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Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri Hills Odisha – Things to Know About

This blog post was written with the intent to give an overview of the Mahendragiri Hills in Odisha, one of India’s most stunning, scenic and stunning sights. The Mahendragiri Hills is a large mountain range, most notable for its steep outcrops and numerous jagged peaks which can be seen from miles away, and even from space!

This article provides an overview of the Mahendragiri Hills, which are also known as the Mahendragiri Ridge, a natural formation in Odisha. Its auspicious location has made it a popular destination for many who come to this area to celebrate festivals and visit temples.

Mahendragiri Hills
Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri Hills is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in India. It is a lush green oasis that has been celebrated for its natural beauty and serenity. Discover what Mahendragiri Hills has to offer you with this blog article.

Here are all the datails about this resort, from the location, to the facilities and activities.

About Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri is a mountain in the Rayagada block of Gajapati district in Odisha at an elevation of 4,925 feet. It is situated amongst the Eastern Ghats and its neighbouring points are Ganjam district and the Srikakulam boarder of Andhra Pradesh. Mahendragiri is the second highest mountain peak in Odisha.

Mahendragiri Hills is a place that people from all around India come to see in the summer. There is so much to explore such as the ancient rock paintings, temples, and shops with beautiful products. For example, one of the natural wonders of this region lies at the Arunachal Himalayas near Mahendragiri hills during winter time. Enjoying nature or sitting by the river is peaceful and calming after a day’s hike and exploration.

Mahendragiri is a hill that is located on the western side of India. Mahendragiri has been called “the lungs of the Eastern Ghats” due to its high altitude and large variety of medicinal plants. This biosphere reserve is home to some rare plants, such as the endemic forest plant, Vepris microphylla which only exists on two other places in India. The area surrounding Mahendragiri is notable for its diversity of fauna even though it is not a forest preserve. This area includes an immense variety of life from all over the world.

The Mahendragiri Hills are one of the most beautiful and popular hill stations in India. This is a high altitude mountain resort with a dense forest with abundant flora and fauna. There are several hiking routes around the hills, but be sure to contact the local tourist office for more information on what you can do while visiting this place. Some activities that you will be able to do include trekking, rock climbing, bird watching, and cycling.

How to Reach to Mahendragiri Hills

The Mahendragiri Hills are a gem located in the western part of Odisha, India. They are an ideal destination for hiking and trekking lovers. The hills offer the best views of the surrounding Himalayan ranges, making it a popular tourist site. The best place to start is from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. From Bhubaneswar, you can reach this destination through rail or roadways in just two hours!

There are many ways to reach Mahendragiri Hills. The easiest way is by road. Another option is to fly in with an airport that has a flight service and fly to Bhubaneswar. Then, you can take an autorickshaw or bus to reach the mountains.

  • Reach Paralakhemundi which is 115 km from Brahmapur via Ichhapur – Palasa.
  • From Brahmapur to Paralakhemundi via Digapanandi-R.Udayagiri and Rayagada
  • 126 km from Brahmapur via Ichhapur-Jarada-Kaipur and Paralakhemundi.

Things to See at Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri Hills
Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri is a popular hill station in India’s eastern state of Odisha. With this blog, we provide you with a list of things to do when you visit the region. The blog lists out the best places to visit, recommended restaurants and hotels to stay at, and other important Mahendragiri Hills information.

Mahendragiri Hills is a mountain located in the Indian state of Odisha. This place is considered to be one of the most sacred sites in Odisha and attracts hundreds of pilgrims each day. You can visit Mahendragiri Hills at any time of the year because it’s open for tourists all year round.

There are many things to see here, but some popular attractions include the Hindu temples and caves. The Hindu temples that you’ll find here are built from stone and granite with elaborate carvings on them. In these caves, you’ll come across paintings, sculptures, and drawings dating back centuries.

Mahendragiri Hills in the Indian state of Odisha is a beautiful place that offers tourists things to see and do. There are various sights at the hills, including many temples and some caves to explore. It gives people peace and joy with enlightening temples that house sculptures of gods and goddesses. The cave houses ancient Jain idols that have been according to scientists from 15th century.

