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Best East Coast Beaches

19 Best East Coast Beaches For Families 2022

Looking for a fun beach vacation for you and your family this summer? We’ve compiled some of the best East Coast Beaches for families in 2022 to help you find one that’s perfect.

Beach season is here! Whether you’re celebrating summer with family, friends or just yourself, heading to the beach is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and a fun day in the sun. In this article, we’re sharing our list of recommendations for East Coast Beaches around 2023.

Best East Coast Beaches
Best East Coast Beaches

The East Coast is a popular destination for summer vacations, and the Atlantic Ocean is always warm! The East Coast beaches are less crowded than the beaches on the West Coast, making them ideal destinations for families. Here is a list of the 19 best East Coast beaches.

Best Beaches On The East Coast For Families

The East Coast is the most popular destination for families. With tons of beaches, aquariums, and theme parks, it’s easy to find a perfect beach vacation for your family. Although summer resorts are a popular option for many coastal regions, these are not the only type of family-friendly destinations. In this article, we’ll explore 19 Beaches in New England that are perfect for families during the busy summer season.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a vacation destination – time of year, location, cost, and so on. One thing you may not have considered is the beach quality. Which beaches in the East Coast had the best water quality? Is it a good idea to go swimming there? Find out in this article!

1. Ocean City Beach, New Jersey

Ocean City Beach is a beautiful East Coast beach that is just an hour’s drive away from Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. This white sand beach offers great sunsets and beautiful views of the surrounding bay. Because it is often crowded, this beach offers plenty of room for families to avoid getting stuck in crowds.

It’s a family-friendly beach with plenty of fun activities. This beach has a boardwalk that extends for miles, making this one of the longest boardwalks in the country. There are plenty of hotels and resorts nearby, as well as places to eat and rent bikes.

The beach is a short distance from Atlantic City, which makes it perfect for families looking to enjoy the boardwalk and entertainment that the resort offers while being able to go to the beach and relax. This is also a good spot for those who are looking for a casual spot where they can enjoy the water, sand, and sun without any worries.

Ocean City Beach is a great place for families because its house-to-house community allows children to play in the comfort of their own homes. There are also family friendly restaurants, state parks, and other recreational activities nearby.

2. Topsail Island, North Carolina

The beaches of North Carolina are some of the most family-friendly beaches in the east coast. Many have their own small towns and offer a great day trip for anyone who loves to explore. Of North Carolina’s favorite beach towns, Topsail Island is the best for families. It offers a beautiful white sand beach that comes with a boardwalk, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Many have their own small towns and offer a great day trip for anyone who loves to explore. Of North Carolina’s favorite beach towns, Topsail Island is the best for families. It offers a beautiful white sand beach that comes with a boardwalk, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

There is an extensive boardwalk, playgrounds, and beach amenities. There are even three picnic areas that make it easy to pack up a feast and find a shady spot to enjoy it.

The island is small, but it has a few things going for it. It has beautiful white sand beaches, amazing wildlife, and an abundance of fresh seafood restaurants that are sure to please any palate.

3. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is located on the coast of South Carolina. It is one of the best beaches in the country. This beach is a great destination for families. Hilton Head Island provides a beautiful natural environment and many things to do that will have people from all over the world visiting this beach every year.

The beach is known as the most family-friendly and luxurious beach on the east coast. This beach has a lot of things to do for young and old alike, including golfing, bike riding, fishing, water sports, shopping, and more.

This popular beach has a calm, shallow warm water that is perfect for families with small children. The island has many activities and attractions, including tours of its famous sea turtle sanctuary. It also has some cool spots like Kidzilla and an amusement park in which kids can have a blast.

Hilton Head Island is one of the East Coast’s top beaches, offering a wide variety of fun water sports, cool attractions, and great dining to satisfy the needs of any family. It has a long boardwalk that connects different sections of the island along the beach with various shops and restaurants.

4. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia and has plenty of events, attractions and things to do with your family. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is considered one of the best East Coast beaches for families.

The beach features boardwalks and a lighthouse that are popular in their own right. There are also many other popular attractions including places like Busch Gardens, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, as well as museums and theaters.

