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How To Complete Defensive Measures in Starfield?

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to complete the quest 'Defensive Measures' in Starfield.

This technical and detail-oriented article will provide you with step-by-step instructions, important locations, and expert strategies to successfully navigate through this captivating mission.

Whether you are a dedicated Starfield player seeking in-game benefits or an intrepid explorer looking for a unique blend of action and role-playing elements, our guide will ensure your success in completing Defensive Measures.

5 Key Objectives for Completing Defensive Measures

One of the key objectives for completing Defensive Measures in Starfield is to listen to the argument outside the barracks and gather information from the NPCs involved. This step is crucial in understanding the current state of Akila City's safety and the challenges it faces.

By actively engaging in the conversation, players can uncover important items to collect in Defensive Measures, such as clues, hints, and insights into the city's security measures. These items will prove invaluable in further progressing through the quest and ensuring the safety of Akila City.

Common challenges faced in Defensive Measures include navigating through the city's intricate alleyways, deciphering cryptic messages, and overcoming hostile encounters. It is essential for players to strategize, gather necessary resources, and employ effective defensive tactics to overcome these challenges and successfully complete the quest.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finishing Defensive Measures

To ensure a successful completion of Defensive Measures in Starfield, players must diligently follow the step-by-step guide, consistently referring to the quest objectives and employing effective defensive strategies.

Common obstacles in completing Defensive Measures:

  • Strong enemy forces that require careful planning and coordination to overcome.
  • Time-sensitive objectives that demand swift decision-making and efficient execution.

Rewards and benefits of completing Defensive Measures:

  • Unlocking valuable in-game items, such as powerful weapons and armor upgrades.
  • Gaining reputation and recognition within the Starfield community as a skilled defender of Akila City.

By navigating through these common obstacles and reaping the rewards of completion, players can enhance their gameplay experience and feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging within the Starfield universe.

Important Locations to Visit in Defensive Measures Quest

Frequently overlooked by players, it is imperative to visit the important locations in the Defensive Measures quest to uncover crucial clues and progress towards completing the mission in Starfield.

In this quest, players have the opportunity to delve into the hidden secrets of Akila City and interact with various NPCs involved in the quest.

To start, players should travel to Akila City within the Cheyenne system on the planet Akila. Once there, they should locate Davis, Bailey, and Keoni engaged in a discussion about Akila's safety.

Heading towards the City Entrance and finding Shepherds General Store, players can continue walking past the store and find a stone staircase. Going up the stairs will lead them to the location where the NPCs are discussing Akila's safety.

Engaging with these NPCs, listening to their argument outside the barracks, and completing the Job Gone Wrong quest in Akila City will further progress the Defensive Measures quest.

Strategies to Successfully Complete Defensive Measures

Players can employ various strategies and carefully coordinate their actions to successfully complete the Defensive Measures quest in Starfield. To ensure success, players should consider the following:

  1. Best weapons for combat in Defensive Measures quest:
  • Plasma Rifle: Offers high damage output and excellent range, ideal for taking down enemies from a distance.
  • Energy Sword: Provides a close-quarters combat advantage with its devastating melee attacks.

Effective dialogue choices for resolving the argument in Defensive Measures quest:

  • Diplomatic Approach: Choose dialogue options that promote understanding and compromise, fostering peaceful resolution.
  • Mediator Role: Act as a neutral party, listening to both sides and facilitating a constructive dialogue to find common ground.

Expert Tips and Tricks for Conquering Defensive Measures

When tackling the quest 'Defensive Measures' in Starfield, seasoned adventurers can benefit from implementing expert tips and tricks for overcoming the challenges they may encounter. To ensure success, it is crucial to employ effective combat tactics.

Engaging enemies strategically, utilizing cover, and exploiting weaknesses can tip the scales in your favor.

Additionally, exploring the environment thoroughly can uncover hidden secrets and rewards. Keep an eye out for hidden passages, interactive objects, and NPCs with valuable information.

These hidden gems can provide valuable resources, unique weapons, or even unlock additional quests. It is essential to approach each encounter with caution and thoroughness, as the rewards for uncovering these hidden secrets can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Defensive Measures Quest in Starfield?

The time required to complete the Defensive Measures quest in Starfield can vary depending on the player's efficiency and familiarity with the game. However, implementing efficient strategies and following tips can help expedite the completion process.

Are There Any Specific Level Requirements or Prerequisites to Start the Defensive Measures Quest?

There are no specific level requirements or prerequisites to start the Defensive Measures quest in Starfield. The enemies encountered during the quest can vary in difficulty, providing a challenging experience for players.

Can the Defensive Measures Quest Be Completed With a Group of Players, or Is It Strictly a Solo Quest?

The defensive measures quest in Starfield can be completed both solo or with a group of players. However, the quest is designed to be tackled solo, as it requires specific strategies and tactics that are most effective when approached individually.

Are There Any Unique Rewards or Items That Can Be Obtained by Completing the Defensive Measures Quest?

Completing the Defensive Measures quest in Starfield rewards players with unique items and valuable in-game benefits. To successfully complete the quest, players should follow specific strategies such as listening to the argument outside the barracks and completing the Job Gone Wrong quest in Akila City.

Is It Possible to Fail or Abandon the Defensive Measures Quest, and if So, What Are the Consequences?

Possible consequences of failing the defensive measures quest in Starfield include missing out on valuable in-game benefits and the opportunity to gain insights into the daily lives of Akila City's inhabitants. Strategies and tips for successfully completing the quest include listening to the argument outside the barracks, completing the Job Gone Wrong quest, and talking to Davis Wilson and Keoni Alpin in the specified locations.


In conclusion, completing the Defensive Measures quest in Starfield requires careful navigation through various tasks and interactions.

By following a step-by-step guide and utilizing important locations and strategies, players can successfully gather vital information and complete the quest.

With its immersive gameplay and richly detailed environment, Starfield offers an engaging experience for dedicated players seeking a unique blend of action and role-playing elements.