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Vipavo Reviews: Is This Women’s Clothing Store Legit?

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Vipavo Reviews – Are you looking for a reliable women’s fashion retailer with a gorgeous range of dresses? It would be best if you looked at VIPAVO. 

In this blog, we go into the rigours and legitimacy of VIPAVO as a clothing for women store and examine their collection of dresses for women.

If you’ve been pondering whether VIPAVO is worth it, continue reading to discover everything you should know about purchasing your next piece of clothing.

About Vipavo

Vipavo Reviews: Is This Women's Clothing Store Legit? is an all-encompassing online store that strives to be your one-stop shop for a broad selection of top-quality goods. It was launched in February 2014. 

The journey to the launch of Vipavo has been anything but remarkable and full of joy and challenges. With its fingers in the pulse of its local population, Vipavo continuously adapts its offerings to offer distinctive and unique products that aren’t found at other retailers.

At the core of Vipavo’s success lies its committed team of various individuals who have all played a role in shaping the business into where it is currently. Their dedication and tireless work has been essential in making shopping an experience unlike any other for their customers.

Regarding products provided by Vipavo, quality is the most important thing. Every product is carefully selected to ensure the best materials and flawless quality. The inspiration comes from the authentic American tradition, timeless style icons and personal experiences throughout America and the United States; Vipavo’s goods are characterized by a distinct and appealing design.

Despite its rapid growth and development, Vipavo remains steadfast in its basic principles. Its commitment to providing top-quality products and services to each customer remains constant. With various categories for you to discover, Vipavo will strive to deliver an exceptional shopping experience unique from other retailers.

In addition to a vast choice of merchandise, Vipavo places great importance on the satisfaction of its customers. With a variety of delivery options as well as an open refund and return policy, Vipavo guarantees that the entire shopping experience is marked by convenience and excellence.

The Vipavo team Vipavo is looking forward to the future. It is incredibly grateful to all who have been a part of the development of this beautiful community. Suppose you’re already familiar with Vipavo or have yet to experience the company’s offerings. In that case, Vipavo looks forward to greeting you and providing the most memorable shopping experience.

Vipavo Vacation Dresses

Find the ideal women’s vacation dresses on Vipavo. Whether your plans include a tropical vacation or a weekend getaway, their dresses for a holiday provide a range of fashionable choices to match your style and destination.

From stylish seaside kaftans to brightly printed tops and pants, their collection is created to help you feel and look the best during your free time.

With discounts for all their dresses for vacation, You can enjoy many pieces that won’t cost you a fortune. Explore their selection and pick out your perfect vacation dress now.

Vipavo Elegant Seaside Kaftan 73a0 11

The elegant Seaside Kaftan 73a0 is a gorgeous piece that has received acclaim and feedback from 335 individuals who have viewed it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Currently, 197 users are looking at this kaftan, making it a favourite for our customers. Its price is $3.99 (regular cost). This kaftan is an excellent choice for both affordability and style.

This kaftan is created from 100% silk that is hand-painted with passion. It is printed with a screen-printed Signature wings pattern in bronze. It has an elegant and subtle look. The rectangular form of the fabric is carefully folded and sewn to make this stunning Kimono.

Each Kimono is painted by hand with traditional batik techniques. Any slight variations are part of the beautiful hand-crafted design. The colours could vary slightly (10-20 per cent) from the colours you see on the screen because each batch is made by hand. You can be assured that the item has been through a thorough batik process to ensure that it is colourfast and that there is no shrinkage.

This Kimono can be worn for a variety of occasions. If you’re looking to comfortably relax at home, throw it over a bikini to enjoy an afternoon at the beach or dress it casually by pairing it with a top with jeans or a Slip dress. 

It easily adjusts to your preferences. The loose-fitting that this piece offers will ensure comfort. If you want a more relaxed look, choose an extra-large size. Refer to the chart of sizes for exact measurements.

Let’s proceed to the next part of the blog post.

Vipavo Price and Sizes

Vipavo has a wide selection of women’s clothes at reasonable costs. The prices range from 3 and five dollars, and you’ll be able to find fashionable pieces that will stay within your budget. Whether looking for tops, dresses, pants, or kaftans, Vipavo has something for all.