Things to Do at Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri Hills is an attraction in the province of Odisha, India. People come to Madagascar to walk among its many large emerald rocks, to see the sunset, and just to take in this amazing landscape on their vacation. Mahendragiri Hills is a place that cannot be missed. If you’re into the outdoors, see if you can spend a day there with your family!

If you are going to visit the Mahendragiri Hills, you should know that there is an adventure park located at the foothills of the hills. There is also a nearby lake which you can go boating in. For night time activities, there is also a natural hot spring which you can soak in.

The best time to visit is during monsoon season because the view of the hills change in every season of the year. It’s also a good place for trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

The place is full of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. The major attractions of Mahendragiri Hills are hiking, boating, and fishing. There are many other things to do here but these are the best activities to try at this mountain top getaway.

Mahendragiri Hills is a beautiful and well-known tourist destination in India that offers people an opportunity to get away from the hustle of modern life. It is popular for its natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and world-class attractions. There are many things to do at this place like hiking, trekking, camping and numerous other activities.

Where to Stay at Mahendragiri Hills

When visiting Mahendragiri Hills, you should consider staying at the forest houses. These homes are built high in the trees, and they offer a view of the natural beauty of the area. For those who prefer modern living, there is a hotel located on the edge of the village.

It is advisable to plan your day in advance and even shop for essentials before coming to Mahendragiri Hills. There are a lot of hotels in the vicinity and you can choose whichever suits you best. Here are some information that will help you plan your stay at Mahendragiri Hills.

Mahendragiri Hills was a popular tourist spot in India. However, it has now become a victim of pollution and people are not visiting the place as often. If you want to visit this place and still experience the charm that Mahendragiri Hills had, then you should stay at one of the hotels in the area.

Name of Hotels nearby where you may stay during your visit here :

  • Hotel Mayuree
  • Hotel Moti
  • Hotel Radha
  • Hotel Satyasagar
  • Hotel Nandan

Best Time to Visit Mahendragiri Hills

The best time to go for a trek or a visit is during the monsoon season. The temperature drops considerably and it becomes much easier to see things from atop the Mahendragiri Hills. Get up early in the morning so that you can be at the top before dusk and see the sunset over Odisha.

Mahendragiri Hills are best visited once the monsoon season has ended. They are good for trekking during the dry season and it will be considerably colder in the winter months. It is important to check the timings of visiting so that you go at a time when there will be less people visiting.

There are a lot of options to go for when you visit Mahendragiri Hills and you can decide the best timing by yourself. You can plan your trip anytime from October to March and from April to September. The peak season starts in October and lasts till January.

Entry Fees at Mahendragiri Hills

There is no entry fee.

The Mahendragiri Hills form a part of the Eastern Ghats in the state of Odisha, India. Every year several thousands of trekkers from across the world visit this place to experience the natural beauty and risk a close encounter with some bulky and playful clouds.

Surprisingly, there is no single fee for the entire hills. One can walk through this range for free, outdo their physical limitations on mountaineering or just sit around catching the fresh air from the valleys all around.

The hills look stunning backlit by the sun, and there is a lot to do here. But you need to be careful which fees you pay at the reservation office before you visit because some expenses have to be paid in advance by cash or through credit card only.

Some other fun activities that can be done here are the trekking, rock climbing, jungle safari, horse riding, bird watching and cycling. You will experience it all with these insightful tips from Mahendragiri Hills.

Hotels & Restaurants Nearby Mahendragiri Hills

Hotels and restaurants are available near Mahendragiri Hills. There are a few hotels in the area that offer decent rooms, some with views of the mountains. Visitors can also stay at coffee houses or inns while they are in the region. There are restaurants located near Mahendragiri Hills that offer local dishes as well as international cuisine.

There are many hotels and restaurants nearby that make it easy to stay while visiting Mahendragiri Hills.

