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Enso Supergreens Review: Is This Superfood Blend Worth It?

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Enso Supergreens Review – This review is of Enso Supergreens, a powdered greens supplement made by Enso Superfoods.

If you’re considering exploring a Super Greens Supplement, you’re likely looking for the best product. It cannot be easy to weigh your options considering the advantages, costs, taste, and additional factors to consider.

I’m a dietitian. I have spent much time researching various Greens Powders that are available. I’m familiar with the brands such as Athletic Greens, Bloom and many more. After analyzing many of them, Enso Supergreens is one of the best.

I am impressed by many aspects of this product, such as the fact that it is 100% organic and has local ingredients, as well as advantages for immune system health, gut health, and energy. Also, it has a distinctive peppermint flavour.

I’ll take a deeper look at each of these features, the company’s cost, and other points to keep in mind.

Continue reading to learn about Enso Supergreens before purchasing (but don’t fret that there’s a money-back promise! ).

What is Enso Supergreens?

Enso Supergreens Review: Is This Superfood Blend Worth It?

The Enso Supergreens is a nutritious greens powder made of Whole plants and various superfoods dehydrated and ground into fine powder. It has healthy grasses, nutritious vegetables such as leafy greens and blue-green algae, seaweed, herbs, and roots.

Supergreens contain digestive enzymes and five billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of probiotics.

Enso Supergreens is claimed to boost digestion and energy levels and help keep your immune system healthy.

Enso Supergreens Features

Enso Supergreens has a few important features that help it stand out among other brands.

  • Includes 20+ Superfoods: The 20+ substances in Enso Supergreens have been designed to provide an extensive array of benefits for health. From Dandelion powder for the health of organs and dulse to strengthen bones, each ingredient is designed to aid your health without additives!
  • One serving of Daily Greens: Each scoop of Enso Supergreens offers one serving of daily veggies. We must consume between four and five cups of vegetables and fruits daily to meet the daily recommendations. Just a few spoonfuls of Enso Supergreens will get you about 20% off your way!
  • 100% organic, natural and local ingredients These 20 superfoods found in Enso Supergreens come from 100 per cent USDA Organically certified and are sourced locally.
  • It may improve digestion. The five billion probiotics found in Enso Supergreens will aid digestibility by balancing microbes within your intestines. Digestive enzymes, such as pepsin and papain, can also enhance the gut’s function by aiding your digestive tract in breaking down food items.
  • It can help boost Immunity. It is possible to boost your immune system. There are numerous antioxidants found in Enso Supergreens, including vitamins B6 C, E, and A. Antioxidants help defend our cells against toxic toxins in our environment. The toxins they create can cause harm to our cells and cause us to become sick in the short – and long term.
  • It could enhance energy Could Increase Energy B vitamins and magnesium can reduce stress and increase energy. Enso can also boost metabolic function that enhances energy levels and helps maintain weight better.

How to use Enso Supergreens

Enso Superfoods, whose products include a variety of superfood plant ingredients, recommends eating 1-scoop of Supergreens each day with your preferred beverage. Mix it with milk, water, your preferred beverage, or even a superfood smoothie.

Taking this powder early in the day is believed to give you an energy boost as you begin your day and can be used at any time of the morning that suits you.

Why should you include Enso Supergreens as an element of your diet?

Sadly only 10 per cent of Americans consume enough vegetables every day. Enso Superfoods developed their greens supplement to make it easy to consume a serving of greens daily and help compensate for the nutritional gap in your diet.

Supergreens contain over 20 organic superfoods that provide over 22 important minerals, vitamins, numerous antioxidants, and other phytonutrients.

Who is the best person to use Enso Supergreens?

Supergreens was not designed with a particular type of customer in mind; instead, it is a product that can be utilized for anyone feeling that their diet needs an increase and wants to make a commitment to their health for the long term.

This product is gluten-free and nut-free, dairy-free and caffeine free. It is also vegan and soy-free, making it suitable for everyone.

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The thing I love most about Enso Supergreens

Many things impress me regarding Enso Supergreens, particularly from my standpoint as an RD nutritionist registered with the FDA.

Organic superfoods

The superfood ingredients used in this greens powder are natural.

While I understand that going organic products is a personal decision, I feel more secure knowing that the abundance of plants in each scoop doesn’t come with pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

Quality and security

Enso Superfoods follows several measures to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Third-party testing. The greens powder is analyzed by an outside firm to confirm that it contains the right ingredients and is not contaminated by heavy metals and other impurities.

Super greens Powder is manufactured in a facility that is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). This ensures production to the highest standards in a facility that is FDA-approved.

Copious probiotics

Enso Supergreens contains 5 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of probiotics and has four varieties. This is more than other greens powders available that are available.