In terms of size, Vipavo caters to a variety of body styles. Sizes available include S M L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 5XL, and 4XL. The wide range of sizes ensures ladies of different sizes and shapes find clothes that fit well and flatter their body shape.

At Vipavo, style should be available to everyone. Hence, they offer many sizes and styles at a reasonable price. They want everyone to feel comfortable and fashionable.

Explore their selection and find the perfect piece to add flair to your wardrobe. From everyday basics to striking clothes, Vipavo has the proper choice. Shop now to embrace fashion and affordability with their selection of women’s clothes.

Vipavo Shipping and Return

At Vipavo, they aim to make shopping comfortable and as stress-free as possible. This is why they’ve designed their return and shipping policy to give you security and peace of mind. They also provide exceptional service.

Shipping: They provide free shipping on purchases of more than US$39.99 and ensure you can enjoy shopping without the additional shipping cost. Suppose you’re purchasing one or several items. In that case, if your total order exceeds the specified amount, you’ll be eligible to receive free shipping.

The Returns Policy recognizes that a product can not meet your expectations or may not suit you. That’s why they provide the option of a 30-day return with a postage-paid policy. If you’re unsatisfied with the purchase, you can return the item within 30 days of receiving your purchase.

Vipavo Contact Information

Vipavo is dedicated to offering excellent customer service for any questions or assistance. If you’ve any queries or concerns about your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact Vipavo.

Contact Information Contact Information: Contact Information: Email:

Furthermore, they also use an image as its physical address. This visual representation guarantees precision and clarity when supplying the location information.

We’ll proceed to the next part of the blog post.

Vipavo Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Regarding customer reviews about Vipavo, there is only limited feedback via the company’s official site. There aren’t any customer reviews about the brand or its products on the site. Vipavo has a Facebook page, which has several people who have liked it and 269 followers. However, no reviews are available as well.

The company must know that Vipavo isn’t associated with other review platforms, such as Trustpilot, where users frequently express their opinions and experiences on various brands and products.

The absence of reviews can make evaluating the customer’s experiences using Vipavo challenging. Still, it’s important to remember that each person’s experiences can differ. 

Suppose you have any concerns or questions about the brand or its products. In that case, you can contact its customer service team for more details.

It is always beneficial to get diverse perspectives and look at different sources of feedback before making purchases.

Vipavo Red Flags

When looking at Vipavo, many warning signs need to be considered. It is essential to be aware of these issues before making any purchases. Here are a few crucial points to take into consideration:

  1. Limited social media engagement: While Vipavo has a social media presence with an average of 256 users liking this page and 269 fans, no reviews raise doubts. A well-known brand of a substantial scale typically collects reviews from its customers.
  2. Inconsistent Logo Usage: A significant discrepancy is evident between the logo displayed on its official website and the one shown on the page on Facebook. Trustworthy brands keep their logos consistent by having the same symbol on every platform they use.
  3. There are no Google Ads and False Facebook ads: Vipavo primarily depends on Facebook advertisements to promote its products; however, there’s a deficiency of Google advertisements. In addition, while the Facebook page states that they have the number of ads at 18, they are not visible. Of them are visible. Some ads could even promote products that aren’t related, raising questions regarding the brand’s credibility.
  4. Variety of Product Offerings: Vipavo positions itself as a clothing brand. However, the Facebook page displays non-related products, like its Tufted Cube Storage Ottoman with Padded Lid. This lack of consistency in the product offerings creates doubts about the company’s authenticity and focus.
  5. Insufficient Google Reviews: Despite searching for “Vipavo reviews” on Google, no relevant results were discovered. Genuine brands usually have Google reviews and a presence in search results.
  6. Use of deceptive techniques: Vipavo utilizes images to represent physical addresses that can be interpreted as deceitful when the address isn’t correct or accurate.
  7. Insufficient Contact Info: The lack of a physical address or phone number could make it challenging to contact Vipavo’s customer service department, hindering effective communication and raising doubts regarding the accessibility of the brand and its reliability.
  8. Meagre Price: The rates offered by Vipavo, starting as low as $3, could appear too appealing to be accurate. The light prices could be a sign of fake products or poor quality.
  9. Origin Confusion: The significant countries listed as the ones who manage this Facebook account comprise those in the United States and Pakistan, which could need clarification regarding the origins of the brand and its management.
  10. Inconsistent Address Information Vipavo has conflicting address information, with that it is located in the Uk (on the photo that shows the address) and mentions the United States and Pakistan. The inconsistencies cast doubt over the brand’s transparency and the actual location of its operations and operation. Furthermore, the name of the person who uses the company’s address is “Meledo”, according to the website’s picture. It adds to the confusion and raises suspicions regarding the brand’s identity.

