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Mushroom Gummies Review – Do They Actually Work?

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Mushroom Gummies Review – Mushrooms have been delicious additions to dishes for a long time – but recently, therapeutic mushrooms (or functional, or as they’re called) are being promoted with new methods. What’s the reason for this sudden surge in popularity? 

Everyone is discovering that mushrooms have the potential to improve wellbeing and health. They’re the hottest new gummy product that promises many benefits for almost all aspects of your wellbeing.

Should you give the gummies of mushrooms to try? Many gummy supplements promise too much and don’t deliver. So, I shot the mushroom Gummies to see whether they’re worth the hype or something to avoid.

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What are the gummies of a mushroom?

Mushroom Gummies Review - Do They Actually Work?

Mushroom gummies are like the other variety of gummy vitamins. They’re a tasty nutritional supplement containing various ingredients and nutrients blended to create a delicious, chewable, and sweet gummy.

But they differ from the usual gummy vitamin. Instead of being packed with primarily minerals and vitamins, they contain a mixture that contains medicinal mushrooms. Contained with concentrated mushrooms and extracts from mushrooms, It’s the benefits you’d expect from eating mushrooms in a convenient form. 

Gummies can be made up of anything from a single mushroom variety to a large number. Within a gummy of mushrooms, there are likely to be mushrooms that include:

  • Maitake
  • Shiitake
  • The Mane of a Lion
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Turkey tail
  • Royal sun
  • White button

Any mushroom that offers practical benefits – or health-boosting advantages – can be included in a chewable supplement. They’re also designed to provide more convenience than eating a large plate of mushrooms. They’re designed to condense the beneficial fungi into small packages that require minimal cooking or preparation.

What kind of benefits can mushrooms provide?

Mushroom Gummies Review - Do They Actually Work?

Because the mushroom supplements are made using good mushrooms, they’re high in essential nutrients. What can functional mushrooms provide? The varieties of available mushrooms are powerful combinations of natural substances that can boost your energy, boost your immune system’s function, and assist you in getting a night of better sleep. And this is just a few examples of what they have to offer.

Functional or medicinal mushrooms comprise beta-D-glucans, which are linked to immune systems triterpenoids that interact in conjunction with beta-D-glucans, which improve immunity and may help fight inflammation. There is also ergosterol which acts as an immunomodulator and antioxidant. They have also been proven to enhance energy and help reduce fatigue. It’s only a small portion of the benefits that functional mushrooms can provide.

Every unique blend of mushrooms in various chewing gums can provide other health and well-being benefits. Some are said to improve your immune system, providing it with a calming or protective boost. 

Others may help to boost the amount of energy you have daily naturally. As well as other varieties of mushroom gummy could aid in recovering from sports by providing additional nutrients the body requires following tough training.

Thus, although the gummy of a mushroom may not always provide vitamins you’re not getting in your everyday diet, they can help improve the overall nutritional quality. They’re a kind of supplement that can give functional accessories that can be beneficial in various ways, whether significant or small.

How do they compare to other supplements?

Mushroom Gummies Review - Do They Actually Work?

Mushroom gummies aren’t just the first type of fungi-based supplement to be found in your local supermarket, health and wellness shops, or the internet. They’re just the latest version that joins the ranks of powders, mushroom capsules, and other extract-based items.

However, gummies are the most simple, easy choice currently. They’re simple to consume, similar to capsules, but much more delicious (which is, let’s face it, what makes them more enjoyable to eat!). 

They don’t require you to mix them into smoothies or drinks as powders do, which makes them perfect for bringing with you on the move. They are also non-toxic, making them an ideal everyday snack.

Gummies made from mushrooms can be sweetened with sugars and various amounts of extracts from the mushroom

There’s no denying the flavor and benefits of mushroom gummy supplements. There are certain drawbacks to using Gummies. Most important of all? Gummies typically aren’t as powerful as traditional capsule supplements.

Based on The Cleveland Clinic, gummy vitamins were designed to be sweeter and more appealing; however, they aren’t designed to be a 1:1 replacement. In general, gummies contain fewer nutrients and vitamins than capsule supplements. 

And although research is yet to be done on the mushroom gummies, it is possible that the same could be the case with these kinds of. If it’s the most potent ingredient you’re seeking, you’ll probably obtain more beneficial extracts of mushrooms from other supplements.

In addition, to different amounts of extracts from mushrooms and various levels of effectiveness, the gummies of mushrooms can also contain sugar, specifically sugars added. To achieve their delicious flavor, manufacturers must mix sugar substitutes and sugars. On average, Cleveland Clinic reports that gummy vitamins can contain 2-8 grams of sugar in each serving.

