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Is Stubhub Legit and Reliable Company? Stubhub Reviews 2023

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StubHub, a globally recognized platform connecting buyers and sellers of event tickets, has established itself as a trusted and reliable company in the ticketing industry. With its operating history, partnerships with official ticket sources, and buyer protections, StubHub offers convenience and a wide selection of tickets.

This article examines the trustworthiness of StubHub through an evaluation of its history, seller and event volume, buyer protections, and customer reviews. It also explores the advantages and drawbacks of using StubHub, customer service concerns, and offers recommendations for further improvement.

Overview of StubHub

One of the key highlights of the knowledge provided is that StubHub has been in operation for over two decades, making it a well-established player in the ticketing industry. With its extensive experience and global reach, StubHub has become the largest resale marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of event tickets worldwide.

As a trusted platform, StubHub offers convenience and a wide selection of tickets for various events. However, it is essential to consider the fees involved, including seller commissions and buyer surcharges, which can distort pricing and increase costs for both parties.

In terms of competition, StubHub faces other ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats. Despite the drawbacks, StubHub remains a reliable company with a strong market presence and continues to provide utility to its users.

Buying and Selling on StubHub

When buying and selling on StubHub, individuals can set their own pricing based on market values and include additional photos to enhance the visibility of their ticket listings.

The StubHub selling process is straightforward – sellers create an account, set their desired price, and upload photos of the tickets. The tickets are then posted for a set number of days, and successful sales are deposited within 5-8 business days. Commissions range from 13-15%, depending on the event.

On the other hand, purchasing tickets on StubHub is also convenient. Buyers can search for the desired event, view available listings, and add choices to their cart. StubHub offers instant delivery tickets that can be downloaded immediately, while shipping options are available at no extra cost.

The 100% FanProtect guarantee ensures that buyers receive valid tickets or replacements if any issues arise.

Overall, StubHub offers a reliable platform for buying and selling event tickets, with various ticket delivery options to cater to buyers' preferences.

StubHub Fees

The StubHub fees, including seller commissions and buyer surcharges, should be taken into consideration when budgeting for event tickets to avoid unexpected costs at checkout. When selling tickets on StubHub, sellers can expect a commission ranging from 13-15% of the final sale price, depending on the event.

On the buyer's end, there is a surcharge of 20-50% over the listing amount, with higher fees for high-demand events. These fees can significantly impact the total cost of tickets and should be factored in when planning a budget. It is important to note that StubHub provides transparency by displaying fees upfront, allowing buyers to make informed decisions.

In terms of payment options, StubHub accepts major credit cards and PayPal, providing flexibility and security for transactions. By considering StubHub pricing and payment options, individuals can navigate the ticket-buying process more effectively and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Evaluating Trustworthiness of StubHub

Based on its over 20 years of operating history and the backing from eBay, StubHub has established a considerable level of trustworthiness in the industry. StubHub's reputation is built on its ability to connect buyers and sellers of event tickets worldwide, offering convenience and a wide selection of tickets.

One of the key factors contributing to its trustworthiness is StubHub's customer support. The company guarantees listed tickets or provides replacements if issues arise, ensuring that buyers are protected from invalid listings or fakes through their FanProtect guarantee. While there have been mixed customer reviews, with some complaints about customer service consistency, overall positive experiences outweigh isolated concerns.

To further enhance its trustworthiness, StubHub should continue to invest in customer service and address any gaps to strengthen long-term stakeholder commitments. By adapting to emerging alternatives and demonstrating genuine concern for fan interests, StubHub can maintain its position as a reputable and reliable company in the ticketing industry.