The good news is that studies suggest that a dosage of at least 5 billion CFU is necessary to benefit our health.


The taste can indeed make or break an item. If you don’t love it, there’s only a limited number of occasions you can be forced to eat it until you decide to stop completely.

Supergreens have a minty and sweet taste. The powder is also crushed to a fine point that blends into drinks without a rough or chalky texture. It is absorbed easily.

No artificial ingredients

No artificial sweeteners or artificial colours, artificial flavours and fillers. No added sugars, artificial colours, Preservatives, or other ingredients.

A simple greens powder will contribute to your health but not subtract from it.

What I’d like to know is more about Enso Supergreens

Although the list of benefits is certainly greater than the cons of Supergreens, there is always the possibility of improvement. Here are a few points that caught my eye when I compared it to other green powders.

No adaptogens

Other greens powders contain adaptogens and plants with phytonutrients that help us better cope with stress. However, Supergreens does not.

While the superfoods that it includes provide excellent nutritional benefits. However, it is not stocked with adaptogens. They are easily added to an additional powder supplement with the Supergreens.

A side note: Enso Superfoods has another product called Power Beets, which is high in adaptogens.

Blend that is proprietary

It is essential to know what’s contained in your products. This means knowing the quantity of each ingredient is a superfood. Some greens powders offer the information needed, but several – like Enso Supergreens.

Instead, it informs us what percentage of the superfood blend is contained in the serving (8 grams).

The good thing is that companies must declare ingredients from the most to least. This gives the idea of which foods could impact our health the most.

Supergreens come with an amazing array of minerals and vitamins, indicating that all superfoods are working together to provide adequate nutrition, regardless of how much of each superfood is in the mix.


Supergreens were previously offered in a canister made of plastic. However, they’ve now been switched to a bag that will result in less garbage. 

The bag’s disadvantage is that it’s rather slim, and reaching inside to scoop out a handful of Supergreens can leave your hands (and, many times, the counter!) covered in green powder. 

The company recently changed their packaging size, making it smaller and longer (and consequently much easier to move). According to authentic reviews, it is currently extremely well-received by its many subscribers.

Enso Supergreens Pros and Cons

Okay, now that we’ve reviewed Supergreen’s Overview and benefits, let’s take an in-depth review of what makes this powder of greens to a higher level and what I want to see improved.


  • Organic Superfoods
  • 5 Billion CFU probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Nut free
  • Made in the USA
  • GMP Certified
  • Third-party test
  • Caffeine free
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy to mix
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No fillers, colours, additives


  • Only accessible through their website
  • No adaptogens
  • Blend that is proprietary
  • Packaging (recently upgraded by May 20, 2023)

Enso Supergreens Ingredients

Enso Supergreens Review: Is This Superfood Blend Worth It?

Supergreens is packed with over 20 natural superfoods, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. I love the variety of nutrient-rich plants they utilize, providing each scoop with abundant minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Let’s look closer at the various Superfoods Enso Supergreens provides.

Blue-green algae

The first two components of Supergreens include Spirulina powder and broken-cell wall chlorella. This is a great thing since blue-green algae are a powerhouse in the realm of nutrition, and it’s very rare to get enough of them in daily diets without adding a greens supplement.

The algae (cyanobacteria!) contain the same amount of proteins as animal-based products. Research has also shown that they have immune-stimulating properties and possess prebiotic activities (they provide food for our gut bacteria). They also contain antioxidants that are powerful and could also be antimicrobial.

A note to the side In the beginning, if you notice a slight fishy or salty smell when mixing super greens into your drink of choice, it’s because of the blue-green algae! I’m surprised that although you may notice the smell, it doesn’t taste sour.

Food grasses

The second-highest concentration of components in Supergreens is the nutritional grasses comprising wheat grass, alfalfa leaf, barley grass and oat grass.

Research has shown that grasses can provide numerous benefits and potentially improve thyroid function, blood pressure, inflammation and digestion health.


This is the first thing people imagine when they think of greens powder. A good greens powder contains plenty of these plants because we aren’t getting enough vegetables to consume regularly.

I explain to my clients: vegetables and plants are nature’s multivitamins. The more you eat, the more health benefits you’ll receive.

Vegetables, herbs and roots included in Enso Supergreens include the following: Powders made of Kale and Spinach, peppermint leaf parsley, dandelion, Burdock root moringa leaf and, horsetail leaf, dulse powder, kelp powder.

Digestive enzymes, probiotics as well as digestive

Enso Supergreens contains 5 billion CFUs probiotics, divided into four strains and three digestive enzymes.

Probiotics are living organisms that support the health of our gut. The research has also revealed that they contribute to our immune system and dental health.

