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Is Spirit Airlines Safe?- Ultimate Review of Spirit Airlines

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Is Spirit Airlines Safe?– Spirit Airlines launched its first regularly scheduled flight between Orlando and Fort. Florida cities of Lauderdale and St. Petersburg. Since that time, Spirit Airlines has expanded to become North America’s eighth-largest passenger airline. Spirit Airlines regularly operates flights to several locations in the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

One of the safest airlines on which to book a flight is Spirit Airlines, which has a stellar safety record. In the previous ten years, there have been no fatal accidents involving this airline. 

Additionally, in January 2022, Spirit Airlines became one of the first airlines to successfully complete the FAA’s new certification standards.

When you book a flight with Spirit Airlines, you can be sure that it will be secure and uneventful. This airline, with its main office in Miramar, Florida, works hard to continuously analyze and improve its safety record. 

The fleet age of Spirit Airlines is one of the biggest safety benefits. The fleet’s aircraft have an average age of six to seven years.

Spirit Airlines: Is It Good?

Is Spirit Airlines Safe?- Ultimate Review of Spirit Airlines

The obvious way to find out is to check the aircraft’s prior flight records and online reviews. For your knowledge;

Spirit Airlines has a stellar track record for safety. The airline has never experienced a fatal accident. In 2019, JACDEC named Spirit as the second-safest low-cost airline in the world.

That does not imply, nevertheless, that Spirit is without incident. 2018 saw an emergency landing on an aircraft from Las Vegas to Florida as smoke started to fill the cabin.

However, a few occurrences in recent years have led some travelers to wonder if Spirit is indeed as safe as it promises to be.

A plane from Baltimore to Atlanta had to make an emergency landing in 2016 as the cabin’s pressure dropped and the oxygen masks started to deflate.

2017 saw the emergency landing of a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Denver due to an engine failure.

Then, in 2018, a smoke-filled cabin caused a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale to make an emergency landing.

Given these recent tragedies, some travelers might be skeptical about the safety of Fly Spirit Airlines.

Now let’s address the query! Is it safe to fly with Spirit Airlines in 2023?

Is Spirit Airlines Safe & Secure In 2023?

So, in 2023, is Fly Spirit Airlines safe? Yes, we think the solution is! But we also think that before taking a flight with Spirit, customers should be aware of a few things. Below are our top ten suggestions:

  1. Before making a flight reservation, research the airline’s safety record.
  2. Make sure you are familiar with the policies and procedures of the airline.
  3. Be mindful of the weight and size limitations for checked baggage set by the airline.
  4. To prevent any potential delays or issues at the airport, pack lightly.
  5. To avoid discomfort on the flight, dress and walk in comfortable shoes.
  6. Take a book or a movie with you so you can pass the time on the flight.
  7. During the flight, make sure to drink enough of water to stay hydrated.
  8. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they can dehydrate you.
  9. Before getting on the plane, use the restroom.
  10. Pay attention to the safety briefing and heed the advice of the flight attendants.

What Sorts of Aircraft Does Spirit Airlines Operate?

Spirit Airlines’ fleet will consist exclusively of Airbus models starting in 2022. Three Airbus aircraft are flown by Spirit Airlines. 

In service with Spirit Airlines as of June 2022 are the following Airbus models and numbers.

Airbus A319-100

There are 145 total seats on the Airbus A319-100. There are 135 economy class seats and 10 business class seats on each Spirit Airlines aircraft. 

The business class seats are larger. 31 of these aircraft are currently in service with Spirit Airlines.

Airbus A320-200

There are 64 of these planes in the Spirit Airline fleet. Eight business class seats and 174 economy seats total 182 passengers on board these aircraft.

Airbus A320neo

The fleet of Spirit Airlines consists of 56 Airbus A320neo aircraft in total. These schedules have 174 economy seats and 8 business class seats that can hold 182 passengers. 81 of these aircraft are currently on order by Spirit Airlines.

