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Ogee Makeup Reviews – Everything You Need to Know!

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Are you looking for the best ogee makeup reviews? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide all the information you need about ogee makeup reviews. We will go through the different types of makeup available from Ogee, the benefits of using Ogee makeup, and the top products in the range. 

We will also provide our own personal review on the products we have tested, so you can decide when to choose the perfect makeup for your needs. So, let’s get started and dive into the world of ogee makeup reviews!

What is Ogee?

Ogee is a natural beauty brand that offers luxurious and certified organic makeup and skincare products. Their products are made with organic ingredients like jojoba oil, which is known to have excellent moisturizing and skin-soothing properties. Additionally, their products are gluten-, vegan, and GMO-free, making them ideal for those looking for healthier alternatives to traditional makeup products.

Since its launch, the company has gained traction in the industry and has been featured in various publications, including Nylon, Allure, and Bustle. They also have a strong presence on Instagram, with over 60.3k followers. 

Ogee has a range of makeup products available, from foundations and concealers to lipsticks and mascara. They also offer various skincare products, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and serums. 

Overview of Ogee 

Ogee is Burlington, Vermont’s natural, organic skincare and makeup brand. Launched in 2016 by Mark Rice and Abbott Stark, Ogee’s mission is to provide genuine, organic beauty products free of synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and other potentially harmful chemicals. 

The main ingredient in Ogee’s skincare line is jojoba oil, known for its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. All of Ogee’s products are certified NSF Organic.

Highlights of Ogee 

Ogee is an award-winning skincare and makeup brand with a wide selection of certified organic products. All Ogee products are vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability and uses 100% paperboard packaging for its products. 

The Ogee line is suitable for all skin types, from regular to sensitive, and includes products for the face, eyes, lips, and body. Whether looking for foundation, mascara, or a face mask, Ogee has something for everyone. Financing options are also available, so you can enjoy your favorite products even on a budget. 

In the US, you can get free shipping on orders over $50. International shipping is also available. Plus, Ogee has a generous return policy if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. 

Ogee Makeup Review

Ogee Makeup Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil Review

The Ogee Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil is an excellent option for those looking for something light and nourishing. It’s available in neutral, pink, and red tones and contains cold-pressed jojoba oil, kinds of butter, peppermint essential oil, and hyaluronic acid to help condition and hydrate the lips. 

The lip oil can be used for a subtle look with just one layer or built up for a vibrant pop of color. The 3g tube costs around $28, which is an excellent value for a quality product.

Ogee Sculpted Face Stick Review

Ogee has developed a great multi-use product for your face in the form of their Sculpted Face Stick. Depending on your chosen color, this versatile stick can be used as a blush, lip stain, bronzer, or contour. 

It contains fatty acids and oils like green coffee oil to stimulate collagen and promote hydration, while tapioca powder helps eliminate unwanted shine. It retails for $52 and is definitely worth a try.

Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil Clear Review 

Ogee’s Sculpted Lip Oil Clear is a must-have for those who don’t want to wear makeup but still want to look their best. Combining jojoba oil and peppermint oil gives lips the perfect amount of moisture and nourishment, creating the perfect canvas for lipstick application. 

Additionally, the oil adds a nice shine to natural lips and can even be used as an overnight treatment. For only $24, you can have a 3g tube of this product delivered right to your doorstep.

Ogee Crystal Contour Collection Review

Ogee’s Crystal Contour Collection is a great way to achieve a beautiful and subtle glow while nourishing the skin. The bundle includes three Sculpted Face Sticks in Copper, Rose Quartz, and Opal, allowing you to easily create a snatched contour with the Copper, a subtle flush with the Rose Quartz, and some shimmery highlights with the Opal. The Crystal Contour Collection retails for $126, making it an excellent investment to add extra oomph to your look.

Ogee Ultimate Color Collection Review

The Ogee Ultimate Color Collection is the perfect holiday gift for any beauty lover! The bundle contains Ogee’s Sculpted Face Sticks and Lip Oils to help you achieve a natural, effortless makeup look. 

The set comes with Sculpted Face Sticks in Carnelian, Copper, and Opal – perfect for blushes, contours, and highlights – and Lip Oils in Begonia, Nolana, and Rosalia for an ombre look. The Lip Oils are buildable and can create an intense look for bold beauty junkies. Get the Ultimate Color Collection while it lasts for $206.

Ogee Dew Kit Review 

Ogee has some of the best natural makeup products, and the Dew Kit is no exception. This collection of products includes the Luminous Face Mist, Jojoba Glow Face Oil, Amber Face Stick, and Rosalia Lip Stain. 

This collection is perfect for any skin type, as it’s made with natural and organic ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and more. It helps to nourish, hydrate and enhance your skin’s natural glow. 

The products in the kit are easy to use and blend seamlessly together. They also have buildable coverage, so you can adjust them depending on your desired look. The colors are flattering and won’t leave your skin looking cakey or unnatural. 

Ogee CBD Sculpted Lip Oil Review 

Ogee’s CBD Sculpted Lip Oil perfectly combines moisturizing properties and signature radiance for your lips. This product is infused with hemp cannabidiol and features organic hemp grown in Vermont. It contains jojoba oil and different kinds of butter, which help to nourish your lips while providing a gentle, natural shine. 

