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Kill Tomisar or Not Starfield? Should You Kill Tomisar?

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Kill Tomisar or Not Starfield – Are you facing the difficult decision of whether to spare or kill Tomisar? In the thrilling world of Starfield, this dilemma of betrayal weighs heavily on Andreja, and the repercussions of your choice will shape her future.

By sparing Tomisar, Andreja may sacrifice her chance to return to House Varuun. However, killing him could lead to a potentially bleak outcome.

The decision is yours to make, and the consequences will unfold in this enthralling adventure.

The Consequences of Spare or Kill Tomisar

Choosing to spare Tomisar may result in Andreja losing her chance to return to House Varuun. Andreja’s loyalty to House Varuun and the Great Serpent is a central part of her identity.

By sparing Tomisar, she may be seen as betraying her allegiance to her House and the Great Serpent, which could have significant consequences on her future relationships and alliances.

It’s important to consider the potential repercussions of her actions. Will her decision to spare Tomisar be seen as a sign of weakness or disloyalty by others in her House?

Will it lead to strained relationships and hinder her ability to navigate the political landscape? These are important questions to ponder when making this decision, as Andreja’s sense of belonging and her future may be at stake.

Kill Tomisar or Not Starfield – Should You Kill Tomisar

If you decide not to spare Tomisar, Andreja will be faced with the consequences of her treason being reported to the high council. This presents a moral dilemma, as you must consider the ethics of killing Tomisar.

The impact of sparing or killing Tomisar on Andreja’s loyalty is significant. If you choose to spare Tomisar, Andreja may not have a chance to return to House Varuun, and her allegiance may be questioned.

On the other hand, if you decide to kill Tomisar, Andreja may feel conflicted. She may wish she’d taken matters into her own hands and killed Tomisar herself.

However, regardless of your choice, it doesn’t change the progress during Divided Loyalties. It’s important to carefully consider the consequences and reassure Andreja accordingly, as your words and actions will shape her perception of the situation and her sense of belonging.

Spare Tomisar

By sparing Tomisar, you offer Andreja a chance to find her own path without House Varuun. This decision can have significant implications for Andreja’s loyalty to her house and the moral implications of seeking revenge versus practicing forgiveness.

Here are three points to consider:

  1. Andreja’s loyalty: Can sparing Tomisar affect Andreja’s loyalty to House Varuun? By sparing Tomisar, you show Andreja that you value her as an individual and support her in her quest for justice. This may lead her to question her loyalty to House Varuun and consider forging her own path outside of its influence.
  2. Revenge or forgiveness: What are the moral implications of sparing Tomisar? Sparing Tomisar allows Andreja to choose forgiveness over revenge. It shows her that there are alternatives to violence and that she can rise above her circumstances. This decision promotes a more compassionate and understanding approach to conflict resolution.

In making the decision to spare Tomisar, you offer Andreja the opportunity to explore her own path and potentially reshape her loyalty. Additionally, you encourage her to embrace forgiveness, promoting a more compassionate and understanding perspective.

Let Andreja Kill Tomisar

If you decide to let Andreja take matters into her own hands, she’ll finally have the chance to seek justice for her friends. This choice presents Andreja with a loyalty dilemma.

On one hand, allowing her to kill Tomisar may bring her a sense of satisfaction and closure. However, the consequences of Andreja taking this action are significant. By killing Tomisar, Andreja effectively cuts herself off from House Varuun and the Great Serpent, losing the support and belonging she once had.

It’s important to reassure Andreja that her actions will be seen as justified by the Great Serpent and that she can manage without House Varuun with you by her side. This decision doesn’t affect Andreja’s affinity or the possibility of a romantic relationship.

Ultimately, the choice lies in your hands, and it’s crucial to consider the consequences before making a decision.

Reassurances and Choices: Impact on Andreja’s Affinity

Assure Andreja that her connection to the Great Serpent was never through Tomisar, and she’ll feel more confident in managing without House Varuun with you by her side.

Reassuring Andreja’s loyalty:

  1. Remind Andreja of her strong bond with the Great Serpent, separate from any association with Tomisar.
  2. Emphasize that her loyalty lies with the Constellation and her companions, rather than House Varuun.
  3. Assure Andreja that she’s the skills and support necessary to navigate the fallout with House Varuun.

Managing the fallout with House Varuun:

  1. Help Andreja develop a plan to address any potential consequences from her actions.
  2. Offer guidance on how to handle any confrontations or inquiries from House Varuun.
  3. Provide emotional support and reassurance throughout the process, reminding Andreja that she isn’t alone in facing the aftermath of her choices.

In Starfield, you can find helpful guides and information about other choices and consequences in the game. One of the current subtopics to explore is the moral dilemma faced by Andreja in deciding whether to seek revenge or spare her enemy, Tomisar. This decision has implications on her future alliances.

If Andreja chooses to spare Tomisar, she may not have a chance to return to House Varuun. On the other hand, if she decides to kill Tomisar, she may still face difficulties in returning to her house.

Alternatively, letting Andreja kill Tomisar gives her a sense of satisfaction and a more positive outlook on facing retribution. However, this choice effectively cuts off Andreja from House Varuun and the Great Serpent.

It’s important to consider the consequences and make a choice that aligns with your character’s values and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of House Varuun in the Story of Starfield?

The significance of House Varuun in Starfield lies in its historical background and its influence on the political landscape. It played a pivotal role in shaping the history and its actions continue to impact the current state of affairs.

How Does Andreja’s Decision to Spare or Kill Tomisar Affect Her Relationship With the Other Characters?

Sparing or killing Tomisar impacts Andreja’s loyalty to House Varuun and her relationship with other characters. Trust and forgiveness play a role, but reassurances and choices won’t affect her affinity or romantic options.

Is There a Chance for Andreja to Reconcile With House Varuun if She Chooses to Kill Tomisar?

If you choose to kill Tomisar, there is a chance for Andreja to reconcile with House Varuun. Reassure her that her connection with the Great Serpent was never through Tomisar, and she may find her place again.

Can Andreja Still Pursue Her Connection to the Great Serpent if She Decides to Kill Tomisar?

If Andreja decides to kill Tomisar, her connection to the Great Serpent may still be pursued. However, she faces the moral dilemma of betraying House Varuun and potential consequences of being cut off from them.

Are There Any Long-Term Consequences for Andreja’s Actions, Regardless of Her Choice to Spare or Kill Tomisar?

Long-term consequences for Andreja’s actions, regardless of her choice to spare or kill Tomisar, include potential loss of connection to House Varuun and the Great Serpent. This moral dilemma tests loyalty and trust.


In the thrilling world of Starfield, the decision of whether to spare or kill Tomisar carries significant weight for Andreja. While sparing him may sacrifice her chance to return to House Varuun, killing him could lead to a potentially bleak outcome.

Allowing Andreja to exact revenge brings satisfaction but severs her ties to House Varuun. Regardless of the choice made, the progress during Divided Loyalties remains unchanged.

The consequences of this dilemma will unfold in an enthralling adventure, shaping Andreja’s future.

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