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Freshoyt Reviews: Is authentic or a scam?

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Freshoyt is a fraudulent website to avoid. It claims to offer various women’s clothing products at low prices. 

However, it’s actually an online fraud retailer that could provide you with counterfeit or subpar products or not send any whatsoever. Red Flags

Freshoyt Reviews: Is authentic or a scam?

Many warning signs suggest that could be a fraudulent website. Here are some:

  1. Freshoyt was created recently. The domain name was registered just a few weeks ago. This indicates a fake website designed to fool customers briefly before going away.
  2. Freshoyt is controlled by a suspicious business: AIMARK LTD The company that runs Freshoyt is known for running various fraudulent online stores and defrauding innocent customers.
  3. Discounts and Sales Offer Freshoyt offers a variety of unrealistic discounts and sales on its merchandise. For instance, you could get items discounted by over 70% or even per cent. It may sound like an impressive amount; however, it’s the most common tactic scammers employ to entice unwary customers into buying cheap or fake goods.
  4. Copy Content Freshoyt stole the majority of its content as well as product images from authentic online stores such as Alibaba, Amazon, or Aliexpress. This shows that the site has no originality or credibility and is working to deceive customers by offering fake goods.
  5. Facebook and Twitter Presence Freshoyt have no social media profile nor hyperlinks with any social media platform. This is atypical for an online retailer which claims to provide trendy items. Social media is a crucial method for businesses online to engage with their customers, show off their offerings, and establish their customers’ trust and credibility. The lack of social media engagement indicates that Freshoyt has hidden something or doesn’t care about the satisfaction of its customers.
  6. Customer Delivery and Complaints: Freshoyt has no authentic customer feedback or testimonials. Customers have expressed concerns, including delayed or undeliverable delivery, poor customer service, wrong or defective products, difficulties obtaining refunds, and unauthorized charges to their credit cards.

Is Freshoyt a Scam?

Based on the warnings, we can conclude that Freshoyt is a shady website to avoid online shoppers. There needs to be proof that Freshoyt is a genuine or reliable site that provides high-quality products or services to its customers.

Customers who have purchased items at Freshoyt have complained that they have yet to receive their orders in any way or received a different or less quality product than the ones they ordered. 

They have also complained that they could not reach Freshoyt to request the exchange or refund they requested because the email address provided was inactive or not responsive.

We advise you to refrain from buying on Freshoyt or similar websites with similar red flags. You’ll only risk losing your money and private details to fraudsters who don’t care about your security or satisfaction.

What do you do after having been shopping on

  • Contact your financial institution or bank: If you have spent money using a debit or credit card, you must call your financial institution or bank promptly and request that they cancel the transaction and return the money. It is also recommended to be able to report as a bogus website and ask them to stop any future charges coming from it.
  • Update your passwords: If you’ve established an account on and used the exact same password to create other accounts on the internet, it is recommended that you change your passwords as soon as possible. Also, you should enable two-factor authentication for your accounts if you can. This will keep hackers from accessing your accounts and taking your personal data.
  • Beware of emails that appear to be phishing: You might receive emails from or other websites that claim that they are related to your order or even offer you refunds or discounts. These emails could be phishing scams that lure you into clicking on harmful hyperlinks or downloading attachments that could infect your device with malware or take your personal data. Deleting these emails and avoiding opening any attachments or links from them is recommended.
  • Utilize a browser-based content blocker, such as AdGuard: Content blockers can stop harmful ads, Trojans, phishing, and other harmful information that an antivirus program can’t by itself stop.
  • Scanning the device to detect malware: If you suspect your device may be infected by malware, run an antivirus scan using Malwarebytes Antimalware Free. Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Freshoyt is a scam site that you should avoid at all costs. Numerous warnings show that it’s not trustworthy or trustworthy. 

Save your money or time on something other than this website, as you will likely be scammed or disappointed.

Tips For Secure Online Shopping On New Websites

  • TIP #1 Find out about the site’s credibility and customer feedback.
  • TIP #2 Search for secured web connections (https and padlock symbols).
  • Tips #3 Read customer reviews to determine the product’s reliability and quality.
  • Tips #4 Learn about return policies and refund policies before purchasing.
  • 5 Tips: Use secure payment methods that offer buyer security.
  • Tip #6: Safeguard personal information during checkout.
  • Tips #7 Make sure that customer assistance is readily available.
  • Tips #8 Avoid price reductions that seem too good to be true or bargains.
  • Tips #9 Check your financial statement regularly for signs of fraud.
  • Tips #10: Be a good judge and avoid shady or untrustworthy websites.

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