It has a number of attractions like amusement parks, surfing and watersports, cycling, fishing and more. There are many live entertainment venues and unique restaurants to enjoy in the area. The city also has plenty of hotels that let you explore the seaside town.

Virginia Beach is a family-friendly beach with a boardwalk, amusement park, zoo, and water park. The beach can get crowded in the summertime, but it is accessible to people with disabilities. The Westin Virginia Beach Resort & Spa is one of the largest hotels in Virginia Beach.

5. Fire Island, New York

Fire Island is a long, narrow barrier island in the United States. It is located on the border of Long Island and New York City and is within the town of Islip. Fire Island has no year-round population, but it is popular with beachgoers, picnickers, birdwatchers and campers during the summer months.

The beaches on this barrier island are great for families as they are mostly protected from waves coming off of both Long Island and New York City.

It is one of the few beaches that have a boardwalk which attracts tourists during the summer months. The beach is surrounded by beautiful dunes, and there are lots of opportunities to watch whales swim by. There are also several great destinations nearby such as Fire Island National Seashore Park, Port Jefferson Harbor, and John F. Kennedy Airport.

The beaches are made up of fine, white sand and offer an unparalleled view of the Atlantic Ocean and Fire Island National Seashore. It’s recommended for those looking to enjoy a beach vacation with their families.

6. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is the most populous city in Newport County. It’s full of families who enjoy the beaches on a hot summer day. There are plenty of local attractions to explore, including the Newport Aquarium and Museum of Art. With activities for everyone, Newport is a great place for families to spend a day or weekend away from home.

The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. There are two entrances to the beach which makes it easier to find parking. The beach is large enough to accommodate swimmers and vendors while still maintaining a small-town feel.

This city is known for its beaches and has many beautiful and fun attractions. The harbor in Newport is one of the largest fishing ports in the United States. It is also home to Fort Adams and Fort Adams State Park. One beach that isn’t crowded at all, even during peak season, is at Fort Adams Beach Park due to its proximity to the ocean and because it’s free for anyone who enters the state park.

7. Bethany Beach, Delaware

There are many beaches in the northeast especially on the east coast. Bethany Beach is a small town you can visit for a day trip to spend time at the beach. It is situated on Delaware’s southern shore and has just enough amenities to keep it busy but not too busy.

The beach itself is wide and long with no rocks or shells to worry about in your kids shoes. There are plenty of activities that you can do while spending time at Bethany Beach such as renting kayaks or stand up paddleboards, exploring the historic streets, riding bikes, playing indoor golf, enjoying some ice cream, and watching a movie at one of the theatres.

Bethany Beach is a favorite family beach in Delaware. There are many activities that families can enjoy while enjoying the ocean breeze. The nice thing about Bethany Beach is there are not many crowds, so you can enjoy peace and quiet with your loved ones.

8. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach is a beach in Brevard County, Florida. The area is great for families, offering plenty to do including a boardwalk and amusement park. The beach has a long pier that’s perfect for watching the sunset, and there are plenty of public restrooms with showers available on-site.

It has the perfect beach for kids to enjoy and see some of the wildlife in the area. Cocoa Beach also has great accommodations such as hotels and resorts that offer everything from pools to bars.

Cocoa Beach is a family-friendly East Coast beach that has a variety of activities. It is the perfect place to go with your kids and grandkids. You’ll find plenty of water sports, like body boarding, swimming, and snorkeling. You’ll also find delicious seafood places to eat at when you stop by.

It also has numerous recreational activities, including swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, fishing, and kayaking. The beach’s north end is home to the main Cocoa Beach Pier and the Cocoa Beach Fishing Pier.

9. Naples, Florida

One of the best beaches along the East Coast is Naples Florida. This beach offers families a variety of activities that are fun for everyone in the group. It has a wide variety of restaurants and places to stay, so the family can be close to all the attractions. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything here, making it one of the best beaches for families.

Naples is a city in the Naples area of Southwest Florida. It is famous for its white, sandy beaches and year-round temperate weather. The beaches of Naples offer recreational activities such as swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking.

