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Lasta App Reviews: Is This Fasting App Perfect for Your Health Goals?

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Lasta App Reviews – Users praise the app for its user-friendliness, customization options, and built-in community forums. Some users have complained about problems with the application’s technical side. Still, the Lasta app is generally a user-friendly and comprehensive tool that will help users attain weight loss and health goals.

Are you looking for the best fasting app to help you withth your health goals? You should look no further than Lasta, the app for fasting that promises to transform your daily fasting routine. In this Lasta blog post on app reviews, we will explore its features, capabilities, and overall efficiency to determine if it actually does what it says.

As we look into the possibility that Lasta is the ideal app for you to eat less and meet your fitness goals.

Overview of the Lasta App

Lasta App Reviews: Is This Fasting App Perfect for Your Health Goals?

The Lasta application is dedicated to helping people reach their goal weight while sustaining a healthy exercise routine, habit, and lifestyle. Combining human-centered learning, psychology, and technological advancements, Lasta offers a user-friendly and customizable interface that enables users to achieve their goals for health and wellness.

Intending to help millions of people across the globe in changing their lives and attaining weight loss results, Lasta believes in the power of fasting as well as physical and mental well-being to bring balance back into people’s lives. How does Lasta work?

By creating a custom-designed program tailored to your requirements, Lasta sets you on the path to the transformational body and health you’ve always wanted.

Furthermore, Lasta prioritizes maintaining a relaxed mindset during your fitness journey. We recognize that an active mind and a healthy body are essential to well-being and balance.

How Does It Work?

Lasta App Reviews: Is This Fasting App Perfect for Your Health Goals?

Lasta is a program that uses an exclusive program designed to guide you toward the transformation that your body and health require. With its unique features and functions, Lasta assists you in setting personalized goals, tracking your progress, and staying engaged throughout the fitness tracker.

With an extensive overview of your workout regimen, eating habits, and lifestyle, Lasta helps you identify areas to improve and gives specific suggestions to improve your results.

One of the most notable aspects of Lasta is its focus on maintaining calm physical and mental health throughout your journey. The application recognizes that finding health and balance requires more than just physical effort but also a balanced, balanced mind.

Lasta provides various tools and resources that can help you improve your mental well-being, such as mindfulness exercises, meditation, and motivational content. 

By including these elements into your daily routine, Lasta aims to foster aa holistic method of health and wellness, ensuring that you achieve the desired physical transformation and develop a positive attitude as you go along.

Furthermore, Lasta leverages technology to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. The app makes use of advanced algorithms as well as data analysis to provide specific recommendations based on your personal preferences as well as your progress and goals.

Suppose it’s recommending tailored exercises, meal plans, or strategies to build habits. In that case, Lasta leverages its understanding of your needs to provide practical insights to help you succeed.

In a nutshell, Lasta creates an individual program that aligns with your body and health transformation goals. By incorporating features that help promote an unwinding mental state, Lasta acknowledges the importance of holistic health.

With its user-friendly interface and personalized advice, Lasta empowers you to manage your fitness goals, attain balance, and eventually achieve the body and health transformation you’ve always wanted.

Lasta App Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Lasta App Reviews: Is This Fasting App Perfect for Your Health Goals?

Although most user reviews about the Lasta app are positive, there are some negative reviews from users.

Apple Store

The Lasta app has earned favorable reviews from users on different platforms. In the Apple Store, it has an impressive score of 4.7 out of 5 more than 6.1K reviews. 

The app’s users appreciate its user-friendly interface and ability to monitor weight, exercise, and food consumption. The recipes that are customized that are based on the diets of each user are highly praised, though some users have found specific recipes to be difficult due to their cooking time.

The app’s helpful information on healthy eating, fasting, and overall health is recommended to keep on track and enhance overall wellbeing. Although some users have encountered minor issues, they strongly recommend Lasta for those who want to lose weight and implement self-care habits.

Google Store

On the Google Store, Lasta continues to receive positive reviews. Users are impressed with the app’s ability to track mood and weight as well as consumption of water while offering delicious food suggestions. 

Weight loss goals and the ease it offers are also highly appreciated. Users have been able to lose weight with the help of the app, and one user specifically noted how Lasta made weight loss simple without the requirement for lengthy cooking.

Site Jabber

Site Jabber highlights Lasta’s impressive score of 4.71 stars from 81 reviews, which indicates customers’ overall satisfaction. Reviews frequently highlight successful weight loss and efficient meal plans as the primary advantages of the application. 

