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FlexPro Meals Review – Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

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FlexPro Meals Review – It’s difficult enough to follow an exercise plan, but food preparation? Nobody has the time. By crossing off the tasks of planning, food shopping, and cooking from your weekly to-do list, FlexPro Meals was developed to free up your calendar. 

You’re given extra time to focus on more essential things, like fully smashing your workout and a menu of 35 delectable, goal-driven meals.

Since its launch, the business has worked with celebrities like Mario Lopez and amassed a social media following of over 250K. 

Do you have the right to choose them? There is just one method to learn. 

Check out this FlexPro Meals review before you start adding items to your online shopping basket. I’ll walk you through the specifics of its plans, costs, and feedback so you are fully aware of what to anticipate.

The FlexPro Meals Overview

FlexPro Meals Review - Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

In a commissary in Kansas City, entrepreneur Nathan Corn developed the idea for FlexPro Meals

He focused on creating a goal-oriented menu stuffed with protein, flavor, and balance in an effort to make healthy eating and meal planning simple. 

His once-small business has grown significantly because it provides options with a healthy serving of convenience and diversity.

This FlexPro Meals review will cover a lot, so let’s get started. The highlights will follow.

Best Features of FlexPro Meals

  • A menu of 35 wholesome dishes
  • There are two different strategies.
  • 7–21 weekly meals
  • Each meal costs less the more orders you place.
  • Subscription options
  • Deliveries to all 50 states

What comes next in this FlexPro Meals review now that you’ve viewed the highlights reel? For the complete scoop on the service’s plans, continue reading. 

Why Should You Believe in Us?

Our goal is to provide you with better, more accurate purchasing advice.

To give you the required knowledge, our staff spends hours conducting research, speaking with medical experts, seeking advice from knowledgeable individuals, examining consumer comments, and examining items.

Review of Flexpro Meals for Weight Loss

FlexPro Meals Review - Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

Flexpro Weight Loss Meals

Here is the meat of my review of FlexPro Meals. They provide a variety of 35 delectable foods to choose from each week, whether you use this service for weight loss, muscle building, or just simple healthy eating. 

Pick your favorites, reheat them, and enjoy—they’re freshly produced and delivered swiftly. 

Rejoice with FlexPro Meals; there is never any cooking to be done. You may also bid grocery shopping farewell because everything is pre-portioned and ready to consume. 

Your meals will be sent each week in a recycled box with gel packs to keep them fresh and frozen (half thawed is also acceptable). 

You may either thaw your meals in the refrigerator, reheat them in the microwave, or freeze them for up to six weeks. 

Two meal box choices are available from FlexPro Meals, a completely flexible service:

Lean Muscle Meal Boxes (each meal has 500–700 calories)

Both plans have similar recipe categories, but the Lean Muscle diet includes bigger serving sizes. 

On the menu, you can pick your preferences from a selection that includes the following items: 

Low-carb, keto-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, Pork-free 

Every week, stick to your favorites or try something new. 

Diablo Surf & Turf, Boom Boom Chicken, and Meat Lover’s Pasta are some of the dishes on the menu.

Review of the Flexpro Meals Meal Prep Box

You enjoy cooking and desire the freedom to put together your own meals. 

Meal Prep Box: very adaptable. You will have control over the types of meals you prepare while having access to additional assistance as needed. This will allow you to fill up on specific types of proteins, nutritious carbs, and vegetables.

For instance, you might only want to serve some wild-caught fish with some amazing fresh vegetables you purchased at the farmer’s market as your meal each night. You can order as many salmon pieces as you want from the Meal Prep Box menu.

Although this menu has fewer options than the main menu of the service, it still offers a superb selection of proteins, such as fajita steak, cage-free egg frittatas, and various fish.

Additionally, choosing your chosen vegetables and carbohydrates gives you freedom and control. 

Do you want something sweet? Grab some yummy favorites from the Power Bakery, like monster cookies and fudge cake bites. 

Cost of Flexpro Meals

FlexPro Meals provides two distinct plans that are divided into different portion sizes. Each meal is less expensive the more you order. What to anticipate from either plan is as follows:

Meal boxes for weight loss:

  • 7 dinners each week at a cost of $10.99
  • 10 dinners each week at a cost of $9.90
  • 15 dinners each week at a cost of $9.53
  • 18 dinners each week at a cost of $9.06
  • 21 dinners each week at $8.50 each

Meal boxes for lean muscle:

  • 7 dinners each week at a cost of $13.49
  • 10 dinners each week at a cost of $12.55
  • 15 dinners each week at a cost of $11.53
  • 18 dinners each week at a cost of $11.06
  • 21 dinners each week at a cost of $10.55

Orders begin at $85 for the Meal Prep Box and $45, respectively, for the Power Bakery, if that’s more your style. 

FlexPro Meals Are For Whom? 

FlexPro Meals provides healthy cooked meals right to your door, making it simpler to follow a diet, get in shape, or lose weight. 

Their food is made with basic ingredients and can be modified to meet various allergy needs. 

But keep in mind that this is a regimen that emphasizes meat and seafood. There won’t be many options for vegetarians and vegans. 

FlexPro Meals Reviews- What Do Users Think?

FlexPro Meals Review - Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

A delivery service will succeed or fail based on customer reviews. Do they serve palatable food? Is it timely delivered? How do they respond to client complaints? 