There’s another thing you have to be aware of about Gummies. They have a short shelf life, and when they start to “go bad,” the supplements are less effective. If you’re not buying gummies of mushrooms before the “use to” deadline, you might not be getting the full benefit of those beneficial nutrients as you believe you are.

Do Mushroom Gummies really work?

Mushroom Gummies Review - Do They Actually Work?

After researching all the benefits to wellness and health of gummies made of mushrooms, I decided to test them by putting these gummies against the wall. For 30 days, I tried consuming gummies made of mushrooms – particularly Earth & Star’s Super Multi-Mushroom Gummy– to determine whether they could fulfill their promises.

The Super Multi-Mushroom gummy is full of extracts from mushrooms. It doesn’t contain just only two or three varieties of mushrooms. The package includes a staggering ten types with 2500 milligrams of extracts in each serving. From lion’s mane to maitake to reishi and Turkey tail.

These powerful small gummies contained almost all the functional mushrooms I was seeking. Ultimately, the packaging advertises improved concentration, memory, and focus. It aids the immune, gut, nervous system, and digestive system and protection from inflammation and oxidative stress.

My initial impression was to discern that these weren’t the typical chewy vitamins certainly. The Wild Raspberry flavor hinted at a mushroom aftertaste (but If you love mushrooms, it isn’t a problem!). Within the first couple of days of taking the gummies, I noticed a difference in focus and concentration. 

Although it’s difficult to determine that the gummy vitamin is working, these mushroom gummies could improve my focus just 30 minutes after taking them. They were especially helpful in aiding me in focusing on the work before me.

While I’m unable to confirm any positive effects on stress or the immune system, These gummies have a positive impact on my day-to-day focus. Throughout the month, I adjusted the timing to focus better in the most hectic times of my workday. After I’ve tested these, I’m sure to continue using them to give my focus an increase – and also to determine what longer-term benefits they could be possible to get.

Best Brands To Buy Mushroom Gummies From

Mushroom Gummies Review - Do They Actually Work?

These are the top brands and gummies of mushrooms for 2023 that we didn’t pick randomly.

  1. Golden Bloom Gummies – 1st Pick – Best Mushroom Gummies For Taste, Performance, and Focus
  2. Mojo Gummies – 2nd Pick – Brain Boosting Mushroom Gummies
  3. Mushroom Revival – 3rd Pick – Calming Mushroom Gummies
  4. Elm & Rye Gummies – 4th Pick – Mushroom Complex Gummies
  5. Plant People Gummies – 5th Pick – Most Budget-Friendly Mushroom Gummies

#1. Golden Bloom Gummies – 1st Pick – Best Mushroom Gummies Taste, Performance, and Focus

It’s not exactly new to the market. However, it is one of the most effective and pure types of mushroom supplements.

Golden Bloom Gummies are the top choice. Please find out how they got to the top of the list! They may be relatively new to the market; however, it is one of the most effective and pure types of supplementation with mushrooms.

Product & Brand Features

Golden Bloom Mushrooms’ great-tasting Gummies are packed with mushrooms and superfood ingredients that work together to deliver maximum effects and bring out your top!

Golden Bloom Mushrooms only uses the organic fruiting body of the mushrooms, which are 100 percent USDA certified! The mushrooms go through 120 days of extraction and fermentation to produce greater quality and higher concentration extracts of mushrooms that contain the highest quantity of beta-glucans! They also undergo third laboratory testing by a third party to ensure they are high quality and consistent!

Amazing Taste & Healthy Ingredients

Golden Bloom Mushroom gummies taste awesome! These gummies with a potent taste had the best taste in comparison to the other brands. With a variety of fruit flavors, they tasted just like the real fruit they are based upon and sounded like more of a fruity snack with just the perfect sweetness and not overly sweet.

Superior Effects

Golden Bloom Mushroom gummies offer incredible effects thanks to their triple extraction method that is applied to the healthy body of fruiting organic mushrooms, in combination with superfood ingredients such as Turmeric Curcumin Ashwagandha Extract along with Bacopa Monnieri. Plus, it’s gluten-free.

The extracts paired with USDA-certified organic mushrooms create synergistic effects when paired with specific mushrooms! The result is a tremendous increase in all the advantages you seek!

Golden Bloom Mushroom Gummies

Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers Gummy products according to your desired improvement! It is a simple and tasty way to consume adaptogenic mushrooms and enjoy their numerous health advantages.

