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Fundelivered Reviews Expose the Mystery Box Myth – Is It Legit?

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Fundelivered Reviews– In our blog, we dive into the world of reviews delivered to you and discover the mystery behind the mysterious mystery box.

Are these reviews genuine, or are they just an elaborate marketing scheme? 

Join us to explore whether the reviews are honest and provide answers to the mysteries that surround these intriguing products. Expect to have your curiosity satisfied, and your questions answered when we take on this adventure together.

Overview of Fundelivered

Fundelivered Reviews Expose the Mystery Box Myth - Is It Legit?

Fundelivered was the brainchild of Rebecca and Jena, two adventurous people who share a deep-rooted love for pursuing the unusual. Both hail from the sunny state of California. They have always believed in the challenge of hard work and the unexpected.

Inspired by their personal experiences with the “Unclaimed packages” box that they received during the outbreak, they saw the massive potential in providing this unique and enjoyable experience to other people. By combining their entrepreneurial spirit with creative minds, they set off on a path that led them to sell more than 30000 boxes in two years.

Recognizing the worth of life’s experiences, Rebecca and Jena are delighted to share their incredible journey with you. We invite you to join them on a thrilling adventure with Fundelivered.

Fundelivered Mystery Boxes

At Fundelivered, the mystery boxes take the spotlight, offering adventurers an exciting and unpredictably thrilling experience. Among the offerings is the “Unclaimed Package Bundle Box,” which is available in various sizes and features an appealing package with no shipping charges.

The price is $99.99. The box will delight the recipient with a wide array of treasures that aren’t claimed. Another exciting alternative is the “Everything Except the Package” Mystery Box, priced at $149.99, which promises an assortment of anything except for what you would expect.

For those looking for a smaller amount of mystery for their home, the “Tiny” Unclaimed Mystery Box is available for $29.98. On the other hand of the spectrum, the “Big and tall” Unclaimed Mystery Box offers six large, unclaimed packages providing a more significant and more extensive experience for $109.98.

Then, of course, last but not least, the “Unclaimed Packages” Mystery Box stands as an intelligent option priced at $79.98 and offers an exciting and memorable experience.

With various options available, Fundelivered ensures that every fan of the mystery box will find the perfect adventure.

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How to Avail Fundelivered?

To purchase these intriguing, mysterious boxes from Fundelivered, follow these steps:

  1. Check out the Fundelivered website. Go to the official Fundelivered webpage using a browser of your preference.
  2. Explore the various options available Explore the different mystery boxes on the site. Spend time reading each parcel’s descriptions, prices, and specific information.
  3. Choose your preferred mystery box. Choose the mystery that interests you the most, based on your preferences and financial budget. Consider factors like the dimensions of the box, the kind of items that are included, and any other themes or deals.
  4. Add it to the cart: After choosing a mystery item and selecting a mystery box, click the “Add to Cart” button associated with the package. Continue shopping to add more items, or go to the checkout.
  5. Check out your cart: Visit your cart to examine the items you’ve added. Check to make sure you’ve chosen the correct mystery box and quantity. You can also add extra items or upgrade should there be a need.
  6. Check out: Once you finish your purchase, click the “Checkout” or “Proceed to Checkout” button. You may be required to enter your shipping address, contact details, and payment information.
  7. Pay the bill: Follow the instructions to finish the payment. Fundelivered offers a variety of secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment options.
  8. Check your order confirmation: Upon payment, check your order’s summary to ensure all information is correct. Double-check the shipping address as well as any additional information.
  9. Place your order by clicking the “Place Order” or a similar button to finish your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email that contains specifics of the purchase.
  10. Await delivery. Relax, sit back, and anticipate the delivery of your mystery package. Fundelivered will take care of the shipping and packaging process to ensure your mystery box arrives on time.

Read the specific Fundelivered shipping and ordering policies for additional information or updates regarding the delivery procedure. Take pleasure in the excitement and anticipation as you eagerly open your box of mystery and discover the treasures inside!

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Fundelivered Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Fundelivered has received a lot of praise from happy clients who have had the thrill and delights of their mystery boxes.

One client, Whitney G., discovered Fundelivered in the early days of Fundelivered’s Facebook marketplace and became a frequent customer. She lauds the quality of the products and highlights the real surprise every box is packed with. Whitney is adamantly recommending looking at Fundelivered and reassuring others of the credibility and hard work that has gone into the company.