Lasta is highly rated in the category of Mobile Applications sites, being placed 8th. These reviews provide positive feedback from users who have gained from the features of Lasta, contributing to their weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle changes.

Site Jabber(Negative Reviews)

I don’t understand the majority of the glowing reviews. This app is a disaster. The meal plans are absurd, and there is no distinction between the different categories of meal plans. The meals are odd and not always “easy” The speed tracker keeps resetting to 0 after exiting the app. There’s nothing unique about this app. It was a complete waste of $65. I am such a sucker!

One reviewer described the app as a complete fraud and totally ineffective. The app is criticized for being unorganized and ineffective, and expresses displeasure with the service’s refusal to offer a refund.

I purchased this app, but it didn’t work. Contacted customer support, and they refused to issue a refund! Beware of the buyer!

Another user expresses dismay over the glowing reviews and states that they think the app is terrible. They refer to meal plans as jokes and criticize the inability to differentiate between categories.

Furthermore, they mention problems with the fast-moving tracker, which resets to 0 after leaving the application. This reviewer believes that the app is not unique and regrets spending $65 for the version with premium features. They advise other users not to spend their money.

These reviews exemplify how not all users have a positive experience using Lasta, highlighting the importance of considering both negative and positive feedback before making a choice.

Trust Pilot

On Trustpilot On Trustpilot, the Lasta app is receiving mixed reviews. Some complaints are posted by users, but there are also positive reviews and feedback. Here are a few of the reviews:

  1. Scammy A user described the encounter as “scammy” after signing up for a six-month subscription only to be redirected to a monthly paywall instead of their account setup. They complained about the lack of transparency and app support that was not responsive and were forced to close their credit card.
  2. Total scam: A third user branded the app an absolute scam. They had difficulty canceling their membership using the app. Also, they complained about the inability to get a response from customer support. The issue was escalated with Apple to resolve the issue.

Despite these negative reviews, Trustpilot’s overall rating is 4.2 stars out of 5, with 71 percent of users giving it a five-star rating. It’s important to note that there are positive ratings of 4 stars from 14 percent of reviewers. However, some 1-star reviews account for 10 percent of total reviews.

These reviews show that, while some users have experienced problems with the Lasta app, most users have had positive experiences using the app’s features and services.


Positive reviews and suggestions by users on Facebook can be reliable evidence of the app’s value and effectiveness. Suppose users will write about their experience and suggest Lasta Fasting App on Facebook. In that case, they appreciate the app’s features, functions, and results.

Reviewing this positive feedback can give valuable insight into the app’s advantages and how it has assisted others on their weight loss and fasting journeys. It’s always uplifting to see users sharing their successes and saying they are satisfied with the app.

Suppose there is a large number of favorable reviews posted on the Intermittent Fasting and Lasta Facebook pages. In that case, it will further strengthen the credibility and credibility of the application. It indicates that it has built an ardent user and has positively affected the lives of those who have tried it.

Is Lasta App Legit?

When evaluating any application or service, it’s natural to be skeptical about its credibility. For instance, with Lasta’s Fasting App, it is crucial to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of this app. 

Lasta has gained much attention as a fasting app designed to aid users in achieving their weight reduction and health goals. But is it actually legitimate?

First, Lasta has a presence on trusted platforms like the Google Store and Apple Store, which allows users to download and install the application. It signifies that the app has been through the required approval processes and adheres to the guidelines of the respective platforms.

Additionally, Lasta has received numerous positive reviews from users who are satisfied with the service. Many of them have been raving about its features, which include customized meal plans and weight monitoring, water intake monitoring, and mood monitoring. These positive reviews indicate that the app lives up to its promises and offers value to its users.

However, it is essential to recognize that not all reviews are favorable. Some users have expressed their concerns regarding issues such as a lack of organized features and poor customer service or issues with canceling subscriptions. 

These negative reviews highlight areas in which the app could be improved and highlight the importance of thorough research and understanding of the terms and conditions of the app before signing a contract.

To assess the authenticity of the Lasta Fasting App, it’s recommended to look at multiple aspects. Examine the general rating as well as feedback of users on platforms such as Trustpilot, Google Store, and Apple Store. 

Look for review patterns and be aware of the app’s response to feedback and complaints. Also, look at the app’s availability on trusted platforms and its conformity with industry guidelines and standards.