Airbus A321-200

Thirty A321-200 planes complete the Spirit Airline fleet. These aircraft can accommodate 228 passengers in 220 economy seats and 8 business class seats. 30 of these aircraft are currently in service with Spirit Airlines.

Is Spirit Airlines an FAA-approved carrier?

To operate in the US, commercial air carriers must hold an FAA certificate. Regardless of size or business style, all commercial carriers must meet the same certification standards.

The FAA has granted Spirit Airlines permission to operate in the US as a commercial air carrier. 

The IATA Operational Safety Audit Certification is an additional certification that the FAA offers in addition to the standard Certification. Spirit Airlines has decided not to apply for this extra certification, which would be quite expensive.

Peach Aviation and Ryanair are only two of the notable airlines that have chosen not to pursue IOSA certification. Due to the high expense of conducting the audit, low-cost budget airlines frequently choose this.

What makes Spirit Airlines so affordable?

Many people are perplexed as to how an airline like Spirit operates with such low fares while remaining a safe means of transportation. Cost management in all areas is the solution.

There aren’t many benefits, like complimentary food and drinks, that Spirit Airlines provides. In fact, the airline starts to make money by selling drinks and meals.

Along with increasing fees for carry-on and checked bags, unique services like in-person check-ins, and other items that rival airlines provide for free, Spirit Airlines aims to pay the expense of its ground base operations.

Additionally, Spirit Airlines is better able to control maintenance expenses by using a fleet of just one model of aircraft. 

When only a few different types of aircraft are involved, training and certifying aircrews also becomes more affordable and effective.

Does Spirit Airlines Have Many Crashes?

As of the time I write this, Spirit Airlines has never experienced an aircraft disaster or a fatal crash landing. 

This heritage is one that many airlines find admirable. Spirit Airlines has been in business for more than 30 years, and during that time there have been no crashes or fatalities.

That does not imply that Spirit Airlines has not seen its fair share of crises and other issues. Numerous flights have been terminated or required emergency landings as a safety measure for a variety of reasons.

Spirit Airlines cannot manage many of these factors, which include unforeseeable equipment failures and bird strikes, among others.

Other times, emergency landings take place in an effort to fly as safely as possible when unidentified scents or smoke are discovered within the aircraft while in flight. The choice to continue a flight can also be impacted by severe weather turbulence for the crew and the aircraft.

How many aircraft from Spirit Airlines has crashed?

Spirit Airlines has never experienced an aircraft crash in its thirty years of operation as a commercial airline serving customers in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Spirit Airlines is one of the safest air carrier operators in the industry, according to this record alone. There should be no reason why you can’t book flights on Spirit Airlines.

Do I Need to Be Afraid to Fly Spirit?

Spirit Airlines has one of the best safety records of all the American airlines that have received FAA certification. Booking flights on Spirit Airlines for your upcoming vacation shouldn’t cause you any concern or hesitation.

It won’t be just you. Due to its great on-time performance and affordable pricing, Spirit Airlines, a sizable passenger airline, is well-liked by many travelers.

Spirit Airlines carried more than 33 million passengers at its busiest in 2019. Spirit Airlines flew over 27 billion miles in 2020 without experiencing a single crash.

Why Is Spirit Airlines So Disliked?

True, according to recent polls, Spirit Airlines is the most despised airline in the country. The majority of complaints made by customers who then react to these surveys are a result of their ignorance of Spirit Airlines’ business practices.

The most frequent issue is forgetting to read the terms and conditions and price list before booking a reservation. Spirit Airlines markets itself as a no-frills low-cost carrier that provides only the most basic services at a low cost.

Many people who give Spirit Airlines a bad review mention the airline’s price-gouging practices. Your base ticket price could be significantly less than that of other similar airlines.

Most people are unaware that practically all additional amenities, which Spirit Airlines’ rivals provide free of charge, will cost you money.

How to Review an Airline?

Is Spirit Airlines Safe?- Ultimate Review of Spirit Airlines

A very individualized and subjective measurement goes into judging and assessing an airline. Your judgment of the airline you select is primarily based on your expectations for value and service. 

