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Why Are Some Ships Inaccessible Starfield?

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Why Are Some Ships Inaccessible Starfield – In the realm of gaming, there exist rare and coveted treasures that elude even the most skilled players. One such enigma is the Watchdog ship, a subject of fascination for many gamers.

This article delves into the inaccessibility of the Watchdog, shedding light on the reasons behind its unattainability and the disappointment it has brought to players.

Through an objective and analytical lens, readers will gain insights into this elusive ship and the alternative paths to obtain it.

Why Are Some Ships Inaccessible Starfield?

The Watchdog remains off-limits to players throughout the game, serving solely as a prop for the story and unable to be entered. This inaccessibility is intentional and serves several reasons.

Firstly, the developers did not want to provide players with a free ship early in the game, as it would undermine the progression system and the sense of achievement.

Secondly, the Watchdog’s inaccessibility adds an air of mystery and intrigue to the storyline, making players curious about its significance.

However, the impact of the Watchdog’s inaccessibility on gameplay is minimal. Players are still able to progress through the missions and acquire other ships that are available for purchase.

While it may leave some players yearning to board the Watchdog, its unattainability does not hinder the overall gameplay experience.

Permanently Inaccessible Watchdog

Despite players’ best efforts, accessing the Watchdog remains an unattainable goal throughout the game, regardless of their piloting skills. This inaccessibility holds significant implications for players and highlights the developers’ intentional decision to make the Watchdog a prop ship.

The significance of the Watchdog’s inaccessibility in the game:

  • Frustration: Players may feel frustrated and yearn to board the Watchdog, as it is prominently featured in the Deputized mission but cannot be entered.
  • Narrative Focus: The developers use the Watchdog as a storytelling element, emphasizing the mission’s plot rather than providing a free ship early on.
  • Gameplay Balance: By making the Watchdog inaccessible, the developers ensure that players progress through the game using their own resources and don’t have an overpowered ship from the start.

The implications of the developers’ decision to make the Watchdog a prop ship:

  • Immersion: The inaccessibility of the Watchdog adds to the game’s realism, as not every ship encountered can be piloted by the player.
  • Storytelling Device: The Watchdog’s inaccessibility serves as a tool to drive the narrative forward, creating tension and a sense of urgency in completing the mission.
  • Game Progression: By making the Watchdog unattainable, the developers encourage players to explore other options for obtaining ships, such as purchasing the Watchdog II or III.

Overall, the decision to make the Watchdog a prop ship adds depth to the game’s narrative and gameplay progression, while also immersing players in a realistic and challenging gaming experience.

Where to Obtain a Watchdog Ship

Players can find the Watchdog II, an upgraded version of the prop ship, available for purchase in HopeTown on Polvo in the Valo system or in Akila City on Cheyenne. This ship serves as a viable alternative for those who were left yearning to board the inaccessible Watchdog.

The Watchdog II offers several upgrades compared to its predecessor, making it a valuable asset for players. It can be a solid fighter in the early stages of the game, although its effectiveness diminishes in the late game.

For those seeking ships similar to the Watchdog, the Watchdog III may also be available, although specific details are currently unknown. These alternatives provide players with the opportunity to experience the thrill of piloting a similar ship and enhance their gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Players Enter the Watchdog Ship During the Deputized Mission?

During the deputized mission, players cannot enter the Watchdog ship. It serves as a prop for the storyline and does not contain any hidden treasures or secrets. Its role is to track down stolen ruffians.

Is It Possible to Access the Watchdog Ship Later in the Game?

Accessing the Watchdog ship later in the game is not possible. Despite players’ yearning to board, the ship remains permanently inaccessible. There are no mechanics or strategies to unlock or obtain the Watchdog ship at any point.

Can Players Obtain the Watchdog Ship at Any Point in the Game?

The Watchdog ship in the game is not obtainable by players at any point. It is a prop used for a specific mission and cannot be entered. However, players can purchase the Watchdog II ship, which is a solid fighter in the early game. It is important to note that the Watchdog II becomes less effective in the late game. There is currently limited information about the existence of a Watchdog III ship.

Where Can Players Purchase the Watchdog II Ship?

Players can purchase the Watchdog II ship in HopeTown on Polvo in the Valo system or Akila City on Cheyenne. It costs around 87,000 Credits. The Watchdog II is a solid fighter in the early game, but its effectiveness diminishes in the late game.


In conclusion, the inaccessibility of the Watchdog ship in the gaming world has left many players disappointed and yearning for more. Despite theories and speculations, it remains permanently inaccessible within the game, debunking notions related to piloting skill level.

However, there may still be alternative ways to obtain a Watchdog ship, providing a glimmer of hope for those eager to experience it.

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