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Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug – A Starfield Mission Guide

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Starfield Sabotage Mission Bug – In this comprehensive guide, players will embark on an exhilarating mission of infiltration and sabotage in the highly anticipated game, Starfield.

As the protagonist, they will attend a pivotal meeting where they must employ their cunning skills to deceive others. With the aid of the cutting-edge Internal Neuroamp, players will manipulate key individuals to further their objectives.

This guide offers step-by-step instructions on navigating the dangerous world of New Atlantis, obtaining vital prototypes, and successfully completing the mission.

With each decision shaping the dialogue and outcome, players can expect an immersive experience like no other.

Starfield Sabotage Mission Guide

After waking up from the operation, the protagonist gains a new skill to manipulate people with the Internal Neuroamp. It is necessary to talk to Veena again.

Preparing for the meeting requires careful planning and strategic thinking. The protagonist must deal with Veena, a key character in the mission, and navigate the conversation with her strategically.

One option is to lie about Imogene confessing to working for Infinity LTD during the dialogue. This lie can be used to gain an advantage and manipulate the situation to the protagonist’s benefit.

However, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences of this lie and how it may impact the mission. Therefore, the protagonist must choose their words carefully and analyze the situation to ensure a successful outcome.

Infiltration and Accessing New Atlantis

To access New Atlantis, the operative can choose between rooftop access or reception.

The choice between stealth and reception access depends on the operative’s preferred approach to infiltration. For those who prefer to remain undetected, rooftop access provides a discreet entry point. On the other hand, reception access allows the operative to blend in with the surroundings and manipulate their way through.

Aelys Ortiz, a key character on the marketing floor, can be manipulated to gain valuable information and progress the mission. By patiently waiting for Aelys to leave her post, the operative can seize the opportunity to access the vent that leads to the Research and Development area.

From there, the operative can continue their objective of obtaining the Neuroamp Prototype.

The choice between stealth and manipulation will greatly influence the operative’s success in accessing New Atlantis and completing their mission.

Obtaining the Neuroamp Prototype

The operative successfully retrieves the Internal Neuroamp Prototype from the locked room in Research and Development.

  • Security measures: The locked room in Research and Development indicates the high level of security surrounding the prototype. The need for an R&D ID card or manipulation highlights the stringent access control put in place. Killing someone to obtain the necessary card showcases the extreme measures that might be required.
  • Stealth vs combat approaches: The operative can choose to engage in stealth or combat during this mission. Stealth allows for a more covert approach, avoiding unnecessary confrontations and minimizing the risk of detection. Combat, on the other hand, may involve direct confrontation and overcoming obstacles with force.

Running the Program on Fayes and Lucas’ Computers

Successfully retrieving the Neuroamp Prototype, the operative now proceeds to run the program on Fayes and Lucas’ computers to further advance the mission.

This crucial step involves manipulating NPCs for mission objectives and requires the operative to make a strategic decision between stealth or manipulation tactics.

By manipulating Fayes and Lucas, the operative gains access to their computers and executes the program, unlocking vital information and progressing the mission.

Choosing stealth allows the operative to silently infiltrate their offices, avoiding suspicion and maintaining the element of surprise.

On the other hand, manipulation tactics involve influencing the NPCs to willingly cooperate, which can be advantageous in certain situations.

The decision ultimately depends on the operative’s preferred approach and the specific circumstances of the mission.

Regardless of the chosen tactic, successfully running the program on Fayes and Lucas’ computers is a critical step towards achieving the mission’s objectives.

Mission Completion and Wrap-up

After leaving the building and delivering the evidence to David Barron, the operative heads back to Masako to wrap up the mission.

Maintaining anonymity in delivering evidence is crucial for the safety and success of the mission. By keeping their identity hidden, the operative ensures that their actions cannot be traced back to them, protecting themselves and their organization from potential retaliation.

On the other hand, choosing to blast through during the mission can have consequences. While it may provide a quicker route to the target, it can also alert the enemy to the operative’s presence, leading to increased security and a higher risk of failure. It is important to weigh the potential benefits against the potential risks before making this decision.

Ultimately, the operative’s choice will impact the outcome of the mission and the overall success of their objectives.

Bonus Tips and Strategies

Transitioning from completing the mission and wrapping up, let’s now delve into some bonus tips and strategies for successfully infiltrating and sabotaging missions in Starfield.

One important decision to make is whether to employ stealth or combat when approaching your objectives. While stealth allows for covert movement and avoiding detection, combat offers a more direct and aggressive approach. Consider the layout of the mission and the skills of your character to determine which approach is more effective.

Additionally, the art of influencing characters to achieve your objectives is crucial. Manipulation and persuasion play a significant role in advancing through missions.

Manipulation involves using deceit and trickery to gain information or access, while persuasion relies on convincing characters to align with your goals through charisma and negotiation. Understanding the personalities and motivations of the characters you interact with can help you choose the most effective strategy.

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