Each CBD Sculpted Lip Oil tube includes 50mg of CBD, but don’t worry – you won’t experience any psychoactive effects from this hemp-derived CBD. You’ll have to be 21 or older to access this part of Ogee’s website, but it’s worth the effort! Retailing at $34, the Ogee CBD Sculpted Lip Oil will give you the hydrated and glossy lips you’ve been dreaming of.

Who Is Ogee For? 

Ogee is for anyone looking for a clean and healthy way to care for their skin. From makeup to skincare, Ogee has a wide range of options made with natural and organic ingredients. If you’re looking to try vegan beauty products, Ogee also has some great options. Their makeup and skincare items have many skin-loving benefits that will leave you looking radiant and glowing. 

Plus, their products are free of harsh chemicals and toxins, so you can be sure your skin is getting the best care possible. So whether you’re looking to start a natural beauty routine or need a few items to add to your existing regimen, Ogee has something for everyone.

Ogee Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Ogee has garnered a lot of positive reviews from customers across the board. On Influenster, the product has a 4.9/5 star rating from 7 reviews, with customers raving about its magnetic closure top and simple and clean packaging. The bronzer is also highly praised, with customers noting that it goes on sheer, blends nicely, and can even be used on eyelids. 

On Amazon, Ogee has a 4.3/5 star rating from 229 reviews. One reviewer says, “I love the magnetic closure of the top. Very efficient. The packaging looks simple and clean, which I also like. The bronzer goes on sheer and blends in nicely. It can also go on eyelids! Very nice.”  

The reviews don’t stop there! Other Ogee products that have gained favorable reviews include their Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil, which has a 4.3/5 star rating from 2,760 reviews, and their Sculpted Face Stick and Crystal Contour Collection, which have 5/5 stars from 832 reviews. 

The Ultimate Color Collection and Makeup Dew Kit are also highly rated, with 5/5 stars from 3 studies and 392 reviews. Clearly, Ogee products have earned the respect of their customers, and you can feel confident buying from them.

Is Ogee Worth It?

The answer is yes! Ogee offers high-quality, organic beauty products perfect for a subtle, natural look. Their products are all-natural and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about using them. Plus, their prices are very reasonable. If you prefer light makeup days or want to enhance your natural features without going all out with a glam look, Ogee is worth checking out.

What are the pros and cons of Ogee?

• High-quality ingredients and materials used for products. Ogee uses natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas designed to be gentle on the skin. 

• Products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and silicone-free. 

• Ogee’s collection enhances a person’s natural beauty and creates a healthy, glowing complexion. 

• Many of Ogee’s products are multi-use and can be used on the face and lips. 

• Ogee offers various shades and colors, so there’s something for everyone. 

• Ogee products can be expensive, especially when compared to other brands. 

• Some of Ogee’s products contain fragrances, which can irritate sensitive skin. 

• Ogee’s products may not work for everyone, depending on your individual skin type. 

• Not all of Ogee’s products are suitable for all skin types.

Where can I buy Ogee?

If you want to buy Ogee makeup, you can purchase their products directly from their website at They offer a wide range of products, from their signature tinted lip oils to their Ultimate Color Collection. 

You can also purchase Ogee makeup from Amazon, where you can find many of the brand’s products. This is an excellent option for those who want to save on shipping costs and have the convenience of having their products delivered straight to their door. 

Whether you buy directly from the website or from Amazon, you can be sure you’re getting quality products that will give you a perfect look you want. With Ogee’s commitment to using natural ingredients and providing safe, non-toxic makeup, you can trust that your skin will be in good hands with Ogee.

How do I use Ogee?

Ogee offers various products, each with its own recommended application methods. To get the most out of your Ogee makeup and skincare products, follow these steps:

1. Start by cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser and warm water. This will help remove dirt, oil, or makeup clogging your pores. 

2. Follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. 

3. Apply Ogee’s Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil or Sculpted Face Stick to create a glowing base for your makeup look.

4. Use Ogee’s Crystal Contour Collection to highlight and contour your face for a sculpted look.

5. Apply the Ultimate Color Collection to complete your makeup look.

6. Finish with Ogee’s Dew Kit, CBD Sculpted Lip Oil, or other desired products. 

These simple steps will help you get the most out of your Ogee makeup and skincare products. Remember to always use sunscreen, no matter what season it is!


Ogee has recently gained much attention for its high-quality makeup and skincare products. From luxurious lip oils to colorful eyeshadows, Ogee offers an impressive selection of cosmetics to suit all skin types and beauty goals. 

With glowing customer reviews, Ogee is worth trying out if you want something special in your makeup routine. The brand has a great range of products suitable for different skin tones and types, so there’s sure to be something that works for you. From sculpting face sticks to clear lip oils, Ogee offers an exciting selection of cosmetics that will give you a flawless finish. 

Overall, Ogee is an excellent brand offering affordable quality products. Their products are designed to make you look and feel your best, and they deliver on that promise. With products like the Sculpted Lip Oil, Dew Kit, and Crystal Contour Collection, Ogee is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their beauty routine with high-end cosmetics.

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