In this section of my FlexPro Meals review, I’ll answer all of these questions because they are vital to comprehending a company’s value.

Let’s look at some Trustpilot user reviews first. There, the company has 1,846 customer evaluations with a 4.6/5 rating average that are categorized as follows:

  • 77% excellent
  • Great: 7%
  • Standard: 4%
  • Poor: 2%
  • Bad: 10%

I appreciate utilizing Flexpro meals, according to one review on the internet. The food is fantastic, and the service is excellent! 

Even though I had to handle it on my own, KATHERINE went above and beyond to help me and always responded promptly to my requests to change the entrée on my next meal box. She was fantastic.

Excellent customer service was stated in other comments as well as in regards to Katherine. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kat, since your customers genuinely value how quickly you respond to texts and how adept you are at handling problems.

The Better Business Bureau was the next resource I looked to for advice. The BBB rarely displays a favorable rating; instead, complaints are typically made there. However, they got 4.54/5 ratings and 267 comments on FlexPro Meals’ profile. 

The best macro-friendly meal preparation service I’ve discovered! The customer service is prompt and consistently helpful, and the food always ships quickly. 

I’ve received assistance from [Customer Rep] in the past with adjusting my shipment dates to ensure that my meals arrive on schedule. Great company to order from!”

Many people seem to be happy with the meals they receive from FlexPro, but more so, the comments about the top-notch customer service seem to be what keeps them coming back. See if we can find similar attitudes elsewhere.

The company only has one review on SiteJabber. However, it is a five-star review from a customer. The review of FlexPro Meals stated:

“I signed up for the VIP plan, although I was first hesitant to pay so much money. I wasn’t expecting them to be perfect, but I only have positive things to say about them. My meals were delivered right to my house, and they were really delicious.

Since FlexPro Meals has changed their program a little, I’m presuming VIP refers to the 21-meal plan for the week.

They are correct; it isn’t cheap at $178, but it includes every meal you’ll consume that week, prepared, cooked, and delivered directly to your door. 

The comfort of knowing exactly what you’ll eat each day of the coming week and that you’ll like it is priceless. Overall, the comments I discovered while researching this FlexPro Meals review were excellent. 

Are FlexPro Meals Legit & Reputable?

FlexPro Meals Review - Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

This FlexPro Meals review relies heavily on customer feedback, but customer feedback is seldom entirely favorable. If such were the case, it would raise some red flags because mistakes happen despite best efforts. 

While there are just over 100 unfavorable complaints of FlexPro Meals on the Better Business Bureau, 100% of them received a response, earning the company an A- rating. 

It is reasonable to state that FlexPro Meals is absolutely legitimate, and based on their score, it appears that they will also go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Are FlexPro Meals Worth It?

FlexPro Meals Review - Is FlexPro Meals Legit & Worth It?

It’s no secret that our food choices either advance or postpone our aims. You may completely relieve your stress and go closer to your goals by having healthy, freshly prepared meals delivered to you through FlexPro Meals. 

I can respect a company like this since meals are a major source of stress, whether dieting or eating for health. 

Why should I choose FlexPro Meals when there are a million and one meal delivery services available? Because they are designed with health in mind, use basic ingredients, and take into account your macro needs. 

Many of the other top meal kit delivery companies offer kits that need cooking, and I understand that not everyone prefers that. FlexPro Meals does all the work so you can focus on more important things.

FlexPro Meals Specials & Promotions 

You save more money the more meals you order from FlexPro Meals. In fact, you’ll save more than $2 for every dish if you choose 21 meals per week as opposed to 7. 

Where To Purchase FlexPro Foods?

Are you prepared to gorge on their nutritious meals? Visit now.


Who is FlexPro Meals’ owner?

The owner of FlexPro Meals is Nathan Corn. In 2013, he started the company out of a commissary in Kansas City. 

Does FlexPro Meals offer global shipping?

Cooked food is the name of the game here. Thus FlexPro Meals can only transport in certain places. 

They don’t deliver to PO Boxes, but they do deliver to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. What more regarding shipping should you be aware of?

$5 is the price for all neighboring states.

Orders going to Alaska and Hawaii will cost $25 to ship.

They accept Canadian credit cards for payment. 

However, they can only ship to US addresses. 

What is the shipping policy for FlexPro Meals?

Every week, FlexPro Meals ships meals from Monday through Thursday. From Tuesday through Friday, your order will be delivered.

Orders placed Monday through Thursday before 3 pm will be delivered the following week. After that time, it will come the following week if you order it. 

FlexPro Meals will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number once your order has actually shipped. This number can be used to track the location of your order as it travels to you. 

What is the return policy for FlexPro Meals?

FlexPro Meals is made to last, but the company says you can cancel your membership whenever you’d want. When canceling, keep the following in mind:

Although Monday is the deadline to cancel your subscription, billing day is Wednesday. 

Call customer support if you’re ever dissatisfied with your meal box, and they’ll either refund your order, give you credit, or send you a fresh batch of meals.

You must contact the brand within five days after the delivery of your box.

Before issuing you a refund, FlexPro could need photographic proof.

After reading this FlexPro Meals review, do you still have questions? Contact the company by sending an email to or by phoning or texting (816)888-3539. They are open from 9 am to 5 pm CST for customer service. 

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