The following are some of the most typical elements that influence people’s opinions about airlines, according to a survey.


Most travelers believe that cost is the key criterion for evaluating an airline. This is a reasonable concern given the current status of the economy. It tends to undermine Spirit Airlines’ business strategy, though.

In fact, Spirit advertises some of the lowest ticket costs. The fact that Spirit Airlines charges for numerous things that customers would ordinarily expect to be free is something that many travelers are unaware of.


Convenience comes in second to pricing. Many passengers base their decisions mostly on their ability to reach their destination quickly, on schedule, and with a minimum amount of airline transfers and layovers. 

Spirit Airlines chooses to concentrate on the routes that are the most profitable, which results in fewer routes than many other low-cost airlines.

Fewer routes can make it more difficult to reach specific locations and may necessitate many layovers and itinerary modifications. Many tourists view this negatively and give airlines lower ratings for these kinds of practices.

Loyalty Initiatives

Loyalty schemes are seen by frequent travelers as a counterbalance to rising ticket prices. Many individuals feel like they are receiving a better deal since they are rewarded by the airline for only using their aircraft.

Spirit Airlines does feature a frequent flyer program that is equivalent to those offered by other airlines. 

There are many ways to accrue miles and points, including by renting a car, making purchases with a Spirit Airlines credit card, and making purchases at participating stores.

Benefits from Elite Status

Numerous airlines provide programs that give frequent flyers additional privileges that ordinary passengers do not receive. 

These perks may consist of seat upgrades, savings, and quicker point accrual in loyalty programs.

With their loyalty program, Spirit Airlines does have an Elite Status program that entitles regular flyers to additional rewards.

Positive Reviews for Spirit Airlines

By all accounts, travelers who are more concerned with price than amenities are the ones who really prefer Spirit Airlines. 

The majority of individuals who give Spirit Airlines positive reviews don’t mind that few other airlines provide passengers with freebies. 

One of these groups has the Spirit Airlines advantages that are mentioned the most frequently.

Low cost is good

Almost all of the favorable reviews of Spirit Airlines start off with remarks about the unexpectedly low prices. 

Spirit Airlines is a top choice for travelers who want to get where they’re going for the least amount possible in airfare.

Customer service is exceptional

Many passengers claim that Spirit Airlines’ ground staff and flight crew frequently go above and beyond what is required to make sure that passengers have a positive experience. 

Spirit Airlines receives high marks for customer service from grateful gate staff to worried luggage handlers.

Effective and practical

Customers of Spirit Airlines frequently remark on the airline’s effective functioning and the ease of reaching where they need to go without issues.

Many of these comments refer to passengers who may not always need to check bags or who do not have huge, bulky carry-ons. These days travelers enjoy the convenience of a straightforward, unadorned airline ticket.

Negative Reviews of Spirit Airlines

You might get the impression after reading online reviews of Spirit Airlines that there is nothing good to say about this airline. The majority of the negative comments and reviews fall into one of these categories.

The Fee Schedule

Many passengers who are used to traveling with other airlines frequently complain about Spirit Airlines’ nickel-and-diming policy. 

The criticisms revolve around paying additional fees beyond the base ticket price for each and every option or choice. According to many travelers’ experiences with other airlines, this comes as a surprise.


When it comes to the ability of the corporation to connect with customers, many of the complaints about Spirit Airlines that can be found online are unfavorable. This is particularly valid when issues develop.

Many passengers appear to have difficulty obtaining current and pertinent information from Spirit Airlines regarding their options for changing flights when there are delays.

Regard and Courtesy

Numerous remarks reveal a lack of interest or hostility on the part of Spirit Airlines staff. This comes from a wide range of travelers, including ticket agents and flight crews. 

Many travelers recall feeling that the airline’s clients were the least important aspect of their jobs.

Spirit: A Dubious Airline?

Depending on how you define sketchy. Spirit Airlines has a track record of operating safely during its entire flight history.

Over the years, the FAA and the industry have given the airline numerous safety honors. From a purely operational perspective, Spirit Airlines seems anything but shady.

