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Lucky Forge Shop Reviews: Is Legit?

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You should beware of Lucky Forge Shop ( It’s a fraudulent website that claims to offer a cheap Patio Wicker Swing Chair With Stand Rain Cover but delivers counterfeit or sub-par items, or none whatsoever. Beware of it to avoid loss and disappointment.

Lucky Forge Shop ( Red Flags

Lucky Forge Shop Reviews: Is Legit?

These are warning signs that indicate Lucky Forge Shop ( may be a fraudulent site:

  1. Lucky Forge Shop ( was created recently: The website was just established on June 5th of 2023, which is a typical sign of a fraudulent website that vanishes rapidly after fooling customers.
  2. Lucky Forge Shop ( is controlled by a shady company: FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED The company that runs Lucky Forge Shop ( is known for operating numerous fraudulent online stores and frauds against customers. The address ( SUITE 10542, BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, IRELAND) provided by the business is not authentic.
  3. Pricing, Discounts and Sales Offers Take note of Lucky Forge Shop (’s too-good-to-be-true discounts! They boast discounts of up to 70% during their five-day sale. However, you should be wary. Fraudsters often employ these techniques to lure consumers into purchasing counterfeit or low-quality items. Be vigilant and avoid falling for a flimsy offer.
  4. Content that was duplicated from different sources Lucky Forge Shop ( is a plagiarized website that has images and content from popular online stores like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress. The lack of originality, as well as credibility, is an obvious indication of their intent to trick customers into buying fake goods.
  5. A presence active on the social platforms Lucky Forge Shop ( is a brand that promotes their Patio Wicker Swing Chair With Stand Rain Cover on Facebook pages called “Ofgood-AU” as well as “Ofgood-US.” The problem is they do not have any followers or ratings, which is not normal for a business that claims to have trendy products. Social media plays an important part in interacting with customers in showcasing products, as well as creating trust. The absence of social media engagement causes concern regarding Lucky Forge Shop (’s intentions and the satisfaction of customers.
  6. Customer complaints: Lucky Forge Shop ( does not have genuine customer reviews or testimonials. Customers have encountered issues such as delivery times that aren’t on time and poor customer service. Receiving wrong or defective goods and having difficulty getting refunds and unauthorized credit card charges.
  7. Shipping and Refunds: Exercise caution when looking at the return and shipping policy of Lucky Forge Shop ( because it has a lot of similarities to the policies that are commonly seen on fraudulent websites. These policies might not be effective, which could lead to customers complaining and being dissatisfied.

Is Lucky Forge Shop Legit or a Scam?

Beware of Lucky Forge Shop at any cost. It’s a scam site with no proof of legitimacy or trustworthy products or services. Avoid disappointment or scams when you visit this website.

Customers who purchased items from Lucky Forge Shop have experienced issues with delivery delays or poor quality items. They had difficulty contacting Intvifi to request exchanges or refunds due to an unresponsive or invalid email address.

Beware of Lucky Forge Shop and similar websites. There are warning indicators of fraud. Your purchase could be at risk of losing your financial security and personal information. 

These websites are operated by fraudsters who aren’t concerned about your safety or satisfaction. To avoid fraud and ensure your safety, you should stay away from these sites altogether.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On LuckyForge.Shop

  • Contact your credit or bank business: If you used credit or debit cards through LuckyForge.Shop Contact your bank immediately. Inform them of the transaction, ask them to cancel it, and request an amount of money back. Inform them about the transaction, cancel it, and request a refund. LuckyForge.Shop as a fake website and request that they block any further charges. These steps will help protect your funds and stop unauthorized transactions.
  • Make changes to passwords If you’ve got an account at LuckyForge.Shop or have the same password on other sites. It’s crucial that you change the passwords now. This will protect your accounts as well as your personal information. For even stronger security, consider enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Beware of fraudulent emails: Be cautious of emails from LuckyForge.Shop or other websites that claim to be related to your purchase or discounts, or refunds. These emails could be scams that attempt to lure you into clicking dangerous hyperlinks or downloading dangerous attachments that may compromise your device’s security or even get your personal data. Make sure you delete these emails and refrain from opening any attachments or links they contain.
  • Do not Install or Download any application: Be cautious and beware of downloading apps from LuckyForge.Shop. Even if they provide assistance or attractive offers, downloads could affect your personal data. Be aware of the dangers by staying away from unknown apps from LuckyForge.Shop.
  • Report the fraud with FTC: Report the scam to FTC: Report the fraud and the FTC with proof and communications records to prevent others from being a victim of the same fraudster.

Lucky Forge Shop – Conclusion

As a final note, avoid Lucky Forge Shop. It’s a fraudulent website that has many warnings, which makes it shady and untrustworthy. Beware of fraud and stay away from this site to avoid loss and disappointment.

Tips For Secure Online Shopping On New Websites

Tips #1 Check the reputation of your website and feedback from customers.

TIP #2 Search for secured web connections (https or padlock symbol).

Tips #3 Read reviews from customers to determine the reliability and quality of the product.

TIP #4 Be aware of the returns and reimbursement policies prior to making a purchase.

Tips #5 Make sure you use secure methods of payment that provide buyer protection.

Tips #6 Protect your private information when you check out.

Tip 7: Ensure the website has a way to contact customer support that is easily accessible.

Tips #8 Avoid price reductions or offers which appear too promising to be real.

Tipp #9 Always keep an eye on your bank statements to identify any indications of fraud.

TIP #10 Be a good judge of yourself and stay away from websites that cause doubts or appear to be untrustworthy.

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