Advantages and Drawbacks of StubHub

While StubHub offers convenience and a wide selection of tickets, it is important to consider the drawbacks of elevated service charges and exorbitant buyer fees that can significantly increase the final costs beyond face value. Some of the advantages and drawbacks of StubHub include:


  • Largest resale marketplace in operation for over two decades
  • Established trustworthiness
  • Global reach
  • Provides utility to many users
  • Offers transaction security through buyer protections


  • Elevated service charges distort pricing
  • Commissions as high as 15% for sellers
  • Exorbitant buyer fees exceeding 50% of the listing total
  • Final costs can multiply well beyond face value
  • Aggregated surcharges incentivize exploring other options first

When considering StubHub, it is important to weigh the advantages of convenience and selection against the drawbacks of elevated costs. Customers should evaluate their budget and compare prices to ensure they are getting the best value for their ticket purchase. Additionally, understanding the customer experience and pricing structure of StubHub can help inform buying decisions in the ticketing market.

Customer Service Concerns and StubHub's Role in the Ticketing Ecosystem

Addressing customer service concerns and evaluating StubHub's role in the ticketing ecosystem are essential steps in enhancing user satisfaction and maintaining a strong position in the market.

Improving customer support is crucial for StubHub to address the mixed feedback on customer service consistency. Some users have encountered non-responsiveness or inability to remedy concerns, indicating the need for additional investments in customer service to strengthen retention.

Moreover, StubHub should also consider the impact of alternative ticketing platforms on its role in the ticketing ecosystem. While StubHub fills a specialized role meeting urgent access needs and provides genuine value through hard-to-obtain inventory, it is not the default selection for cost-conscious customers.

Recognized as a last resort fulfilling niche needs, StubHub should adapt its business models to demonstrate genuine concern for fan interests and justify its dominant incumbent status by adapting to emerging alternatives.

Recommendations for StubHub

To improve user satisfaction and maintain a strong position in the market, StubHub should consider implementing moderate policies and reinforcing its standard-bearing position through balanced measures. This will address customer concerns and enhance transparency in pricing.

Here are five recommendations for StubHub:

  • Enhance customer service: Invest in additional resources to provide consistent and responsive support to users, addressing their concerns promptly and effectively.
  • Improve pricing transparency: Clearly display all fees upfront, including seller commissions and buyer fees, to prevent surprise costs at checkout and ensure transparency in pricing.
  • Lower service charges: Review and adjust the current service charges to provide a more reasonable pricing structure for buyers and sellers.
  • Streamline refund processes: Simplify and expedite the refund process for invalid tickets or canceled events to enhance customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Embrace emerging alternatives: Adapt to the changing ticketing landscape by exploring innovative business models that prioritize fan interests and justify StubHub's dominant position in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Stubhub Handle Ticket Delivery for International Events?

StubHub offers various ticket delivery options for international events, including instant download, electronic transfer, and shipping. They also provide customer support for international ticket buyers, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

Can I Transfer My Tickets to Someone Else After Purchasing Them on Stubhub?

Transferring tickets on StubHub is possible. The platform allows ticket holders to resell their tickets, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase them. However, it is essential to consider ticket resale ethics and ensure that the transaction is conducted within the guidelines set by StubHub.

What Happens if the Event I Bought Tickets for Is Cancelled or Rescheduled?

If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, StubHub offers a ticket refund process. Customers can contact StubHub's customer support for assistance in these situations. StubHub aims to provide reliable support and ensure customer satisfaction.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Events or Tickets That Can Be Listed for Sale on Stubhub?

Resale restrictions on StubHub vary depending on the event and venue. However, the company ensures ticket authenticity through its FanProtect guarantee, providing buyers with replacements or refunds for invalid listings.

How Does Stubhub Determine the Market Value of Tickets for Pricing Purposes?

StubHub determines the market value of tickets based on factors such as demand, supply, seat location, event popularity, and historical sales data. This ensures fair pricing and helps prevent fraudulent ticket sales on the platform.


In conclusion, StubHub has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy platform for buying and selling event tickets. Its operating history, partnerships with official ticket providers, and buyer protections contribute to its credibility.

However, some drawbacks include elevated service charges and high commissions for sellers, as well as customer service concerns.

To further strengthen its commitment to stakeholders, StubHub should focus on improving customer service and addressing these areas of improvement.