On the other hand, there is a lot of area for disagreement when it comes to customers and service. You won’t likely be dissatisfied with your trip if you comprehend the Spirit Airlines business model. 

Most passengers who are familiar with Spirit Airlines’ operations don’t perceive its policies to be at all ambiguous.

Unfortunately, passengers who anticipate Spirit Airlines to provide the same kind of service and amenities as other airlines will likely be confused or dissatisfied. These people will probably consider Spirit Airlines to be a dubious business to avoid.

Which issues is Spirit Airlines facing?

According to data, Spirit Airlines is the subject of the Department of Transportation’s most complaints. 

The majority of the complaints were about issues with refunds, baggage, reservations, and ticketing involving the online ticketing and boarding pass system.

Other criticisms included Spirit Airlines’ pricing policy, poor customer service, and overbooking of bookings. Numerous factors, some of which are beyond the airline’s control, may have an impact on these issues.

The computerized reservation and booking process at Spirit Airlines is one issue that consistently seems to crop up. None of the organizations or networks that other airlines use include Spirit Airlines. 

As a result, reservations can only be made using the Spirit Airlines system, which frequently has technical difficulties.

The public’s impression of Spirit Airlines as a hazardous airline with poor customer service is the company’s other significant issue.

This impression is mostly the result of poor marketing and customer outreach. Those that are aware of the company’s realities and its business plan appear to be happy with their decisions.

Flying with Spirit Airlines Is It Safe?

Spirit Airlines is unquestionably a secure airline. Spirit Airlines has one of the strongest maintenance and operating records in the business. 

However, because of years of negative press and poor customer service, many travelers don’t comprehend the reality.

Safety in the airline sector is rarely compromised by subpar customer service or a breakdown in communication. 

These deficiencies do have a significant impact on PR problems that harm consumers’ opinions of a company’s performance as a whole. These flaws are to blame for Spirit Airlines’ less-than-great reputation with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit an unsafe airline?

Spirit Airlines is not a dangerous airline, no. One of the safest airlines in the world, according to ratings. 

The airline has a solid safety record and employs all required safeguards to guarantee the security of its customers. On the internet, the majority of users, however, label it as the worst airline.

Is Spirit a sketchy airline?

Spirit Airlines is not an unreliable carrier. The airline has a long history of great safety records and has been in operation for more than 20 years. ranked Spirit the safest low-cost airline in the world for 2019. Therefore, you can be confident that your safety will always come first.

What problems does Spirit Airlines have?

Spirit Airlines periodically faces flight cancellations and delays, just like any other airline. We make every effort, though, to limit how these disruptions affect our customers.

We have a solid track record of completing tasks on time, and we frequently receive high customer satisfaction ratings.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

Because we think everyone deserves the chance to travel, Spirit Airlines provides affordable rates. Since we don’t include arbitrary extras like fees or frills, our costs are incredibly reasonable.

Additionally, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers because to our creative business approach.

I’ve heard that Spirit Airlines is famous for its fees. Is this true?

Yes, there are some fees that we charge that other airlines do not. However, we think that our customers should only pay for the services they receive.

As a result, we are able to keep our prices reasonable for everyone. And when compared to the hefty charges other airlines charge, our optional fees are relatively affordable.

Is it safe to fly on Spirit Airlines?

Flying on Spirit Airlines is safe. The airline consistently receives top ratings for customer satisfaction and has a stellar safety record.

Although there may occasionally be delays or cancellations, Spirit makes a concerted effort to lessen the effect on customers.


As you can see, Spirit Airlines is making the required improvements to increase consumer safety, but there is still no assurance that traveling with Spirit Airlines will be secure in 2023. 

Because they are still unsure about the decision to fly spirit, they are more concerned about the decision to participate. There is no question. Nobody’s guarantee is revocable. 

Therefore, before making a choice, travelers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of flying spirit airlines. We sincerely hope you have discovered the response to the query “Is Spirit Airlines Safe?.” 

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