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Sattva Infotech Reviews: Complaints by Users

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Sattva Infotech, a leading software development and IT services company, has garnered a reputation for excellence in the industry since its establishment in 2007.

With a team of over 200 skilled professionals, the company caters to clients worldwide, offering a wide range of services including custom software development, mobile app development, and digital transformation.

Known for their commitment to delivering high-quality software on time and within budget, Sattva Infotech has gained positive reviews from satisfied clients.

In this article, we analyze user complaints and concerns to provide an objective overview of their services.

User Complaints About Sattva Infotech's Customer Service

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Sattva Infotech's customer service due to slow response times and lack of effective communication.

Many users have reported experiencing delays in receiving technical support, resulting in frustration and hindrance to their overall user satisfaction. The slow response times have led to extended downtimes for their systems, impacting their business operations.

Additionally, users have highlighted the lack of effective communication from the customer service team, leading to misunderstandings and delays in issue resolution. These issues have caused users to question the level of support provided by Sattva Infotech and have resulted in a decline in their overall satisfaction with the company's customer service.

Addressing these concerns and improving response times and communication channels would greatly enhance user satisfaction and strengthen the relationship between Sattva Infotech and its clients.

Issues With Sattva Infotech's Software Quality

Several issues have been identified with Sattva Infotech's software quality. Users have reported encountering software bugs and performance issues while using their applications. These problems have caused inconvenience and frustration for clients, as they disrupt the smooth functioning of their systems.

Software bugs refer to errors or flaws in the code that can lead to unexpected behavior or crashes. Performance issues, on the other hand, refer to slow response times, lagging, or delays in the software's performance. These issues can have a negative impact on productivity and user experience.

It is crucial for Sattva Infotech to address these software quality concerns promptly and effectively to maintain customer satisfaction and uphold their reputation in the industry.

Delays and Missed Deadlines Experienced by Users

Despite the company's overall commitment to on-time delivery, there have been instances where clients of Sattva Infotech experienced delays and missed deadlines. This can be attributed to various factors related to project management and client expectations.

  • Inadequate planning: Some clients have reported delays due to inadequate project planning, where the scope and requirements were not properly defined at the beginning, leading to changes and adjustments during the development process.
  • Resource allocation: Clients have mentioned instances where Sattva Infotech faced challenges in allocating the appropriate resources to their projects, resulting in delays.
  • Communication gaps: Miscommunication between the clients and the development team has also been identified as a contributing factor to missed deadlines.
  • Technical complexities: Certain projects involving complex technologies or integrations have required more time than initially estimated, leading to delays.
  • External dependencies: Delays in receiving inputs or approvals from clients or third-party vendors have caused project timelines to be extended.

It is important for Sattva Infotech to address these issues and improve their project management processes to ensure better adherence to deadlines and client expectations.

Pricing and Cost Concerns Raised by Sattva Infotech Users

However, some customers have expressed their concerns regarding the pricing and costs associated with Sattva Infotech's services. While the majority of clients have praised the company for its high quality software and affordability, a small number of users have raised issues related to pricing and cost transparency.

These concerns primarily revolve around unexpected additional charges and a lack of clarity in the pricing models for custom solutions. It is important to note that Sattva Infotech does provide estimated pricing ranges for common project types, but some customers have found these estimates to be inaccurate.

To address these concerns, Sattva Infotech could further enhance its pricing transparency by providing more detailed breakdowns of costs and ensuring that the estimates align closely with the final charges. This would contribute to improved customer satisfaction and reinforce the company's commitment to effective project management.

User Frustrations With Sattva Infotech's Communication and Transparency

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of communication and transparency provided by Sattva Infotech. User feedback has highlighted the following frustrations:

  • Lack of timely updates: Some clients have reported delays in receiving updates on project progress or changes in timelines, leading to uncertainty and frustration.
  • Inadequate response to inquiries: Users have mentioned difficulties in getting prompt and satisfactory responses to their queries or concerns, which has affected their trust in the company.
  • Insufficient information sharing: Clients have expressed concerns about not receiving enough information about the development process, making it challenging for them to understand and track the progress of their projects.
  • Limited transparency in pricing: Some users have mentioned a lack of clarity in pricing structures, leading to confusion and uncertainty about the final costs of their projects.
  • Perceived lack of accountability: A few customers have raised trustworthiness concerns, feeling that Sattva Infotech did not take responsibility for issues that arose during the project execution.

It is important for Sattva Infotech to address these communication and transparency issues to enhance customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with their clients.


In conclusion, while Sattva Infotech has garnered positive reviews for its commitment to delivering high-quality software and prompt responsiveness, there are also user complaints regarding:

  • Customer service: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of customer service provided by the company. They feel that their concerns are not adequately addressed or resolved in a timely manner.
  • Software quality: There have been instances where users have experienced issues with the software developed by Sattva Infotech. They have reported bugs, glitches, and functionality problems that have hindered their user experience.
  • Delays: Users have also expressed frustration with delays in the delivery of software projects. They feel that the company does not always meet the agreed-upon deadlines, causing disruptions to their own business operations.
  • Pricing: Some users have raised concerns about the pricing of Sattva Infotech's services. They believe that the company's rates are too high compared to the value they receive from the software.
  • Communication: Lastly, there have been complaints about communication issues between Sattva Infotech and its clients. Users have reported difficulties in getting timely updates on the progress of their projects and a lack of transparency in the communication process.

It is important for the company to address these concerns in order to maintain its reputation for excellence in the industry.