Families can enjoy activities such as fishing, water sports, and swimming within minutes of landing there. Naples is a good place to visit for all ages because it has an updated and exciting recreational scene.

10. Duck, North Carolina

With its white-sand beaches and southern charm, Duck is one of the best places to visit in North Carolina. The town itself is small and has a population of less than three thousand people. The local economy relies heavily on tourism, as well as farming, fishing, and manufacturing.

An important part of the economy is fishing, with many people coming to visit the town specifically for its famous shad. In addition to being a popular vacation destination, Duck offers residents plenty of outdoor activities like biking and hiking trails nearby.

It’s a small beach town in the Outer Banks. It’s one of the best beaches in the nation to visit with your family but you’ll need to be prepared. Duck offers many things to entertain your family, including beaches, amusement parks, sightseeing, and restaurants.

It has a long sandy beach with plenty of sand dunes and trees. The sea is clear enough to see your feet and there are plenty of surfers at the beach. There are also many water-related activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

11. Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island is a small beach in southeast Georgia with white sand and turquoise water. What makes Tybee special is it’s proximity to Savannah, which makes it a great place to escape the sweltering summer heat. There are plenty of places to explore, including the Turner River National Wildlife Refuge, which offers kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Located in Georgia, Tybee Island features some of the best beaches on the East Coast. While visiting Tybee Island, visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the beach, enjoy an ice cream cone at one of the many local vendors and restaurants, or play a round of golf.

It is well known for its fishing, swimming, and spots for boating and kayaking. The beach is also a popular destination where families can enjoy the water as well as have fun watching other people play in the sand.

12. Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island, South Carolina is a beautiful place that offers an amazing beach experience. It is located in Charleston County of South Carolina and has a population of just over 9,000 people. This beach is great for families with kids because it has a wide variety of attractions to keep your family entertained.

These include shopping at the resort shops and golf course, paddle boating on the waterway, swimming in one of the many activities pools, fishing on the island’s plentiful beaches, and a variety of other activities.

One of these days, you may want to visit the ocean with your whole family and relax on a beautiful beach. If you are looking for this vacation but don’t know where to go, Kiawah Island is an excellent option. It has an abundance of hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and resorts that will provide a great experience for everyone in your family. There is also a very large children’s playground at one of the beaches on the island that will entertain all ages.

13. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, Massachusetts is a beautiful beachfront island off the coast of Massachusetts. Nantucket has very few tourists because it is so far away from large cities and requires a plane ride to get there. It is also one of the most expensive beaches in the United States which makes it a great place for families who want to avoid crowded beaches that are too touristy.

The island has a population of just over 6,000 people. It is known for its thriving arts community and its abundance of beaches. Nantucket has a number of family-friendly beaches, but those aren’t the only things that have made it a top destination for visitors. The weather is also famously mild year-round, meaning that visitors can enjoy outdoor activities without issue.

It is an ideal place for families to enjoy fun in the sun without taking up too much time. The 19 best East Coast Beaches For Families blog article provides information on which beaches to visit and how to get there.

14. Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach is one of the best beaches to visit on the East Coast. It is located on Florida’s east coast, and it is a family favorite. It is known for being sunny and calm. The water is warm in the summer, and there are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy.

There are also plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby, so you won’t have trouble finding accommodations. This beach has been awarded with an A+ for cleanliness by Forbes Traveler, which means it’s in great shape!

If you want to swim, the water is warm and shallow enough for kids to play in. The fresh Atlantic ocean water smells like oranges. There are plenty of restaurants nearby if you want something different from the traditional barbeque on the beach.

There are so many things to do in Vero Beach, like hiking, fishing, swimming, or kayaking. The hotel rooms are clean and comfortable. There’s even fun stuff like a mini golf course available as well.

15. Coney Island, New York

Coney Island is a beautiful beach just south of Brooklyn. It offers beautiful views and plenty of activities, including roller coasters, swimming areas, and fishing. The beach also has a long history of providing entertainment for New Yorkers long before it was known as the “The Boardwalk,” with attractions like the Parachute Jump and Luna Park.

