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Where to Buy the Best Ship in Starfield? The Ultimate Guide

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Where to Buy the Best Ship in Starfield? – In the world of Starfield, players are always on the lookout for the top ships that will enhance their interstellar adventures.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on where to find and how to obtain these sought-after vessels.

From the sleek and agile Razorleaf, obtained as a Mantis Side Quest Reward, to the formidable Shieldbreaker available at New Atlantis Ship Services, each ship offers unique characteristics and can be acquired through various means.

Whether they’re searching for increased cargo capacity, superior hull protection, or powerful weapons, players will find valuable information to assist them in making informed decisions about their gameplay.

Where to Buy the Best Ship in Starfield?

Razorleaf – Mantis Side Quest Reward

The Razorleaf is a powerful class A ship in Starfield. It can be obtained by completing the Mantis side quest and offers powerful armor and weapons free of cost. This ship is highly sought-after among players due to its exceptional capabilities.

The Razorleaf boasts a cargo hold capacity of 420kg, making it suitable for various tasks and missions. It also has higher fuel capacity, hull protection, and more powerful weapons compared to other ships in the game.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the Razorleaf. Its cargo capacity might be limited for those who require larger storage space. Additionally, while the ship is free, players will still need to invest in equipping it with weapons to maximize its combat effectiveness.

Overall, the Razorleaf is a formidable ship with its pros and cons, making it a great choice for players looking for a reliable and powerful vessel in Starfield.

On the other hand, to fully equip the Wanderwell ship in Starfield, players need to obtain it by selecting the Kid Stuff trait. While the Wanderwell is a class A ship received as a gift from the player’s dad, it does require additional investment to fully equip it with weapons.

Despite this, the Wanderwell offers a cargo capacity of 880, making it more suitable for hauling larger loads compared to the Razorleaf. Players will need to carefully consider their playstyle and priorities when choosing between these two ships in Starfield.

Wanderwell – Gifted by Your Dad

Gifted by your dad, the Wanderwell is a class A ship in Starfield that comes with no cost. This ship offers a unique set of advantages and drawbacks compared to other ships in the game. Here is a comparison of the Wanderwell’s cargo capacity with other ships:

Razorleaf: Cargo hold capacity of 420kg.

Shieldbreaker: Crew size of five and cargo capacity of 2,280.

Silent Runner: Massive cargo space of 6,060.

Vanquisher: Decent cargo capacity, fuel, and hull.

In terms of cargo capacity, the Wanderwell stands out with its impressive capacity of 880. However, it does require additional investment to fully equip with weapons. Despite this drawback, the Wanderwell’s generous cargo space makes it suitable for players who prioritize hauling cargo over combat capabilities.

With its free cost and class A status, the Wanderwell provides a great starting point for players seeking to explore the vastness of Starfield’s universe.

Shieldbreaker – Available at New Atlantis Ship Services

Available for purchase at New Atlantis Ship Services, the Shieldbreaker is a Class B ship with a crew size of five and a cargo capacity of 2,280 in Starfield.

This ship offers numerous benefits compared to others in its class. Its powerful weapons and laser, which automatically targets enemy ships, make it a formidable choice for combat situations. Additionally, the Shieldbreaker’s role in main story and faction affiliation missions is significant. Its versatility and capabilities make it a valuable asset in completing these missions successfully.

When examining the cost effectiveness of the Shieldbreaker, it is worth noting that it is competitively priced compared to other ships with similar capabilities. Its suitability for combat situations, combined with its cargo capacity and crew size, make it an excellent choice for players seeking both firepower and functionality in Starfield.

Silent Runner – Sold at HopeTech HQ

Sold at HopeTech HQ, the Silent Runner in Starfield is a Class C ship designed for hauling cargo with a massive cargo space of 6,060. This ship has its pros and cons that players should be aware of before making a purchase.

Pros of the Silent Runner ship:

1. Spacious Cargo Capacity: With its massive cargo space, the Silent Runner allows players to transport a significant amount of goods, making it ideal for trading missions and hauling valuable resources.

2. High Hull and Fuel Capacity: The Silent Runner boasts a sturdy hull and fuel capacity, providing durability and endurance during long journeys.

