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What Happens if You Kill Delgado Starfield?

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In the highly acclaimed game Starfield, players are faced with a pivotal decision in ‘Delgado vs. Mathis: The Ultimate Starfield Dilemma.’

As an undercover agent for UC Vanguard, the player encounters two characters, Delgado and Mathis, who are embroiled in the mission ‘Echoes of the Past.’

Mathis proposes a plan to kill Delgado in order to gain favor with Naeva Mora, raising doubts about Mathis’ trustworthiness.

The player’s choice to agree or disagree with Mathis’ plan has far-reaching consequences, impacting their relationship with Mathis and the future of the Crimson Fleet.

This article explores the challenging decision at hand and its potential repercussions in the game.

The Background of Delgado and Mathis

Delgado and Mathis have contrasting backgrounds, with Delgado as the experienced leader of the Crimson Fleet and Mathis as a rookie in the organization.

Delgado’s leadership qualities are well-respected within the Crimson Fleet. He is known for his strategic thinking, strong decision-making, and ability to inspire loyalty among his crew members. Delgado’s experience in navigating the complexities of interstellar conflicts has earned him the trust and admiration of his peers.

On the other hand, Mathis, being a rookie, lacks the same level of experience and authority. His motivations for betraying Delgado are driven by a desire for personal gain and recognition.

He believes that by eliminating Delgado, he can gain favor with Naeva Mora, a powerful figure within the organization. Mathis sees this as an opportunity to rise through the ranks and establish himself as a prominent player in the Crimson Fleet.

However, this betrayal ultimately tests the player’s loyalty and prompts them to question Mathis’ true intentions.

The Player’s Role as an Undercover Agent

The player, as an undercover agent for UC Vanguard, must navigate the delicate balance of trust and deception while infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Trust issues arise when the player encounters Mathis, a rookie in the Crimson Fleet, who proposes killing Delgado, the fleet’s leader, to gain favor with Naeva Mora.

The player’s loyalty is tested as they choose not to agree with Mathis’ plan, which impacts their relationship.

The player has the option to lie about Mathis’ performance to Delgado, further complicating the situation. The consequences of the player’s choice are significant, as Delgado kicks Mathis out of the Crimson Fleet and Mathis seeks revenge against the player, leading to a space battle.

The player’s decision also affects the power structure of the faction, potentially changing the leadership dynamic within the Crimson Fleet. Balancing loyalty and objectives is a crucial aspect of the player’s undercover mission.

Consequences of the Player’s Choice

The player’s decision to reject Mathis’ plan to kill the Crimson Fleet leader has severe consequences. It leads to Mathis seeking revenge and attempting to kill the player in a space battle. This choice carries moral implications. The player must decide between loyalty to Mathis and upholding their undercover mission.

By refusing to go along with Mathis’ plan, the player betrays his trust and jeopardizes their relationship. The fallout from this decision is significant. Mathis is expelled from the Crimson Fleet by Delgado as a result. This sets the stage for Mathis’ desire for revenge, culminating in a dangerous space battle against the player.

The long-term consequences of this choice extend beyond the immediate conflict. It impacts the power dynamics within the Crimson Fleet and potentially alters the faction’s future trajectory.

Impact on the Crimson Fleet

Naeva Mora assumes a leadership role within the Crimson Fleet if the player chooses to kill Delgado. This decision sets off a power struggle within the faction, as the aftermath of Delgado’s death leaves the Crimson Fleet in a state of uncertainty.

The loyalty of the faction members is tested, as they must choose whether to follow Naeva Mora or seek an alternative leader. The future leadership of the Crimson Fleet hangs in the balance, with the player’s choice having a profound impact on the faction’s direction.

The power struggle within the Crimson Fleet is not only about who takes control, but also about the values and goals that will guide the faction going forward. The players must navigate this complex landscape and make choices that will shape the destiny of the Crimson Fleet.

Overall Gameplay and Availability

Players can find Starfield available for purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store, offering a wide variety of faction missions and memorable characters to engage with.

The game provides an immersive experience where players can explore different faction missions, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. From infiltrating secret organizations to navigating political intrigues, players have the opportunity to make impactful choices that shape the outcome of the main adventure.

Along the way, they will encounter memorable characters who add depth and complexity to the storyline. These characters are expertly crafted, with distinct personalities and motivations that make them feel like real individuals.

Whether players choose to align themselves with certain factions or forge their own path, Starfield offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that will leave a lasting impression.

The Challenging Decision: Kill Delgado or Not

After discussing the overall gameplay and availability of Starfield, it is now important to delve into one of the most challenging decisions players face in the game: whether to kill Delgado or not. This choice presents an ethical dilemma that requires careful consideration of the consequences and impact it could have on the Crimson Fleet, as well as the player’s trust in Mathis.

Killing Delgado would undoubtedly change the leadership dynamic within the Crimson Fleet, as Naeva Mora would assume a leadership role in his absence.

The death of Delgado could also have far-reaching effects on the power structure of the faction. However, maintaining trust with Mathis is equally crucial, as it determines the player’s relationship with this character.

Balancing these factors requires players to weigh the potential consequences for the Crimson Fleet against their commitment to maintaining trust with Mathis. This decision not only influences the future of the faction but also holds long-term consequences for the player’s journey in Starfield.

The Ultimate Starfield Dilemma: Delgado Vs. Mathis

Balancing the potential consequences for the Crimson Fleet and the player’s relationship with Mathis requires careful consideration of the difficult decision at hand.

Exploring character motivations is crucial in understanding the aftermath of the player’s decision. Mathis, a rookie in the Crimson Fleet, proposes killing Delgado, the fleet’s leader, to gain favor with Naeva Mora. As an undercover agent for UC Vanguard, the player’s trust in Mathis is questioned.

However, choosing not to agree with Mathis’ plan has consequences. Delgado kicks Mathis out of the Crimson Fleet, leading to Mathis seeking revenge against the player. This rivalry between the player and Mathis intensifies, with Mathis attempting to kill the player in a space battle.

The player’s betrayal of Mathis also impacts the power structure of the Crimson Fleet, potentially changing the leadership dynamic and influencing the faction’s future.

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