  • Performance Mushroom Gummies Performance Mushroom Gummies Golden Bloom ” Performance” mushrooms gummies are made up of Cordyceps Militaris as well as Turmeric Curcumin, which is guaranteed to increase your energy levels and boost your physical fitness, including your stamina and endurance!
  • Focus Mushroom Gummies Golden Bloom ” Focus” Gummies of mushrooms contain Cordyceps Militaris along with Lion’s Mane mushrooms containing Ashwagandha that can send shockwaves to the brain to improve your alertness and concentration while enhancing the overall health of your brain that reduces loss of memory along with brain fog!
  • Immunity Mushroom Gummies Golden Bloom Mushrooms ” Immunity” can improve your health and wellbeing to the maximum and significantly strengthen your immune system. It’s a great mix of 14 varieties of mushrooms as well as Bacopa monnieri!

Deals & Incentives

Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers fantastic discounts and offers like free delivery for all purchases with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee plus 20% discounts for simply signing up for their newsletter! 

If this is your first purchase of the products of Golden Bloom, you’re fortunate since they provide 20% off to all new customers!

Golden Bloom Mushroom Gummies Pros & Cons

There is no perfect way to live in this world. Even the Golden Bloom Mushrooms gummies are the most popular choice; there are advantages and disadvantages:


  • Best-tasting functional mushroom gummies
  • Includes other superfood ingredients
  • The effects of mushrooms as well as superfoods, work together.
  • Utilizes the fruiting body of organic wild mushrooms 100 percent USDA certified.
  • It employs a trademark triple extraction process and up to 120 days of ferment.


  • The use of super ingredients is reflected in the price

Customer reviews

Reviews look legitimate and authentic, with many comments about the delicious taste and the positive effects you can get from them, like having better focus being more active, feeling more energetic, and less anxious.

#2. Mojo Gummies – 2nd Pick – Brain Boosting Mushroom Gummies

The product has 43 reviews to date and counting, with a majority of 5-4 stars, and mostly about how people feel about the effects. The majority of studies are enjoying the flavor. 

However, certain people are happy with it.

Mojo brain-boosting Mushroom Gummies jumped out most of the other Mojo has to offer. Here’s how it got to 2nd place!

Product and Brand Features

Mojo’s “Extra Strength” Brain Boost Gummies are available with a delightfully tangy, sweet strawberry tangerine flavor! The improved model of their Brain Boost Mushroom Gummies contains mushrooms like Lion’s Mane Cordyceps, Ginger root, and Mucuna pruriens. It’s also increased the volume to provide greater strength!

The formula for Mojo brand products comes from 10 years of research and results in highly efficient, fast-acting supplementation with mushrooms!


Apart from the mushroom species like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, Mojo mushroom gummies also include specific herbs, roots, and nootropics such as Ginger root and Mucuna Pruriens, which offer numerous benefits!

Ginger’s cognitive-enhancing compounds and Mucuna Pruriens, which boost dopamine levels, work in conjunction with Lion’s Mane stimulant effects on the brain and Cordyceps increasing the amount of oxygen absorbed by your brain!

Brand standards

Mojo’s mushroom supplements are backed by science. Mojo’s Extra Strength BrainBoost Gummies have been through six months of community testing to ensure they had the strength boost right!

Product pricing

It’s the least expensive product on the list, and this excludes the delivery subscription fee.

Ingredients Quality

Mojo brand comprises only the finest quality, pure mushrooms paired with various beneficial root and herbaceous plants! Mojo utilizes seventy-two percent of the fruiting body, and the rest percentage is mycelium.

Mojo Gummies Pros & Cons

The best pick also has certain cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Mojo’s “Extra Strength” Brain Boost Gummies of mushrooms:


  • Contains additional beneficial ingredients
  • The effects of mushrooms as well as healthy ingredients, complement one another.
  • Participated in six months of testing in the community to confirm the strength of the dosage
  • Gummy is the cheapest we have listed, even with the need for a subscription!


  • Only 72% of fruiting body
  • The ingredient is caffeine, which can have positive effects but also negative ones.

Customer reviews

The product is currently rated with 43 reviews to date and counting, mostly 5- to 4-star reviews, and mainly focused on how people feel about the effects. Most studies agree with the taste, though certain people are happy.

#3. Mushroom Revival – 3rd Pick – Calming Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom Revival supplements contain 100 percent USDA organic and a third lab tested by a third party without any hidden results.

Mushroom Revival “Calming” Mushroom Gummies are the third choice. Here’s why:

Product and Brand Features

Mushroom Revival’s soothing Mushroom Gummies can help you reach a calm state through their relaxing and stress-reducing effects! This delicious-tasting gummy offers many other benefits to improve your well-being and health, like boosting your immunity and heart health!

