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Micas Clothing Review- Is Micas Clothing Legit or a Scam?

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Micas Clothing Review– Are you considering shopping at MICAS but need to check if they’re a reliable online clothing store? You’ll be in for a treat when we dive into the issue of whether MICAS is legitimate? 

In this comprehensive review, we leave no scratch unturned when we examine my entire shopping experience through the brand – from placing an order until returning. 

In addition, we examine the quality of the clothing in our effort to provide our readers with the most thorough MICAS reviews available online. Follow us for a thorough review of everything MICAS offers!

Every girl wants to keep her closet stocked with different fashions and collections. Dopamine-based shopping brings feels more satisfying than any other drug. 

But, really, shopping is enjoyable, and who wants to avoid trying out different brands, particularly when their products are absolutely beautiful? Micas Clothing is one of them.

If you’re also a fashion lover, you’ve surely been aware of Micas Clothing or Shop Micas and at least once thought about whether Micas is legitimate?

We have conducted thorough research on the company to learn about its policies, merchandise, and its position in the marketplace to determine whether Micas Clothing is authentic.

If you’re contemplating ordering new clothing from Micas Clothing, wait until you go through this Micas Clothing review and then decide.

Let’s start.

About Micas Clothing – Company Overview

Micas Clothing Review- Is Micas Clothing Legit or a Scam?

As mentioned, Micas Clothing is an online fashion brand specializing in women’s fashionable clothes. They make women’s clothing of all kinds.

Although the company’s website provides little information, we did some digging to provide you with the most accurate Micas Clothing review and found that it’s fairly recent.

To be exact, Micas Clothing is not older than a year and a half or less, as that’s how long the website has been operating.

Micas Clothing’s website claims that its products are only made in advance and that everything is custom-made to the customer’s order. They only produce what their clients request, even if it involves making just one outfit.

While this claim seems highly exaggerated, if real, it’s truly admirable. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with this issue and proceed to examine various aspects of the brand’s image to come to a conclusion.

Products Offered by Micas Clothing

You can find all the clothing items you’ll require for your closet at Shopmicas. They have a vast selection of clothing, from tops to bottoms, dresses to outerwear, you name it.

They also sell swimwear Corsets, bodysuits and corsets, jumpsuits, camisoles, denim and leather products. If you’re looking to check the collections of their partners, five focus on different themes and events.

One thing worth mentioning in this article is that the company offers casual and formal attire. There are plenty of choices if you’re looking for something for special occasions.

Apart from clothes, Shop Micas also sells various accessories, including caps belts and sunglasses, jewellery gloves, hair claws, gloves, hairbands, scarves, headbands and more.

Micas Clothing ship to?

Micas Clothing doesn’t ship globally. However, it covers nearly all major countries, including America, Australia, and Europe.

For certain nations, the company has express shipping. This super express shipping, however, is only available to the United States and Canada.

One thing to note is that the company only delivers to some areas of the USA. Suppose you’re a resident of American Samoa, Palau, Virgin Islands, Guam, Alaska, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, or Northern Mariana Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. In that case, you won’t be able to order Micas Clothing. Micas Clothing.

The company charges a standard $6.99 shipping fee of $6.99. The shipping charge is not charged for purchases over $69; the delivery time is approximately 10 business days.

Does Micas Clothing have a return policy?

Micas offers a 14-day return policy beginning when the order is received. We didn’t discover it to be particularly flexible or friendly to customers.

Certain things are understandable, i.e., the returned items shouldn’t be used or washed and must be returned in the original packaging.

However, the company doesn’t accept returns on items sold or purchased using credit at the store.

In addition, even if your return is accepted, the brand will keep the money. They will give you store credit to purchase other items from them even if you do not want them.

After you’ve completed your application and been accepted, It takes about 10 business days for you to receive your credit from the store. And remember, the credit won’t cover the shipping cost.

Social Media Presence of Micas Clothing

Despite being brand new, Micas Clothing has a significant presence on social media, particularly on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The brand is particularly well-known on Instagram, with over half a million followers. But the level of engagement from the users’ perspective could be better. However, the brand is quite popular for its age.

Micas Clothing Reviews Online

Micas Clothing generally has mixed reviews on the internet. Some are completely negative, and others are extremely positive.

However, the favourable Micas Clothing reviews outnumber the negative ones. On average, this brand is rated moderately or has favourable reviews.

Let’s discuss the positive reviews first. The customers who have rated 5-star ratings mostly rave about excellent customer service and product quality, speedy shipping, comfortable materials, proper sizing, unique designs, and, perhaps most of all, affordable.

However, on the other side, customers with negative Micas Clothing reviews have complained that they didn’t receive their orders in time or received incorrect items.