Digestive enzymes assist us in both digesting and absorbing the food we consume. Although most people have enough to allow for proper digestion, some individuals with gas or bloating might gain by using digestive enzymes.

Enso Supergreens contains digestive enzymes such as papain, which comes from papaya, Bromelain from pineapple, and vegetable pepsin. These plant-based enzymes could possess the ability to reduce inflammation properties that can aid in the treatment of symptoms of IBS, also known as irritable bowel syndrome.

Minerals and vitamins

Supergreens’ fact-based panel is an object of beauty. It’s as if Goldilocks had chosen the number of minerals and vitamins. There’s not enough and not too little.

Certain greens powder manufacturers contain synthetic minerals and vitamins to improve the nutrition profile. But Enso’s micronutrients are derived solely from its superfoods with high levels of nutrients.

I’m not a big fan of greens powders with an astronomical amount of micronutrients, as most of their mineral and vitamin dosages exceed 100 per cent of your Daily Value. It’s easy to slip into unsafe levels when taking other supplements besides minerals and vitamins-fortified food items.

Instead, Supergreens find an equilibrium.

One scoop includes:

* Between 10 and 19 per cent of your daily intake of vitamin B5 and the mineral molybdenum

Over 20 per cent of your daily intake of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, niacin folate and B12, and minerals like chromium and iodine.

They are great quantities to complement your diet.

Health benefits

Further research is required to understand how much super greens powder can affect our health. However, science agrees that a diet high in fruits, vegetables and other plants is extremely beneficial and has numerous health benefits.

Here are a few advantages you can reap from you take a greens supplement regularly.

It can help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

The body is skilled at preventing free radicals from harming our cells by generating sufficient antioxidants to counteract their harmful effects. When the body is overwhelmed by free radicals, it cannot control their effects, resulting in internal inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Research has found it to be at the root of many chronic diseases.

Fruits, vegetables and other vegetables are packed with antioxidants, and a diet rich in antioxidants has proven to lower inflammation in the body.

The results of a small study revealed that greens powders could boost antioxidant levels in the body and also aid in reducing the damage caused by free radicals.

It may help improve healthy immune function

Vitamins and minerals are required for numerous processes in the body, such as Immunity. Certain nutrients that play an important function are A, C, B6 folate, B12, zinc, and selenium. It can impact your immune system even if you lack any of these nutrients.

The greens powders are often rich in essential nutrients to maintain our immune system.

Supergreens contains various essential micronutrients: 85 per cent Vitamin A DV, 42 per cent DV of vitamin C, 53 per cent DV of vitamin B6, 2063% DV of vitamin B12 and 93 per cent folate from DV.

It may help keep your blood sugar stable

Enso Supergreens contains various ingredients that could help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This includes the nettle leafspirulinagingerdulse, and kelp.

In addition, there are no added sugars, and the amount of carbohydrates in one scoop is just 4.8 grams.

Enso Supergreens Customer Reviews

The company has 4.9 ratings on their site and Verified Reviews; Enso Supergreens reviews generally are positive.

Customers have expressed how great they feel when they take the product, how much they love the minty taste and how they’re satisfied that it’s easy to integrate it into their routines.

If a negative review appears, they usually discuss the packaging features they think could be improved.

Here are some reviews of the past couple of months:

“I was pleasantly surprised by how supergreens powder feels for my stomach the very first day. I am sure that digestion enzymes have been helping overall health in my intestinal tract. Prior to drinking Supergreens, my usual occurrence was a daily stomach discomfort, such as gas and gastric bloating. I am extremely satisfied to have Enso Supergreens! I feel much better overall!” – Jennifer G.

“Tastes great. I’m healthy enough to really say that I’m feeling any differently. I use it in my daily vitamin regimen because I’m getting older (I’m an old lady). If I could offer one suggestion, I would place them in size travel bags. The bag is a pain. A lot of love.” Bobby R. Bobby R.

“I am taking greens daily for several months since. I have more energy and have experienced a decrease of my symptoms due to menopausal change reduced anxiety levels as well as hot flashes. The mint taste is pretty nice. I prefer it to drink it by itself or with. The juice of cranberries. However, in the form of a vanilla protein shake it’s like the famous shake you find around St Patty’s Day” – Penny H.

“Signed up for automatic delivery. I feel fantastic whenever I use this product. It gives me a lot of energy. My immune system is much improved.” — Joe M. A.

Consumers and researchers across the board be able to agree that Enso Supergreens is effective. It is loaded with nutrients that aid digestion, the immune system, energy, and many other advantages.

Most promising research indicates that powders of greens such as Enso Greens can reduce the number of damaged cellsreduce blood pressure and improve Americans’ food habits.