Mushroom Revival’s goal is to promote an improved lifestyle through mushrooms. The company’s roots are inspirational since the CEO and founder, who was suffering from a disease, was able to regain his energy by taking medicinal mushrooms!


Mushroom Revival’s calming Mushroom Gummies are made of natural Reishi mushrooms, most well-known for enhancing sleep and reducing stress and fatigue.

Please take it as a supplement for your nighttime, ensuring a restful evening and night’s sleep as you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning!

Brand standards

Mushroom Revival is the only company that uses the highest quality fruiting body to produce their mushrooms! Mushroom Revival supplements are 100 percent USDA organic, and 3rd laboratory tested by a third party, and open about their results. Their money-back guarantee is quite easy!


It also ranks 3rd in the rankings in terms of pricing. Their price is considered to be reasonable. However, you must believe that you are receiving a high-quality product compared to similar products of unproven quality.

Variety Of Gummies

Apart from Calm, Mushroom Revival gummies are also available with “Focus” to give your brain stimulation, “Energy” for a boost of energy as well as “Daily 10-minute” to ensure maximum health! The mushroom gummies are more effective when combined and are available as bundle deals!

Mushroom Revival Mushroom Gummies Pros & Cons

These are the pros and cons of Mushroom Revival Gummies with Calm:


  • Uses organic fruiting bodies of mushroom that is 100 100% USDA certified.
  • The best choice for the mushroom lover!
  • Hassle-free money-back guarantee!
  • Four varieties of gummies made from mushrooms!


  • No extra beneficial ingredients
  • It is best to take it together with the other 3 Gummies of mushrooms

Customer reviews

Calm currently has just four reviews and certainly should have more. The reviews are all so far favorable and seem to be genuine, and some have photos with pictures.

#4. Elm & Rye Gummies – 4th Pick – Mushroom Complex Gummies

It is packed with 5 well-known functional mushrooms, such as the Lion’s Mane Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, and Chaga!

Looking for the top Gummies made of mushrooms on the market? Here are the main reasons Elm and Rye Mushroom Complex Gummies is in 4th place

Product and Brand Features

It is packed with 5 well-known functional mushrooms, such as The Lion’s mane Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, and Chaga!


Combining five of the most well-known mushrooms – The Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, and Chaga will provide a variety of advantages for the five good mushrooms into one tiny chewy!

Brand standards

Elm & Rye are best recognized for their high-quality testing. They do not cut corners in their products. They manufacture and utilize only high-quality and pure ingredients, free of pesticides and fillers.


They’re 2nd on the list of their highest price. Their price is high, especially when you’re paying for a guarantee of high quality. However, they fall within the average cost if you’re an active subscriber!

Variety Of mushroom Gummies

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex Gummies are available in capsule form and coffee creamer! Apart from these Mushroom Complex Gummies, they provide interesting gummies like slimming mushrooms, Tongkat Ali, Melatonin testosterone support, and PM Gummies!

Elm & Rye Gummies Pros & Cons

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex Gummies includes the following pros and cons:


  • The brand is governed by its health advisory panel!
  • The company regularly sends its products to third-party labs to ensure quality and consistency.


  • The interface for users on the site as well as product information and the optimization of the site, all need improvement.
  • It would be best if you were signed up for their subscription service for the prices to change to normal.
  • No extra beneficial ingredients

Customer reviews

There’s no product-specific reviews section available on the website. However, the brand itself is reported to have at least 17690 reviews. So far, it’s looking good.

#5. Plant People Gummies – 5th Pick – Budget-Friendly Mushroom Gummies

This brand provides functional mushroom-based products and other products derived from plants that range from herbal to CBD.

Plant People budget-friendly Gummies made of mushrooms are just too delicious not to include in the list!

Product and Brand Features

Plant People sells budget-friendly mushroom gummies, but not at the expense of quality and efficacy! The company offers more than functional products made of mushrooms and plant-derived products worldwide, ranging from CBD to herbs.

Budget-Friendly Options

Plant People offers awesome bundle offers where the effects of their gummies made from mushrooms complement the other included products! Plant People also has a subscription option that will assist you in saving money!

Flavor Variety

Plant People has mushroom gummies to suit different situations. Each of their Gummies comes with a distinct delightful flavor! WonderDay is a wild raspberry, WonderSleep has a fantastic elderberry taste, WonderFocus tastes like citrus, and WonderCalm offers a refreshing sweet peach flavor!

