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How to Build the X-Wing in Starfield? Master the X-Wing in Starfield

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How to Build the X-Wing in Starfield? – Welcome to the world of Starfield, where players have the opportunity to unleash their inner rebel and master the iconic X-Wing spacecraft. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this action role-playing video game immerses players in a visually stunning space-themed universe within the Milky Way galaxy.

With over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations to explore, players can customize their X-Wing and seamlessly switch between first-person and third-person perspectives.

Join us as we delve into the secrets of mastering the X-Wing, providing tips, tricks, and strategies for piloting excellence.

How to Build the X-Wing in Starfield? A Step-by-Step Guide

The X-Wing in Starfield can be assembled by following a step-by-step guide that outlines the different components and their placement on the ship.

The building process starts with the NG-6 Landing Gear as the base and then involves stacking 2 Nova Galactic 21 Habs on top of each other.

Four Nova Cowling 2L-TM parts are assembled, with the bottom ones flipped, and 2 Nova Cowling 2L-TF parts are attached to the front of the ship.

The last Nova Galactic Hab is added, with half of it hanging off the back. The Magellan C1X Cockpit is placed in front of the last Hab, and the reactor, Grav Drive, and cargo hold are positioned below the hanging part of the last Hab.

Additionally, landing gears, engines, Ulysses He3 Tanks, hull pieces, wings, shield generator, Connect-Pro Docker, Auto Electron Beams, and IR Pulse Laser are all added to complete the X-Wing.

These X-Wing specifications provide a detailed guide for players to create their own unique starfighter in Starfield.

Unleashing the Rebel Spirit: Exploring the X-Wing’s Potential

Exploring the potential of the iconic spacecraft, one can delve into the capabilities and features of the X-Wing within the vast universe of Starfield. The X-Wing is not just a powerful starfighter, but also a symbol of rebellion and resistance against oppressive forces.

Here are some key aspects to consider when harnessing the X-Wing’s rebel potential:


  • Superior maneuverability: The X-Wing’s design allows for swift and agile movements, making it ideal for dogfights and evading enemy fire.
  • Versatile weaponry: Equipped with proton torpedoes and laser cannons, the X-Wing is a formidable force in combat, capable of taking down enemy starships and ground targets.


  • Astromech droid integration: X-Wings are equipped with astromech droids that provide vital support, including repairing systems and providing navigation assistance.
  • Shield and hull durability: The X-Wing’s robust shield and hull systems offer enhanced protection, allowing pilots to withstand intense battles.

Mastering the X-Wing: Tips and Tricks for Piloting Excellence

With careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of its capabilities, pilots can achieve mastery in piloting the iconic spacecraft known as the X-Wing, ensuring excellence in their performance within the realms of Starfield.

To become a skilled X-Wing pilot, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with various piloting techniques and advanced maneuvers. One essential technique is the art of deftly navigating through asteroid fields, utilizing precise maneuvering and spatial awareness to avoid collisions.

Another crucial skill is mastering the art of dogfighting, which involves utilizing the X-Wing’s speed and agility to outmaneuver opponents and gain the upper hand in combat. Advanced maneuvers such as barrel rolls, loops, and split-S turns can provide tactical advantages in intense battles.

Customizing Your X-Wing: Enhancements and Modifications

One way to optimize the performance of your X-Wing spacecraft is by implementing various enhancements and modifications. These upgrades can enhance your ship’s maneuverability, firepower, and overall effectiveness in combat situations.

Here are two sub-lists outlining some key enhancements and modifications you can consider for your X-Wing:


  • Install an upgraded engine to increase your ship’s speed and acceleration.
  • Upgrade your shields to provide better protection against enemy attacks.
  • Equip your X-Wing with advanced targeting systems for improved accuracy.
  • Install a hyperspace booster to enhance your ship’s travel capabilities.

Advanced Maneuvering Techniques:

  • Master the art of barrel rolls to evade enemy fire while maintaining your aim.
  • Practice the ‘split-S’ maneuver to quickly change direction and confuse pursuing enemies.
  • Learn to perform tight turns and loops to outmaneuver opponents in dogfights.
  • Utilize the ‘thrust vectoring’ technique to make precise adjustments to your ship’s trajectory.

The X-Wing in Action: Epic Battles and Strategies

The X-Wing spacecraft showcases its prowess on the battlefield through epic battles and strategic maneuvers. In Starfield, mastering the X-Wing requires a deep understanding of combat strategies and battle tactics.

To excel in combat, X-Wing pilots must utilize their ship’s unique capabilities to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents. One effective strategy is to utilize the X-Wing’s superior speed and maneuverability to engage in hit-and-run attacks, targeting vulnerable enemy ships and quickly retreating to safety.

Another tactic is to coordinate with fellow X-Wing pilots, forming a squadron to execute coordinated attacks and provide mutual support. Additionally, using the X-Wing’s versatile arsenal, such as proton torpedoes and laser cannons, allows for a variety of tactical approaches depending on the situation.

Unlocking the Force: Jedi Techniques for X-Wing Mastery

Jedi techniques offer invaluable insights and skills for pilots seeking to master the X-Wing spacecraft in Starfield. These ancient teachings, honed through years of Jedi training, can greatly enhance a pilot’s combat abilities and strategic thinking.

Here are two key areas where Jedi training can prove beneficial in X-Wing combat techniques:

  1. Enhanced Focus and Awareness
  • Jedi techniques emphasize the importance of mindfulness and being fully present in the moment.
  • Pilots can benefit from this heightened focus, allowing them to react quickly to changing situations and anticipate enemy movements.
  • Force Sensitivity and Intuition
  • Jedi training nurtures a pilot’s connection to the Force, enabling them to tap into their intuition and make split-second decisions.
  • This heightened sense of awareness can aid pilots in identifying weak points in enemy defenses and executing precise maneuvers.

Becoming the Ultimate Rebel: Achieving X-Wing Legend Status

Becoming a legendary pilot requires a comprehensive understanding of the X-Wing spacecraft and the strategic skills necessary to outmaneuver opponents in the vast expanse of the galaxy. To achieve such status, pilots must not only master the controls and capabilities of the X-Wing, but also explore the customization options available to enhance their spacecraft’s performance.

X-Wing customization allows pilots to tailor their ship to their preferred playstyle, whether it be equipping advanced weaponry or enhancing defensive capabilities. Additionally, mastering X-Wing combat strategies is crucial for success. Pilots must learn to utilize the X-Wing’s agility and speed to their advantage, employing evasive maneuvers and precise targeting to outmaneuver and outgun their adversaries.


In conclusion, mastering the X-Wing spacecraft in Starfield offers players the opportunity to unleash their inner rebel in a visually stunning and immersive space-themed universe.

With the ability to customize their character’s skills and abilities, players can tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

By exploring the X-Wing’s potential, utilizing tips and tricks for piloting excellence, and unlocking Jedi techniques, players can achieve X-Wing legend status and become the ultimate rebel in the game.

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