It has a lot of lifeguards and activities for kids to enjoy. The water is relatively warm, and there are many surfers that are willing to take the risk in order to catch some great waves.

The beaches are beautiful, and they offer plenty of things to do so that you never get bored. No matter what you’re into – whether it’s swimming, surfing, or just enjoying the beach- these beaches have something for everyone.

16. Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Old Orchard Beach, Maine is a popular beach destination on the east coast of the United States. It has been ranked among the top beaches in America by Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure, and Trip Advisor. Old Orchard Beach provides family-friendly activities such as swimming and sunbathing while it also offers plenty of nature trails to explore. The beach is located in a remote area with many natural attractions such as Loon Mountain and Acadia National Park nearby.

It’s located on the coast, and offers some of the cleanest beaches that are safe for swimming, watersports, and walking. There are plenty of nearby events such as an Independence Day celebration, Fourth of July fireworks display, and fireworks show at night.

The beach is a popular vacation destination because it has a number of activities that families can enjoy, including swimming and surfing. It’s also a great place to go swimming with your family as there’s no lifeguard on duty.

17. Southampton, New York

Southampton is a beautiful beach town on the Long Island shoreline, and it has many appealing features for families. It boasts miles of beaches, which are perfect for outdoor fun. The water in Southampton is usually calm, clean, and safe for swimming. There are plenty of places to hike, bike, and sail along the coastline. The city’s historic district offers old-fashioned entertainment and unique shops.

It’s a highly recommended place for families, especially during the summer months. There are many things for kids to do on this beach such as sailing, paddle boarding, and swimming; however, there are also many places to eat and drink on this beach as well.

The beach is clean and ideal for families to explore. It includes a recreation path that runs along the entire coast and a boardwalk that extends out over the water. There are many places to find shade in the summer and plenty of street vendors selling food and souvenirs on the boardwalk.

18. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is a beautiful beach destination on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s easy to pack up your car and head north to take in some sun, sand, and water this summer. An ideal summer getaway for families, Panama City Beach offers many things for visitors to do and see.

The beaches are great for both swimming and playing, but there are also plenty of places to eat, drink, shop, and play at nearby attractions such as Destin Commons.

This beach is located on a barrier island and is often ranked as one of the best beaches in America. It has white, powdery sands that are perfect for summertime play. The beach is open to everyone, but there’s plenty of space for families who want to relax and play.

The city offers unique attractions such as fishing, water sports, and golfing. Many people visit Panama City Beach because it has an extensive beachfront that stretches for miles.

19. St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach is one of the best places to visit in Florida year round. This sandy beach is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing with your family. The sand is soft, which makes it easy for children to play and run around without getting a hurt. There are also many seashells along the shore, so you can collect them while eagerly searching for treasures.

It’s one of the best beaches in North America and provides visitors with a wide range of recreational opportunities, such as seeing the Castillo de San Marcos and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

The sandy beaches allow children to play freely without worry of getting into trouble on the water, and the beautiful waterfront views are perfect for relaxing.

It boasts a lengthy stretch of white sand that is close to 90 feet wide in some places, making for a spectacular view from the beach. The beach extends for nearly 5 miles, and there are abundant recreational opportunities such as swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing, and surfing to keep the entire family entertained.


The East Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and if you’re looking for a place to spend your summer this year, it’s definitely worth considering a trip down to one of these beaches. From sandy shores and crystal-clear waters to lively boardwalks and packed campsites, these 19 beaches are sure to make any family happy. So whether you’re planning on staying for a day or spending the week soaking up the sun, be sure to check out one of these amazing spots!

There are plenty of beaches to choose from when looking for a family-friendly getaway on the East Coast, but which ones make the list? In this article, we’ve put together a list of the 19 best East Coast beaches for families in 2022. From quiet and secluded gems to bustling vacation spots with all the amenities you could hope for, these locations will have your entire clan clamoring to hit the sand. don’t miss out!

So, summer is finally here! Whether you’re living on the east coast or just visiting for a while, these are the 19 best beaches for families in 2022. From sunny shores to family-friendly attractions, there is something for everyone on this list. Be sure to check them all out and find your new favorite spot this summer!