Adrienne S., Another satisfied customer, has expressed her continued orders from this fantastic small-scale company. She focuses on the joy and anticipation Fundelivered boxes can bring, making the most routine day more exciting. Adrienne praises the speedy delivery, excellent customer service, and enthralling interaction through social media channels.

Some reviews on Instagram expressed disappointment over the value of their boxes; one purchaser acknowledges that they are willing to try it again even though they felt their package was not worth the cost. Another buyer expresses their excitement to receive the small mystery box and wants to try it again.

In a remarkable achievement, Fundelivered was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which they brought entertainment to Orlando Bloom. Fundelivered’s team behind Fundelivered recognizes this milestone and invites everyone to view the entire Unboxing Video on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel.

Overall, reviews posted on the official site and Instagram show the attraction of Fundelivered’s mystery boxes, the positive customer experience, and the dedication and commitment of the staff behind the company.

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Is Fundelivered Legit?

After carefully reviewing the evidence and analyzing customer feedback, We can confidently say that Fundelivered is a genuine service that is not a fraud. 

However, it’s important to remember that the value of the items in the boxes could differ. Some customers have expressed their view that their packages were not worth their price, whereas others have been thrilled with their surprise.

Furthermore, Fundelivered has an excellent trust score on scam advisor websites. This means that the service was vetted and deemed reliable, giving customers added confidence in transactions made with Fundelivered.

Since Fundelivered provides mystery boxes, The experience and satisfaction ultimately rest on the customer’s preferences and the chance of receiving items that match their preferences. If you like the thrill of surprise and are willing to try unusual experiences, giving Fundelivered an opportunity could be worth the effort.

It’s worth noting that Fundelivered’s credibility is further confirmed by its appearance on the popular television show Jimmy Kimmel Live, which showcases the fun and excitement their boxes provide.

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Fundelivered Pros and Cons


  • There are exciting surprises in every mystery box.
  • Engaging customers through social media.
  • Quick shipping to ensure a fast unboxing experience.
  • The show was featured as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, adding credibility and exposure.


  • Value of the items found inside the boxes.
  • Some buyers think the boxes aren’t worth the cost.

Conclusion: Fundelivered Reviews

Ultimately, Fundelivered offers an exhilarating experience with the mystery boxes they send out. In comparison, there is a variation in the value of the items they receive; however, the excitement and surprise factors are highly valued.

The social media engagement, rapid shipping, the high-quality product, and the recognition that it was mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live all contribute to the credibility and appeal of Fundelivered. If you love surprises and are ready for the challenge, Fundelivered is worth considering.

Fundelivered Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fundelivered?

Fundelivered is a company that provides mystery boxes with unclaimed parcels. The boxes are filled with various items designed to delight and amaze the recipients.

What is the process behind the Fundelivered function?

Customers can go to the Fundelivered website and select from various mystery boxes. The box will be shipped to the buyer when a package is chosen and purchased. The contents remain undiscovered until the box is opened, which adds an element of surprise to the experience.

What kind of things will I find in the Fundelivered mystery box?

The items in each mystery box may differ significantly since they come from unclaimed packages. They may include various things, including gadgets and accessories, home goods, toys, etc.

Can I alter the contents of my mystery box?

The contents of the boxes come pre-packaged and cannot be personalized. The thrill factor is an essential element of the Fundelivered experience.

Are the items contained in Fundelivered mystery boxes brand new?

The items contained in the mysterious boxes are brand new. They’re sourced from abandoned packages, but they’ve never been opened or used.

What happens if I receive an item from my mystery package that I don’t want or like?

Because the mystery boxes are intended to be a surprise, you might receive a product that may not match your taste. But, Fundelivered does not offer exchanges or returns according to individual preferences.

How long will shipping take?

Fundelivered is committed to shipping orders quickly. The time for shipping can vary based on the location, but clients can anticipate receiving their boxes in an acceptable time frame.

Are Fundelivered an authentic service?

Fundelivered is indeed an authentic service. They have received positive customer feedback and have been mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live, adding to their credibility.

How can I keep track of my purchase?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will be provided with a tracking number that you can use to monitor the delivery’s progress.

How can I reach Fundelivered for more information?

For any additional queries or concerns for further inquiries or questions, contact Fundelivered via their contact page or social media channels. They are generally quick and eager to help customers.

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