That’s fantastic that you have two Facebook pages, one dedicated to Lasta and one dedicated to the Intermittent Fasting Challenge, which leads to the official website and mobile app is a great aspect. It indicates ld that Lasta has established itself as a brand across social media platfoms ait is actively communicating with its followers.

If each of the pages on Facebook has positive reviews, it enhances the image of the Lasta Fasting App. Reviews that are positive on these pages show that people have had positive experiences using the app, and are happy with its capabilities and overall performance.

Make sure you consider a range of experiences and opinions and examineny possible concerns or critiques that users have raised. It will allow you to build a knowledge of the application and help you decide whether it aligns with your goals and values.

In the end, while Lasta Fasting App has received positive reviews and has many features, users must conduct their own research to make a well-informed decision. Be sure to evaluate the features, user experiences, and potential disadvantages before deciding its use.

Lasta App Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Tracking Tools
  • Variety of Meal Plans
  • Informative Articles and Resources


  • Limited Free Features
  • Some Complex Recipes
  • Occasional Technical Glitches
  • Customer Support Responsiveness
  • Subscription Cost

Conclusion: Lasta App Reviews

Ultimately, the Lasta app has received favorable user reviews on various platforms. With its user-friendly interface, customized recommendations, a variety of tracker tools, and a range of meal programs, the Lasta app offers a beneficial resource for people looking to meet their weight loss and health goals through intermittent fasting.

While there may be limitations, like some limited features for free and occasionally technical issues, the reviews suggest that the Lasta app is a valuable tool for those looking to improve their lives and adopt a healthier way of eating.

Lasta App Alternative Options

  1. Zero is The most popular fasting application that provides customizable fasting plans with tracking features and educational tools.
  2. Life Fasting Tracker: This application includes fasting timers, progression tracking, social support, and integration with other popular health apps.
  3. MyFast The MyFast app is a simple and effective application for fasting that gives you customized plans for fasting, timers for fasting, and a community function for motivation and support.
  4. FastHabit The app provides timers for fasting, a customizable plan for fasting, track progress, and educational content about intermittent fasting.
  5. Fasting is a fasting app that comes with fasting timers, the ability to track progress and weight, journaling functions, and a community of support.
  6. Vora: This application lets you monitor your progress on fasting and set goals, see statistics and connect with other fasting enthusiasts.
  7. Simple The app is a minimalist one that focuses on simplicity. It offers timers for fasting, weight tracking, and a progress graph.
  8. BodyFast This app provides customized fasting plans, reminders, tracking features, and an integrated coach to provide assistance and guidance.
  9. Fastic is a complete fasting application that includes timers for fasting, meal plans,, coaching, and a community of support.
  10. Fasten: This application offers timers for fasting, progress-tracking educational content, and an online community to share experiences and provide support.

Lasta App Frequently Asked Questions

Q What exactly is the Lasta app?

A: Lasta is a fasting application designed to help people in their fasting journey. It offers a variety of features like fasting timers, food planning, tracking progress, and educational resources to assist users in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Q What is the process behind how the Lasta app function?

A: Lasta app permits users to set fasting plans and keep track of their progress during fasting. It includes timers to help users stick to their fasting times. It provides customized meal plans according to individual preferences and dietary preferences. The app also has features such as weight monitoring, water intake monitoring, and mood monitoring to assist users in maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their fasting phase.

Q: Is Lasta suitable for novices?

A: Yes, the Lasta app suits those new to intermittent fasting. It offers guidelines and resources to help people new to intermittent fasting comprehend the concept and begins. The app provides customizable fasting plans and educational content that can help users at any stage of their journey to fasting.

Q: Can I use the Lasta app to lose weight?

A: Yes, the Lasta app can be utilized for weight loss. Intermittent fasting has proven to be effective in weight management. Lasta offers features to aid users in tracking their weight, establishing weight loss goals, and accessing meal plans designed to aid in the weight loss process.

Q: Is Lasta available on both Android and iOS?

A: The Lasta app is available for Android and iOS devices. It is available for download via the respective app stores for quick access on tablets and smartphones.

Q Are there additional costs that come with the Lasta app?

A: Although the Lasta app is free, There could be additional charges for accessing premium features or a subscription to additional functions. It is important to check the app’s pricing and subscription information to determine the potential costs that may be involved.

Q: How do I reach Lasta Support for the app?

A: To reach Lasta app support, contact their customer support team using the contact details provided on their official site or in the application. They will be able to help you with any queries regarding technical issues, technical issues, or subscription-related issues you might have.

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