 coffee beans are from farmers who are small-scale in Africa, which allows consumers to not just taste the taste of their coffee but also have a positive influence on the lives of African coffee farmers.

Kahawa 1893 is ideal for a great-tasting coffee that won’t cost a fortune. The prices for their coffee are affordable and competitive for anyone.

If you’re a casual drinker or an avid coffee enthusiast, Kahawa 1893 Coffee is definitely for you. With their variety of flavours and types, you’ll find an iced coffee from Kahawa 1893 that is perfect for your preferences.

Are There Any Alternatives to Kahawa 1893?

Yes, other options are in the same category as Kahawa 1893 Coffee. Many roasters and coffee shops offer similar coffees with similar characteristics.

But, what is what makes Kahawa 1893 Coffee so unique is the story behind it. The beans come from farmers on a small scale in Ethiopia who cultivate them in their natural environment, giving them the most excellent flavour.

The farmers also get paid fair prices for their beans, which ensures their livelihoods are cherished. Kahawa 1893 also practices sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of its operations by utilizing energy efficiency and carbon offset.

These features make Kahawa 1893 Coffee an excellent option for those seeking an environmentally sustainable and high-quality coffee with a unique story. While various other choices are readily available, Kahawa 1893 is a high-quality and ethically sourced product.


Kahawa 1893 Coffee is an excellent choice for those seeking a top-quality coffee experience. Its unique mix of Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Colombia provides a distinctive taste which is soft, fragrant and delicious. It also has many favourable health properties, like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

The coffee is sourced sustainably from local farmers, and it supports farmers in a meaningful way. It can be purchased at retail or online stores, making it a viable option for all coffee lovers. Kahawa 1893 Coffee is an excellent choice for those looking for the best coffee.

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