Suppose you are concerned about these red flags. In that case, It is recommended to be careful and conduct additional research before engaging with Vipavo. It is essential to consider your safety online and make sure you can verify the trustworthiness and credibility of any brand before making any purchases.

Is Vipavo Legit or a Scam?

It is crucial to be sure to approach Vipavo with caution. Vipavo brand with scepticism, and take care. Several red flags indicate Vipavo could be operating as a fraud. Here are some reasons to be on guard:

  1. The absence of customer reviews Although the company has a social media presence with likes and followers, there’s an egregious absence of customer reviews. This is atypical for a big brand and raises doubts about the legitimacy and the quality of its goods and services.
  2. Unconformity in branding: Vipavo showcases logos on its official site and Facebook page. This is clear evidence of inconsistency and non-reliability. Trustworthy and established brands have an identical appearance throughout all media.
  3. False Advertising: The brand mainly relies on Facebook advertisements. However, there aren’t any apparent Google advertisements. In addition, the Facebook page shows ads for non-related products that are false and could indicate suspicious business policies.
  4. Unrelated product offerings: Vipavo claims to be an apparel brand. However, their Facebook page has products such as a Tufted Cube Storage Ottoman with Padded Lid that do not relate to their alleged purpose. This ambiguity raises questions regarding this brand’s authenticity and legitimacy.
  5. The absence of Google Reviews or Presence Searching on Vipavo Reviews on Google yields no relevant results. Established brands generally have a website on Google with customer reviews; however, more studies are needed.
  6. Untrue Methods: Vipavo uses images to depict an address in physical form, which could induce customers to believe otherwise. This raises questions about the authenticity of the brand and reliability.
  7. Lack of Contact Info: The lack of an address and phone number makes it difficult to contact Vipavo’s customer service. This inaccessibility creates doubts about their dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
  8. Incredible Low Prices: The shockingly cheap prices provided by Vipavo, including clothes priced as low as $3, are highly suspect. The prices offered are typically connected with fake or low-quality items.
  9. Confused Origins: The most common countries listed for the people running the Facebook page are Pakistan and the United States, and Pakistan, leading to confusion and raising concerns regarding the brand’s authenticity and authenticity.

With these warning signs, In light of these alarming indicators, it is strongly recommended to stay clear of Vipavo. Be sure to protect yourself by conducting exhaustive research, checking the credibility of businesses on the internet and focusing on your security online. 

Remember that if an offer is too appealing, to be honest, it likely is. Be alert to stay away from frauds that could be a scam.

Vipavo Pros and Cons


  • Free Shipping on Orders of US$39.99: Vipavo offers free shipping on all orders over the specified amount, making it easy and affordable for customers to make their purchases.
  • An active social media presence Vipavo keeps a dynamic company on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, showing their efforts to communicate with customers and to provide information about their products.


  • Need for Customer Reviews A significant drawback is the absence of user feedback on both the company’s official site and other social platforms. This absence of feedback creates a challenge for prospective customers to assess the reliability and quality of the company.
  • Uncoherent branding: Vipavo showcases different logos on its official website and social media sites, which could create confusion and raise doubts about its credibility and professionalism.
  • Unrelated Products: Despite proclaiming that it is a clothing line, Vipavo’s social media channels could feature products that are not related, which could indicate a lack of attention to detail and possibly informing customers.
  • Lack of Contact Information and Contact Options: Vipavo needs to provide more contact information, including no telephone number or physical address, making it impossible for clients to reach them for assistance or inquiries.
  • Some questionable advertising tactics There have been allegations of deceptive advertising, including divergence between the advertised goods and what is available on the site. This can lead to consumer satisfaction and needing more confidence.
  • Origin Confusion, The list of several principal countries for the people responsible for the company’s social media presence, including Pakistan and the United States and Pakistan, can cause confusion regarding the origins of the brand and its authenticity.