3. Grav Jump Range: With a grav jump range of 29LY, the Silent Runner allows for efficient and swift travel between star systems.

4. Versatile Design: While primarily designed for cargo hauling, the Silent Runner can be equipped with weapons to defend against enemy attacks, making it a flexible choice for players who want to engage in combat situations.

Cons of the Silent Runner ship:

1. Limited Maneuverability: Due to its larger size and cargo capacity, the Silent Runner may be less agile compared to smaller ships, making it more challenging to navigate in tight spaces or evade enemy fire.

2. Lack of Specialized Combat Features: While the Silent Runner can be used in combat, it lacks the specialized combat features and weapon systems found in dedicated combat ships. Players should consider this when planning to engage in intense battles.

To effectively use the Silent Runner ship in combat:

1. Upgrade Weapons and Shields: Invest in powerful weapons and shields to enhance the ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities during combat encounters.

2. Utilize the Cargo Space: The Silent Runner’s cargo space can be utilized for carrying additional ammunition, repair materials, or even deploying auxiliary drones to support combat situations.

3. Coordinate with Wingmen: Team up with other ships or wingmen to create a coordinated attack strategy, using the Silent Runner’s cargo space to provide support and resources to the team.

4. Focus on Hit-and-Run Tactics: Due to its limited maneuverability, the Silent Runner is best suited for hit-and-run tactics. Engage enemies, deal damage, and quickly retreat to minimize exposure to enemy fire.

Vanquisher – Found at Stroud-Eklund Showroom in Neon

The Vanquisher, located at the Stroud-Eklund Showroom in Neon, offers players a versatile Class C ship with decent cargo capacity, fuel, hull, and a notable arsenal of powerful missiles and shields.

When comparing the Vanquisher to the Razorleaf, there are pros and cons to consider.

The Razorleaf, obtained by completing the Mantis side quest, is a free ship that boasts powerful armor and is considered one of the best Class A ships in the game. It has a cargo hold capacity of 420kg and higher fuel capacity, hull protection, and more powerful weapons than other ships.

However, the Vanquisher excels in combat situations with its powerful missiles and shields. To maximize its combat capabilities, the best loadout for the Vanquisher would include additional missile launchers and shield boosters.

Abyss Trekker – Purchase at Paradiso Ship Services Technician

Players can acquire the Abyss Trekker ship by purchasing it from the Paradiso Ship Services Technician. The Abyss Trekker is a Class C ship that is ideal for engaging in dogfights and combat situations. It may have a low cargo capacity, but it compensates with its formidable combat capabilities.

Advantages of the Abyss Trekker’s combat capabilities include:

Missiles and ballistics: The ship is equipped with powerful missiles and ballistics, allowing players to deal significant damage to enemy ships.

Strong shield and hull: The Abyss Trekker boasts a robust shield and hull, enabling it to withstand enemy attacks and prolong its combat effectiveness.

High fuel capacity: The ship has a high fuel capacity, allowing players to engage in longer combat missions without worrying about refueling.

Role in faction affiliation missions: The Abyss Trekker plays a crucial role in faction affiliation missions, where its combat prowess can aid players in completing objectives and defending their faction’s interests.

With its combat capabilities and role in faction affiliation missions, the Abyss Trekker is a valuable asset for players seeking to excel in combat and align themselves with factions in the game.

Narwhal – Available at Taiyo Astroneering in Neon

Pilots can acquire the Narwhal ship by purchasing it from Taiyo Astroneering in Neon.

This class C ship, with its hefty price tag of 432,620 credits, offers several advantages compared to other ships in its class.

Firstly, the Narwhal boasts a high cargo capacity, allowing pilots to transport larger quantities of goods and resources. Additionally, it excels in fuel capacity, hull strength, and jump range, making it suitable for various tasks and combat situations.

To maximize the cargo capacity of the Narwhal ship, pilots can employ a few tips. Utilizing specialized cargo containers and optimizing the ship’s layout can create additional space. Additionally, organizing cargo by weight and bulkiness ensures efficient use of available capacity. Finally, regularly upgrading the ship’s engines and power systems can enhance its overall performance and cargo capabilities.

With its well-rounded capabilities and ample cargo space, the Narwhal ship is a valuable asset for any pilot seeking both versatility and capacity.

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