The company has also been criticized for low-quality items, inconsistent sizes and the lack of customer service.

However, we’ve noticed that the company has responded to virtually every negative review by promising to rectify the situation.

We also looked for Micas Clothing reviews on Quora and other platforms and forums. We came across mixed reviews everywhere, with positive reviews having a slight advantage.

MICAS Clothing Reviews

Button Front Corduroy Mini Skirt

Description: This MICAS skirt is made with a blend of 35 per cent polyester and 65% cotton with a regular fitting with no stretch. It’s brown in hue and is not thin. It is ideal for casual events.

  • Colour: Brown
  • Size:L
  • Cost: $30.00
  • Expectations: I was expecting something else. The pockets are smaller in person, and the material is incredibly lightweight and inexpensive.
  • Quality: The quality could be better.
  • Fit: It is the right size but needs to match my body shape better.
  • Value: This skirt is overpriced. I would be willing to pay $15 at most.


  • None


  • The material is extremely thin.
  • The seam on the back in the middle is sewn in a manner that appears to be wrinkled (not straight and smooth).
  • There are better choices for curvy women.
  • The price needs to be lowered for the low quality this is.

Checked Tweed Shirt Jacket

Description: This MICAS shirt jacket is a casual piece of 100% polyester. It is loose-fitting, isn’t stretchy, and needs to be gauzy. The colour of this jacket is multicoloured but mostly red.

  • Colour: Red
  • Size: M
  • Cost: $40.00
  • Expectations: I expected something else. The jacket is full of yarn that is sewn in. It can be easily removed and can fray in the wash.
  • Quality: The quality is pretty good.
  • Fit: It fits a bit too large.
  • Value: This jacket is overpriced. I would spend $30 at the maximum.


  • It is made very well. It has a nice weight to it, and the feel of the jacket is soft and robust.
  • The colour is stunning.


  • Although it feels well-constructed, it is made of natural yarn weaved into it. It’s craft yarn which I need to be convinced is washable.
  • If you don’t have long sleeves, the fabric feels somewhat scaly.
  • The pockets on the sides are an excellent depth, but they’re far from the back. That means when I attempt to put my hands into the pockets, they feel somewhat awkward, and the jacket moves unflatteringly if I fully relax them.
  • I accidentally pulled on a yarn string and was unable to return it. This is a delicate situation.

Is Micas Legit?

Before deciding whether Micas is genuine or not, a few factors must be considered. First, the brand is familiar. However, it has an excellent, user-friendly, well-designed website and an authentic SSL certificate.

The brand is available across all major platforms and offers numerous reliable payment options.

Most customer reviews indicate that the company is legitimate because customers have purchased and are happy with their items.

There are some concerns regarding it too. For instance, according to the Facebook page, the company appears to be U.S.-based. However, the site mentions an address in Hong Kong.

This means that it has to be a dropshipping site, buying stocks from Asia and delivering it worldwide and, consequently, the inconsistent quality.

Despite these issues and flaws, Micas Clothing is legit and has received orders from Micas Clothing and received their goods.

However, we cannot say that the product is reliable because of the inconsistent sizing and quality and the lack of customer service.

So whether or not you want to give it a go, ShopMicas is completely up to you.

We hope that this Micas Clothing Review was helpful to you. If you have any feedback or suggestions, do share them in the comment section below.


What’s MICAS’s seller’s name, and do they operate other online stores?

The name of the seller on my bank statement reads “MICAS”.

What is MICAS’s parent name?

Unknown. They might not have one.

What products does MICAS offer, and do they carry additional sizes?

They sell dresses for women, tops, bottoms, tops and accessories. They don’t sell sizes that are larger at the moment.

Where is MICAS located, and what is their address of business?

Per their Contact page, they’re located on the island of Hong Kong. Their address for the business is RM 2609 address, CHINA Resources BLDG 26 Harbour Rd, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 999077.

Where is MICA’s apparel produced? And where do their clothes ship from?

The clothes I received were made in China. My order was shipped from a Franklin Park, Illinois (United United States) office.

In the typical supply chain for e-commerce, factories make the items and then ship them to distribution centres, sending their products to the buyer. This is why the dress, for instance, could be produced in China, but it was shipped to you by an American distribution centre. United States.

What is the period MICAS has been operating?

According to the ICANN Lookup tool, the website was launched in 2021.

Is MICAS a sustainable brand?

Per their About page, their commitment to quality and a keen eye for particulars is further reinforced by their commitment to a small-batch manufacturing model and the health and well-being of their employees. This helps them design clothes that last many years and set the fashion standard.

Because of their lack of transparency about their sustainability claims, They are likely greenwashing. They are, therefore, a fast fashion business.

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