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Starfield Tell the Cabinet or Not? Starfield’s Cabinet Dilemma

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Starfield Tell the Cabinet or Not – Are you ready to face the explosive fallout of your choices in Starfield’s Cabinet Dilemma?

In this thrilling article, we delve into the consequences of telling or not telling the truth to the Cabinet. As you navigate this complex decision, you will discover that there are no direct consequences for either choice.

However, lying to the Cabinet has its own set of intriguing outcomes. Blame for the Terramorph attacks falls on Dr. Reginald Orlase, and you must decide whether to lie to Hadrian and confirm Orlase’s involvement.

On the other hand, telling the truth has its own repercussions, with Hadrian backing you up and Vae Victis disappearing mysteriously. As you weigh the options, consider the extra loot and credits that can be obtained through deception.

Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands, and there is no right or wrong choice. So, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling journey through the explosive consequences of your decisions in Starfield‘s Cabinet Dilemma.

Consequences of Lying to the Cabinet

Lying to the Cabinet results in Dr. Reginald Orlase being blamed for the Terramorph attacks. The fallout repercussions of this choice are significant.

By lying to Hadrian and telling her that Orlase carried out the attacks, you align yourself with Hadrian’s father. This decision has an impact on your character’s alignment and the perception of your loyalty. It sends a message that you’re willing to deceive and manipulate to achieve your goals.

While this choice may provide extra loot and credits, it comes at the cost of belonging to a darker path. It’s important to consider your desired playthrough and character choices when making this decision.

Both options, lying or telling the truth, have their own benefits and consequences, so choose wisely.

Starfield Tell the Cabinet or Not?

When you choose to be honest with the Cabinet, Hadrian will support you and Vae Victis will leave a note before disappearing. This decision has a significant fallout aftermath and explores the theme of truth and consequences. Here are three key points to consider:

  1. Hadrian’s support: By telling the truth, Hadrian, a powerful figure in Starfield, will have your back. This support can be crucial in navigating the complex political landscape and ensuring your reputation remains intact.
  2. Vae Victis’s note: After revealing the truth, Vae Victis, a mysterious character, will disappear from their cell but not without leaving a note. This note might shed light on their motivations and offer insights into their secret missions.
  3. Fallout aftermath: Telling the truth to the Cabinet has consequences. It locks you out of secret missions by Vae Victis and restricts access to certain rewards. On the other hand, you can collect rewards from UC Class One citizens, including credits, discounts, and a penthouse.

In this dilemma, truth and consequences play a pivotal role. The choice you make will shape your character’s journey in Starfield and determine the rewards and challenges you encounter.

Considerations for Lying to the Cabinet

If you choose to deceive the Cabinet, there are extra loot and credits to be obtained, depending on your desired playthrough and character choices.

By lying to the Cabinet and placing the blame for Terramorph’s attacks on Dr. Reginald Orlase, you align yourself with Hadrian’s father and work with Vae Victis. This darker path allows you to earn rewards from the UC Vanguard while also receiving additional loot and credits.

However, it’s important to consider the moral implications and weigh the character motivations behind this choice. Aligning yourself with Hadrian’s father may lead to a sense of belonging within their faction, but it also means taking on the blame for the attacks.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you and how you want to shape your playthrough.

Consequences of Telling or Not Telling the Cabinet

Telling or not telling the Cabinet doesn’t have any direct consequences, and the rewards for completing UC Vanguard missions remain the same regardless of your choice.

The importance of player agency is evident in Starfield’s cabinet dilemma, where the player must decide whether to lie or tell the truth. This decision raises ethical implications, as it requires examining the morality of deceiving the Cabinet or being honest.

Lying to the Cabinet places blame for the Terramorph attacks on Dr. Reginald Orlase, while telling the truth implicates someone else. Both choices have their own consequences and benefits.

By lying, the player can obtain extra loot and credits, although it aligns them with Hadrian’s father and locks out secret missions. Telling the truth, on the other hand, earns rewards from UC Vanguard and the support of Hadrian.

Ultimately, the decision rests with the player, allowing them to shape their desired playthrough and character choices.

Rewards and Implications of Each Choice

When you choose to lie to the Cabinet, you can gain extra loot and credits, while aligning yourself with Hadrian’s father and locking out secret missions. This choice presents ethical implications as you’re essentially covering up the truth and shifting blame onto someone else. It raises questions about personal integrity and the consequences of deceit.

Additionally, your decision to lie or tell the truth will impact your reputation and relationships with NPCs. By lying, you align yourself with Hadrian’s father and potentially damage your relationship with others who value honesty and transparency.

On the other hand, telling the truth aligns you with Hadrian and may strengthen your bond with her, but it also locks out secret missions and alters your relationship with Vae Victis.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to weigh the potential rewards and consequences before making your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Consequences for Not Telling the Cabinet About the Terramorph Attacks?

Not telling the cabinet about the terramorph attacks doesn’t have any direct consequences. You’ll still receive UC Vanguard rewards regardless of your choice. Consider the desired playthrough and character choices.

Can You Still Earn UC Vanguard Rewards Regardless of Whether You Tell the Truth or Lie to the Cabinet?

Regardless of whether you tell the truth or lie to the cabinet, you can still earn UC Vanguard rewards. The choice raises ethical implications and affects the overall gameplay experience, allowing for player agency.

What Happens if You Choose to Lie to the Cabinet and Blame Dr. Reginald Orlase?

If you choose to lie to the cabinet and blame Dr. Reginald Orlase, you gain extra loot and credits. However, ethical implications arise as you prioritize personal gain over the truth. Long term consequences may affect future relationships and alliances.

Is There Any Difference in the Rewards You Can Obtain Depending on Whether You Tell the Truth or Lie to the Cabinet?

There is no difference in the rewards you can obtain regardless of whether you tell the truth or lie to the cabinet. It’s up to you to decide if lying for personal gain is morally justifiable. Reputation with factions and characters remains unaffected.

Is There Any Impact on the Main Quests or Storyline Based on Your Choice to Tell the Truth or Lie to the Cabinet?

In Starfield’s Cabinet Dilemma, the choice to tell the truth or lie to the cabinet has ethical implications. Players must prioritize honesty or self-interest. The long-term consequences impact the player’s reputation and relationships with other characters in the game.


In conclusion, the decision to lie or tell the truth to the Cabinet in Starfield’s Cabinet Dilemma carries its own unique set of consequences and rewards.

While there may not be direct repercussions for either choice, lying to the Cabinet results in blame being placed on Dr. Reginald Orlase. This could potentially damage his reputation and career, leading to personal and professional consequences for him.

On the other hand, telling the truth leads to Hadrian’s support and the mysterious disappearance of Vae Victis. This suggests that there may be hidden forces at play, and telling the truth may have unexpected consequences that could impact the larger narrative of the game.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, and the thrilling journey through the explosive fallout of your choices awaits.

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