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How To Get Rock The Cradle Blue Keycard In Payday 3?

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on acquiring the elusive Blue Keycard in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle mission.

This keycard is essential for accessing restricted areas and unlocking doors, particularly the VIP club's stairway. As one of the bouncers discreetly carries it, players must strategically retrieve the Blue Keycard without arousing suspicion.

In this article, we will provide you with detailed steps, including:

  • Locating the Neon Cradle building
  • Hacking Cassandra Rifkin's phone
  • Obtaining the VIP invitation card

Master these techniques and progress further in the game.

Locating the Neon Cradle Building

To locate the Neon Cradle building, players must head straight to the start of the Rock the Cradle mission and navigate through the nightclub to find the VIP club, where the Blue Keycard is guarded by two bouncers.

As players enter the nightclub, they will need to explore the layout carefully, taking note of the different areas and rooms. The VIP club is located at the other end of the building, so players will need to make their way through the crowd and avoid any confrontations.

Once inside the VIP club, players will need to identify the bouncer who has the Blue Keycard. This bouncer can be recognized by the keycard visible in their back pocket. It is crucial to approach this bouncer discreetly and find a way to snatch the key without alerting the other bouncer.

Unlocking Rifkin's Office

Upon successfully snatching the Blue Keycard from one of the bouncers in the VIP club, players can now proceed to Rifkin's office and unlock it to progress further in the mission.

To access Rifkin's office, players must navigate through the nightclub and find alternative routes to avoid detection. This can be achieved by finding hidden passages, ventilation systems, or using stealth to silently move past guards.

It is crucial to distract the other bouncer, who is constantly monitoring the area, to create an opportunity to unlock Rifkin's office. Players can use distractions such as throwing objects or creating noise to divert the bouncer's attention away from the office area.

Hacking Cassandra Rifkin's Phone

During the mission in Payday 3, players must follow Cassandra Rifkin and discreetly hack her phone in order to download the digital key needed to progress. This requires the use of advanced hacking techniques and careful navigation of security measures.

Here are three key steps to successfully hacking Cassandra Rifkin's phone:

  1. Locate Rifkin: Players must first locate Rifkin, who can usually be found on the second floor of the Bar area. This requires stealth and observation to avoid detection.
  2. Initiate the hack: Once close to Rifkin, players can start hacking her phone by pressing the designated key (usually F). It is important to stay close to the phone until the green bar at the top left of the screen is filled, indicating a successful download of the digital key.
  3. Maintain discretion: Throughout the hacking process, players must ensure they remain undetected by other characters in the game. Being caught could lead to failure and potential consequences.

Obtaining the VIP Invitation Card

Players can obtain the VIP Invitation Card by scanning the QR code with the phone in Rifkin's office and retrieving the blank card from the opened display case.

To find the secret entrance, players must first locate Rifkin's office in the Neon Cradle building. Once inside, they should go to the Display case and receive a message to hack Rifkin's phone.

After successfully hacking the phone, players need to find Rifkin and stay close to her phone until the green bar is filled to download the digital key.

Once the digital key is obtained, players should return to Rifkin's office and scan the QR code with their phone. This will open the display case, allowing them to take the blank VIP invitation card.

To snatch the key from the bouncers without distractions, players can create distractions or use stealthy approaches.

Interacting With the Laptop and Getting the Blue Keycard

Each player must successfully interact with the laptop in order to obtain the blue keycard from one of the bouncers in the VIP club. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this task:

  1. Locate the unlocked room: After obtaining the VIP invitation card and unlocking the door in the bouncers' area, find the room where the laptop is located.
  2. Start hacking the system: Interact with the laptop and begin the process of hacking into the club's security system. This will require skill and precision to bypass any security measures and gain access to the blue keycard.
  3. Complete the clearance process: During the hacking process, the admin may present a query. Agree to it in order to complete the clearance process. This step is crucial for obtaining the blue keycard.


In conclusion, successfully acquiring the Blue Keycard in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle mission requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and precise execution.

By following the outlined steps of locating the Neon Cradle building, unlocking Rifkin's office, hacking Cassandra Rifkin's phone, obtaining the VIP invitation card, and interacting with the laptop, players can gain the necessary clearance and retrieve the elusive Blue Keycard.

With this keycard in hand, they can unlock doors and access restricted areas, advancing in the game and completing their objectives.