Conclusion: Vipavo Reviews

Based on the information available and the various red flags present, It is recommended to look at Vipavo cautiously. Lack of reviews from customers, inconsistent branding, inconsistency with products on social media, and unusual advertising strategies raise doubts about the brand’s credibility and credibility.

In addition, the sparse contact details and the absence of an extensive online presence, like Google reviews, add to the uncertainty around Vipavo. The highly cheap costs offered by the brand could be appealing. However, they could also be a sign of authenticity and quality concerns.

Potential customers must thoroughly study and evaluate the potential risks before engaging with Vipavo to guarantee a secure and pleasant shopping experience.

Vipavo Alternative Options

Suppose you are looking for alternatives for women’s apparel and accessories. In that case, you can find various well-known brands and retailers offering many options. Here are a few popular options to look into:

  1. Zara is well-known for its fashionable and budget-friendly fashion; Zara offers a diverse range of accessories and clothing for women. They regularly update their collection to keep abreast of the latest trends in fashion.
  2. ASOS: ASOS is an online store that caters to various sizes and styles. They offer a vast selection of footwear, clothes as well as accessories. It is simple to find something suitable for any occasion.
  3. Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a famous department store providing the best high-end and low-cost brands. They carry many women’s apparel accessories, the most sought-after brands.
  4. H&M: H&M is an internationally recognized brand recognized for its stylish and affordable clothes. They have a variety of styles, ranging from simple basics to elegant fashion pieces.
  5. Anthropologie: Anthropologie specializes in bohemian-inspired clothing and accessories. They provide unique and diverse choices for women who love creative and free-spirited styles.
  6. Free People: Free People is an online brand focused on bohemian and relaxed styles. They have a broad selection of accessories and clothing that reflect a fun and romantic look.
  7. Everlane If you are looking for environmentally friendly and ethically manufactured clothes, Everlane is a great alternative. They place a high value on transparency in their manufacturing process and have high-end basics and timeless pieces.
  8. Revolve: Revolve is an online retailer that offers an array of fashionable, stylish clothes and accessories. They offer a variety of brands. It’s simple for you to locate something that matches your individual fashion.

Here are a few choices when searching for women’s clothes and accessories. Be sure to consider your preference for style, budget and the things that are important to you in making your selections.

Vipavo Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vipavo a legitimate brand?

The legitimacy of Vipavo is doubtful from the information available. There are red flags, such as the need for more user feedback on their website’s official page, the social media pages with low interaction, and the non-existence of the company’s name on trusted review sites. Be cautious when purchasing through Vipavo.

Does Vipavo provide reliable customer support?

The contact information provided by Vipavo is limited to an email address ( While they say they will respond within one work day, they are complaining clients are waiting for a response. Be cautious and take note of the possibility of a lack of customer service.

What are the options for shipping and the shipping policies?

Vipavo promises free shipping for orders of the amount of a certain amount, which is usually US$39.99. But, it’s best to review their shipping policies for any additional conditions or restrictions which may be applicable. Because of the company’s ambiguous reputation, it’s essential to set your expectations regarding the reliability of the shipping service.

What is the return policy of Vipavo?

The return policy for Vipavo needs to be clarified based on the information available. It is crucial to go through their website or reach their customer service via email to learn about their particular returns procedures and the associated costs and limitations. Be aware of the possible difficulties in obtaining the best resolution because they need to provide customer service.

Are the prices provided by Vipavo fair?

Vipavo boasts low prices, ranging between $3 and 5 $ for their products. However, when you consider the unpredictable nature of the brand as well as the warnings it raises and its consequences, it is recommended to take these prices with caution. Low prices signal issues with the product’s quality and customer service or even the brand’s credibility.

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