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How to Get Contraband Past Scans Starfield? Tips & Tricks

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How to Get Contraband Past Scans Starfield? – Are you ready to become a master smuggler in Starfield?

In this article, we’ll give you the tips, tricks, and risks involved in successfully smuggling contraband.

You’ll learn how to obtain shielded cargo and scan jammers, bypass contraband scans, and find reliable sellers.

We’ll also explore where to sell your contraband for maximum profit and discuss the benefits of joining the Freestar Collective Rangers.

But beware, without the right equipment, you could end up with a hefty bounty or even behind bars.

So, let’s delve into the world of contraband smuggling and weigh the rewards against the risks.

Obtaining Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers

To obtain shielded cargo or scan jammers, you can purchase them from reliable sources like Lon Anderssen at Red Mile or Jasmine Durand of the Crimson Fleet.

These items are essential for successfully smuggling contraband in Starfield. However, if you are unable to find these items for purchase, there are alternative methods for acquiring them.

One option is to complete the Mantis side mission and acquire the free ship, which comes equipped with shielded cargo.

Another method is to join the Crimson Fleet, as they are known to provide their members with shielded cargo and scan jammers. However, it is important to note that stealing a Crimson Fleet ship may have consequences.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase these items from reliable sources like Lon Anderssen or Jasmine Durand to ensure a smooth and successful smuggling operation.

Finding Reliable Sellers of Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers

When searching for reliable sellers of shielded cargo and scan jammers, consider checking out Lon Anderssen at Red Mile and Jasmine Durand of the Crimson Fleet. These individuals operate in the black market, offering underground access to illegal tech.

Here is a list of reasons why these sellers are worth considering:

Lon Anderssen at Red Mile: Known for their expertise in acquiring and selling shielded cargo and scan jammers, Anderssen has built a reputation for providing high-quality products that can successfully bypass contraband scans.

Jasmine Durand of the Crimson Fleet: As a member of the renowned Crimson Fleet, Durand has access to a vast network of illegal tech suppliers. Her connections and resources make her a reliable source for shielded cargo and scan jammers.

The Black Market: By delving into the depths of the black market, you can find sellers like Anderssen and Durand who specialize in acquiring and distributing illegal tech. This underground network ensures secrecy and exclusivity for those in the know.

The Dark Web: Acquiring illegal tech may involve venturing into the dark web, where sellers like Anderssen and Durand operate discreetly. This hidden realm provides access to a wide range of illegal goods, including shielded cargo and scan jammers.

How to Get Contraband Past Scans Starfield? Successfully Passing Contraband Scans

Equip yourself with shielded cargo or a scan jammer to successfully bypass contraband scans in Starfield. These essential tools will allow you to avoid detection and continue your lucrative smuggling operations.

By investing in shielded cargo or a scan jammer, you can effectively deceive the authorities and transport contraband undetected. When facing contraband scans, activate your shielded cargo or scan jammer to create a false reading, fooling the scanning systems. This technique will enable you to continue your illicit activities without arousing suspicion.

Mastering the art of avoiding contraband scans is crucial for successful smuggling in Starfield. By employing these smuggling techniques and equipping yourself with the right tools, you can navigate the galaxy undetected and reap the rewards of your endeavors.

Selling Contraband to the Trade Authority and Other Buyers

Once you have shielded cargo or a scan jammer, sell your contraband to the Trade Authority or other potential buyers in Starfield. To maximize profits from your contraband sales on the black market, follow these steps:

Research the Market: Before selling your contraband, gather information about the current demand and prices in different locations. This will help you identify the most profitable buyers.

Choose the Right Buyer: The Trade Authority in major cities is a reliable buyer, but you can also consider selling to Trade Authority ships in orbit. The Crimson Fleet and the Red Mile are also potential buyers who disregard the rules and may offer higher prices.

Negotiate and Haggle: When dealing with buyers, try to negotiate for better prices. Present yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable seller to increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Maintain Discretion: Keep your smuggling activities discreet and avoid drawing unnecessary attention. This will help you avoid suspicion and potential trouble with the authorities.

Benefits of Joining the Freestar Collective Rangers

If you’re interested in joining, the Freestar Collective Rangers may provide additional opportunities or advantages for smuggling contraband in Starfield.

The Freestar Collective Rangers offer specialized training and unique resources that can enhance your skills as a smuggler. With their guidance, you can acquire the knowledge and techniques needed to navigate through the treacherous world of contraband smuggling.

Their specialized training will teach you how to effectively bypass contraband scans, ensuring a higher success rate in your smuggling endeavors.

Additionally, the unique resources available through the Freestar Collective Rangers can give you an edge over other smugglers. Whether it’s access to advanced technology or insider information on potential buyers, the Freestar Collective Rangers can provide you with the tools you need to excel in the world of contraband smuggling.

Joining their ranks will not only give you a sense of belonging but also open doors to new opportunities and advantages in your illicit trade.

Risks and Consequences of Smuggling Contraband

Now that you understand the benefits of joining the Freestar Collective Rangers, it’s important to also consider the risks and consequences of smuggling contraband in Starfield. As an aspiring smuggler, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential effects of getting caught and the legal consequences that follow. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

Bounty on your head: Attempting to smuggle contraband without shielded cargo or a scan jammer will result in a bounty being placed on your head. This means that authorities and bounty hunters will actively pursue you, making it difficult to navigate safely through the galaxy.

Escorted to jail: If you get caught during a contraband scan, you will be apprehended by the authorities and escorted to jail. This not only means the end of your smuggling operation but also the loss of your contraband.

Confiscation of contraband: When you are caught smuggling, the authorities will seize your contraband. This means that all your hard work and investment in obtaining and transporting the illicit goods will be in vain.

Legal consequences: The exact legal consequences of smuggling contraband in Starfield are not specified in the provided content. However, it’s safe to assume that penalties can range from hefty fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense and the jurisdiction of the authorities involved.

It’s essential to weigh these potential risks and consequences against the potential rewards before engaging in smuggling activities in Starfield.

Weighing the Rewards and Risks of Smuggling Activities

To make an informed decision about engaging in smuggling activities, you should carefully evaluate the potential rewards and risks involved.

Exploring alternative smuggling methods and evaluating the profitability of smuggling contraband are crucial steps. By considering different approaches, such as using shielded cargo or a scan jammer to bypass contraband scans, you can increase your chances of success.

Obtaining shielded cargo can be done through completing side missions or purchasing from reliable sources like the Crimson Fleet or the Red Mile.

Additionally, assessing the profitability of smuggling contraband involves identifying potential buyers such as the Trade Authority or the Crimson Fleet. However, it is essential to weigh these potential rewards against the risks, which include bounties, confiscation of contraband, and potential penalties.

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