Shankar Bhavan

Ramalingam Tank Road near Hanuman Statue, Berhampur 760002 India

Hotel HCB (Hemo Chandra Bhawan)

Zanana Hospital Main Road Opposite Christian Hospital, Berhampur 760001 India

Hotel Ganesh Bhavan

Hanuman Bazar Road, Berhampur 760009 India

Hotel Nandan International

Old Bus Stand, Berhampur India

Hotel City Palace

Christian Hospital Road in front of Zennana Hospital, Berhampur 760001 India

Places to Visit Near Mahendragiri Hills

Mahendragiri Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Odisha. It has a number of wonderful places to visit near the hills. There are many varieties of trees and beautiful scenic views, so if you want to experience a little bit more of nature, this is the place for you!

There are several places near this hill station that attract a lot of people every year. People come here to see the beautiful view, enjoy nature, and breathe fresh air.

  • Mahendragiri valley view Point
  • Eastern Ghats
  • Bhima Temple
  • Gandahati Waterfall Ecological Park
  • Mankadadian Waterfall
  • Maa Balakumari Temple
  • Dharmaraj Temple
  • Kunti Temple
  • Gudguda Waterfall, Gajapati
  • Padmasambhava Statue

Some FAQ about Mahendragiri Hills

Why is mahendragiri famous?

Mahendragiri Hills is a tourist destination in southern Odisha. It is one of the most visited places by domestic and international tourists. The attraction is the hills that are covered with sparkling emerald-green forest, evergreen trees, waterfalls and streams. Mahendragiri Hills has developed as a natural environment for people who want to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature.

Where is mahendragiri situated?

Mahendragiri, is a mountain in Rayagada subdivision of the district of Gajapati, Odisha, India.

Mahendragiri Hills are located in the southern state of Odisha. It is situated on the eastern slope of the Eastern Ghats. Mahendragiri is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Which state is Mahendra Giri hills in?

Mahendra Giri hills is situated in the state of Odisha. It is considered as the second highest peak in Odisha. Langtang valley is one of the popular trekking destination, which lies on the northern side of the mountains.

Where is the Mahendra mountain?

The Mahendra mountain is found in the province of Odisha, India. It is part of the Eastern Ghats and is a popular tourist attraction. 

Is Mahendragiri The Highest Peak Of Odisha?

It’s the Second Highest Peak of Odisha.

Mahendragiri Which District?

Mahendragiri is situated in the Rayagada block of Gajapati district in Odisha.

Distance of Mahendragiri From Berhampur?

2 hr 48 min (85.7 km) via NH16 and SH 22

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to visit Mahendragiri Hills in Odisha, be sure to know these things! The hills are a popular tourist spot due to their natural beauty and the many temples located there. While visiting the hills, it is important to keep in mind that it can get quite hot and humid during summer months, so make sure you pack plenty of water and sunscreen. There is also a risk of landslides so be aware of this when planning your trip. Finally, do not forget to enjoy the views while you are there!

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Mahendragiri Hills in Odisha, be sure to know the following things: 1. The hills are known for their natural beauty and stunning landscapes; 2. There are several attractions located in or around the hills, including temples, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries; 3. The temperature there ranges from a cool 25 degrees Celsius in winter to a hot 33 degrees Celsius in summer; 4. Travelers should prepare for heavy rains during monsoons; 5. Odia is the official language spoken in Mahendragiri Hills region; 6. It takes about two hours by bus from Bhubaneswar to reach the hills.

In this article, we have listed down some things that you should know about Mahendragiri Hills Odisha. These include its interesting geological structure, wildlife andEnvironment, and various festivals celebrated in the hill station. So whether you are travelling to Odisha for vacation or work, be sure to check out these facts before making your decision.

If you’re looking for a destination to explore in India, look no further than Mahendragiri Hills. This stunning mountain range is home to some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery in India, and it’s an excellent place to take scenic walks or bike rides. Moreover, if you want to learn about indigenous tribal cultures and their customs or experience some of the best yoga spots in India, Mahendragiri Hills is definitely worth visiting. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself up there!