Types of Side Effects


Diarrhea is among the most frequently reported side effects of taking the Supergreens powder. The majority of people experience diarrhea after altering their diets in a significant way. If, for instance, you switch from a high-calorie diet that is stuffed with saturated fats to a diet free of super greens and a formula for dietary supplements, your body goes into a mild shock mode.

Do not worry, it’s nothing hazardous, but your body will attempt to flush the unhealthy foods and toxins out of your body as quickly as it can through greens powder.

Certain components in green powders could cause diarrhea in the user at first. Fibre, green vegetables, and magnesium may each cause stomach upsets.

Interferes with blood medicine medications in certain ways.

Green powders are clearly full of leafy green vegetables. However, those particular kinds of veggies could interfere with blood medicines.

While kale and spinach provide numerous benefits for the health-conscious consumer, They also have significant amounts of Vitamin K.

So, if you’re taking blood medications, such as blood thinners, the higher amounts of vitamin K can affect the medication, rendering it ineffective.

The risk of allergic reactions

Even though you may believe that you’re eating a diverse diet, green powders are made up of an array of ingredients, many of which you’ve never heard of. One of the main problems with using super greens powder is that it could be the case that the user may be sensitive to certain substances.

It’s a very uncommon side effect because people are aware of the ingredients they are allergic to and also because most people look up the ingredients for green powders and attempt to learn about each ingredient.

Negative Effects of Consumption

If you exceed the recommended dosage of green powder when you’re just getting used to it, you could experience certain adverse consequences. Even though those taking green powders for a long time may be able to double their dosage, if you’ve only recently started using the super-greens, there may be better ideas.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ingredients, consuming too many of these antioxidant-rich foods could cause harm to the body by stripping it of a lot of nutrients, not just toxic substances. Furthermore, as more fibre is consumed, the more stomach discomfort you’ll feel.

How to Treat Side Effects

For diarrhea – drink lots of water and then rest. If you don’t take other green powders, the symptoms will disappear in 12 hours. If diarrhea persists even after 3 days, consult your doctor.

If you are experiencing blood-related medication interference, take the green powder off immediately and talk to your physician. Suppose you’re taking medications to treat a blood issue. In that case, It is vital to consult your physician, so you must inform them of any issues. They can suggest the greens powder to better suit your needs.

In case of the possibility of reactions to an allergic or allergic, Stop using the green powder immediately and consult your physician. Before you consume any new greens powder, always look over the label for any allergens you might be allergic to. If you’re uncertain, email the manufacturer and request to review the list of allergens. It’s better to be safer than sorry.

For the effect of excessive consumption – very simple, don’t overdose on any green powder unless you’ve been taking it for a long time and are aware of it and your body.

How To Use Super Greens Powders and Lower Your Risk of Side Effects

  1. Select a reputable brand.
  2. One of the primary steps to decrease the chance of experiencing side consequences from green powder is to purchase the formula from a trusted brand. Be sure to thoroughly study the brand and read third-party, reputable reviews. There are numerous scam companies available, so beware.
  3. Select a natural product that is free of the use of proprietary mixtures.
  4. While potent natural ingredients may be quite a bit to introduce to your system, you’ll need to be sure to use only the natural ingredients you introduce. Avoid green powders that contain exclusive blends, added sugar and artificial flavours.
  5. Do your homework on the ingredients contained within.
  6. Examine the list of ingredients to ensure that the green powder doesn’t interfere with the medications you’re taking or give you an allergic reaction to any substance. Do your research.
  7. Begin with a tiny quantity of the formula, and gradually work to increase your level.
  8. One of the most effective ways to allow your body to slowly but easily adjust to the consumption of green powder is to gradually incorporate it into your daily diet. Start with just a quarter of the suggested serving. This will let your body react to the new ingredients slowly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a little more information to help to make a choice.

What is the flavour of Enso Supergreens like?

Supergreens is a sweet minty taste derived from peppermint leaves and naturally sweet monk fruits.

Customers describe the flavour as delicious amazing’, ‘delicious smooth’ and ‘not gummy or too strong of a flavour to describe the taste. 

Some people compare the flavour similar to “thin mints (when mixed with almond milk or milk)” or “akin to an almond milkshake with minty flavour” mixed with protein powder.

Is Enso Supergreens Organic?

Yes, all ingredients used in Enso Supergreens are sourced locally and organic.

Are there any probiotics in Enso Supergreens?

Five billion CFUs probiotics, dairy-free and dairy-free included in the Enso Supergreens.


Green powders may have adverse effects, but these are not harmful side effects that affect anyone and aren’t something that cannot be dealt with.

Green powders can be a great alternative to the daily diet. However, ensure you select them carefully, study and be aware of adding new ingredients to your body.

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