Deals & Incentives

Plant People products might be in second place for the lowest price. It is nevertheless “budget-friendly” since you’re getting more than you pay for. Each pack contains 60 pieces of gummies made from mushrooms! Signing up for their regular delivery service or opting for bundle deals can lower the costs!

Plant People Mushroom Gummies Pros & Cons

Plant People’s budget-friendly mushroom gummies included pros and cons as well:


  • Cost-effective since you receive 60 gummies of mushrooms per pack!
  • Available in four delicious flavors and four varieties!
  • Contains additional beneficial ingredients
  • The benefits of mushrooms and beneficial ingredients work in synergy with one another.


  • Flavors are assigned according to a variety

Customer reviews

WonderDay currently has more than 274 reviews, with 35% of them being five stars! WonderCalm has only 13 reviews; however, they’ve all been five stars so far! The two other mushroom gummies are more recent and are yet to receive the same reviews.

How We Selected The Best Mushroom Gummy Products?

We didn’t pick the top ones out of the air. These factors influenced us for how they made it onto the list.

  • Gummies’ efficacy is the main reason that people are taking gummies of mushrooms to begin with. This is not the point if they fail to work.
  • The quality of the ingredients in mushrooms – The natural ingredients make the difference in any food item, even supplements. The reason to take mushroom supplements is primarily because of the mushroom.
  • The quality of other ingredients Secondary ingredients is equally important as the primary ingredients that impact the taste. They may even have health benefits.
  • Deals and Incentives Particularly in these economic times, everyone must get the most value for their money. Incentives and discounts can aid in saving money.
  • Policies for Returns and Shipping Every brand should have fair and reasonable procedures regarding returns and shipping. It is impossible to trust a brand that does not treat its customers fairly regardless of how great its products appear to be.

Mushroom Gummies – FAQ

Then, we will answer the most frequently asked questions on mushrooms!

How can the benefits of gummies made from mushrooms help us?

Functional mushrooms offer many health benefits and wellbeing, and mushroom gummies can be a fast, convenient, and enjoyable to increase your intake!

Do they really work?

Yes! They can be effective if they have extracts of mushrooms made from actual mushrooms. Gummy forms are an efficient and fun method for us to enjoy. Here’s an example of how medicinal and culinary mushrooms can aid.

What are the most effective types that are medicinal?

This will last all day, but here are some of the most popular mushrooms that are functional and some of their most well-known advantages:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – A Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts brain health, mental clarity, and repair of nerves
  • Cordyceps Mushroom is a great source of an additional boost of energy and boosts physical performance, such as endurance
  • Chaga Mushroom is a great source of all the vitamins required to aid digestion.
  • Reishi Mushroom – It improves the defense of the immune system
  • Maitake Mushrooms – They help reduce stress and cholesterol
  • Turkey Tail Mushroom – A Turkey Tail mushroom may help improve immune system health.

How many mushroom gummies do I need to take?

Gummies of mushrooms can vary in size and should be taken according to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. But remember that these supplements cannot be meant to treat or prevent patients. It might have a delicious flavor to boost your immune system and focus; however, it’s best to consume it in moderate amounts.

Are there any negative consequences?

They’re generally safe, except for particular conditions, such as mushroom allergies. People who take daily medication should talk to their doctor first. If used incorrectly, capsules, powders, Gummies, and other supplements could cause small side effects.

How long will it take for supplements made from mushrooms to be effective?

It depends on various aspects, but people generally have a two-week experience. Some short-term effects may be felt just half an hour after taking these supplements, including increased mental alertness and energy increase.

What are the best ways to make use of Gummies of mushrooms?

Consume gummy mushrooms just like normal Gummies. Take them in a chewy way or let them melt in your mouth, but do not swallow them. (If you’d like to consume them, you should go to the pharmacy and purchase a capsule)

Do you think taking gummies of mushrooms is superior to taking raw mushrooms?

Yes! Gummies containing mushrooms contain beneficial natural ingredients made from functional mushrooms in a high concentration.

There are many advantages of eating mushrooms, but the benefits are not as significant as Gummies, where the ingredients are concentrated, allowing the body’s system to absorb the nutrients faster.

Final Thoughts: The Best Functional Mushroom Gummies to Take in 2023

The process of selecting the most effective brands is a challenge, particularly in 2023, when people are becoming healthier, which causes new brands to pop up. This will save you from the hassle and avoid wasting your precious time and money.

Purchase gummies of mushrooms today from our top choices of 2023’s mushroom gummies! Please include it in your diet routine and boost your overall health.

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