Escaping Into Another World: 4 Must-Visit Destinations

Escaping into another world doesn’t mean you have to book a flight to another galaxy, planet, or dimension. There are plenty of other worlds right here on Earth that will give you the same sense of wonder and awe as leaving this one behind—and will let you come back home with some amazing vacation photos, too! Here are 4 destinations that feel like you’ve escaped into another world . . .


Escaping Into Another World: 4 Must-Visit Destinations

Steeped in culture and history, Norway offers sweeping views of mountains, fjords, waterfalls, and arctic scenes. Situated in Scandinavia, the country is dominated by lush forests and snowy peaks that contain many old Viking tales.

Of course, there are plenty of activities available year-round. You can go skiing or snowboarding at either the Åre or Trysil resort or cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on any one of its paths through the wintery woods. With lush landscapes, pristine fjords, and wild horses in the north of Norway, it’s no wonder why you might feel like you’ve left the planet. Norway’s northern lands are so different from those found at the southern tip of Sweden where there are islands and waterfalls as far as the eye can see.


Escaping Into Another World: 4 Must-Visit Destinations

Out of the four destinations mentioned in this blog post, Iceland is by far my favorite! Its stunning landscapes are unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else on Earth and, in a single day, you can experience a range of environments from glacier ice to black sand beaches. Let’s talk about just one incredible journey that can be made by following Route One, which loops around the entire country.

Starting at Reykjavik, the first stop is Hallgrímskirkja Church where you can take in the beautiful cityscape and get a glimpse of glaciers off in the distance. Next up is Gulfoss waterfall, one of Europe’s most spectacular waterfalls – it sits at almost 100 meters high with an average flow rate of 120 cubic meters per second!


Escaping Into Another World: 4 Must-Visit Destinations

Visiting Finland will transport you to another world with its spectacular natural beauty. The country has a harsh climate and an abundance of scenic, wild land. There’s no other place on earth that looks so much like the animated film Frozen. Here are five unforgettable destinations for those who love visiting isolated areas and experiencing the vast wild nature that captivates the imagination.

In general, most people in Helsinki don’t spend too much time outdoors as they do during summer. That said, it doesn’t take more than a short walk to find yourself immersed in the Finnish wilderness. For example, if you want to escape into another world right here in Helsinki then there is one thing you must do: go skiing!


Escaping Into Another World: 4 Must-Visit Destinations

This magical country will enchant you with a rich culture and natural beauty. Home to diverse plant life, wildlife, islands, and verdant hillsides, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The colorful temples of Bangkok feel like something out of a fairy tale and may make it difficult to leave.

For those who can’t stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of quieter destinations such as Chiang Mai, which offers scenic mountains and ancient ruins to explore. Don’t forget to take advantage of this incredible country’s delicious cuisine while you’re there!

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing like getting lost in a beautiful place and feeling like you’ve left this world behind. Although many places offer an experience that’s foreign to Western culture, these four destinations have made it onto our list because they have set the bar high and have created worlds to lose yourself in. These escapes feel so remote that you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into another dimension with no way out!