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Payday 3 How to Stealth Dirty Ice? Dirty Ice Mission in Payday 3

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Introducing Payday 3's thrilling mission, Dirty Ice, where players engage in a high-stakes heist at Ashton Fine Jewelry, a front for an international gem cartel.

This first-person shooter game, developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver, immerses players in a world of strategic tactics, requiring careful navigation of guards, security systems, and secret codes.

With its captivating storyline and advanced gameplay mechanics, Payday 3 promises an exhilarating experience for fans seeking a dynamic and challenging gaming adventure.

Planning Your Approach

Planning your approach is crucial in successfully completing the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3. This requires careful consideration of guard and security camera locations, access points, and codes to avoid detection and maximize earnings.

Identifying key NPCs, such as the store manager, is essential for progressing through the mission. The store manager can provide valuable information and access to restricted areas.

Utilizing disguises to blend in with the environment is another effective strategy. By dressing like an employee or using various disguises, players can move around the jewelry store without raising suspicion.

It is important to observe guard patrol routes and security camera blind spots to plan the most efficient and stealthy path.

Additionally, accessing the store's private areas through lockpicking or using alternative entrances, like the alleyway, can provide advantages in avoiding detection and reaching important objectives.

Navigating Guards and Security Systems

Successfully navigating the guards and security systems in the Dirty Ice mission requires careful observation of guard patrol routes and strategic utilization of disguises to blend in with the environment. Understanding guard patrol patterns is essential to avoid detection and ensure a successful heist. By studying their movements and timing, players can find opportune moments to move undetected and progress towards their objectives.

In addition to guard patrols, hacking security cameras is another crucial aspect of outsmarting the security systems. By gaining control of the cameras, players can monitor the guards' movements, identify blind spots, and plan their movements accordingly. Hacking security cameras also allows for the disabling of alarms and other security measures that could jeopardize the mission.

Overall, a combination of careful observation, strategic disguise usage, and hacking security cameras is key to successfully navigating the guards and security systems in the Dirty Ice mission. With these skills and tactics, players can maximize their chances of a successful heist and reap the rewards.

Infiltrating the Private Areas

Accessing the store's private areas by discreetly lockpicking or utilizing the alleyway is crucial for gaining an advantage in infiltrating the high-security environment of the Dirty Ice mission. Once inside, players must navigate the guard patrol patterns and security systems strategically to avoid detection.

Understanding the guard patrol patterns is essential for planning movements and timing the infiltration. Utilizing distractions, such as throwing objects or creating noise, can divert the guards' attention and create opportunities to slip past them unnoticed.

It is also important to locate the store manager, as she plays a crucial role in later objectives. By accessing the store's private areas, players can gather valuable information, find hidden loot, and ultimately increase their chances of success in the mission.

Mastering the art of infiltrating private areas is a key skill for any aspiring heister in the Dirty Ice mission of Payday 3.

Cracking the Basement Code

The key to successfully cracking the basement code lies in thorough investigation and strategic thinking.

In the Dirty Ice mission of Payday 3, players must navigate through a jewelry store, avoiding guards and security cameras to gain access to the basement. It is crucial to identify the locations of guards and cameras to plan movements and remain undetected.

By observing their patterns and using stealthy tactics, players can successfully infiltrate the private areas of the store. Once inside, they must search for the correct code to enter the basement.

This requires careful exploration and attention to detail. Payday 3 offers an immersive gameplay experience, where players can engage in high-stakes heists and strategic planning.

Maximizing Earnings: The Profitable Route

By consistently utilizing the most efficient strategies and carefully considering alternative routes, players can effectively maximize their earnings in Payday 3's Dirty Ice mission.

Planning the perfect heist requires meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the mission's objectives.

To successfully navigate the mission while remaining undetected, players can utilize disguises for stealth, blending into the crowd and avoiding suspicion. Disguises can be obtained by interacting with certain NPCs or by finding hidden costumes within the mission area.

Additionally, players should prioritize identifying guard and security camera locations to plan their movements and avoid detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Guards Are Typically Found in the Jewelry Store During the Dirty Ice Mission?

Typically, there are multiple guards found in the jewelry store during the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3. It is crucial to identify their locations and plan movements accordingly when attempting to stealthily complete the mission.

What Is the Significance of the Store Manager in the Dirty Ice Mission?

The store manager in the Dirty Ice mission plays a crucial role in later objectives. Their presence is significant as they hold important information or access codes that players need to successfully complete the mission and maximize earnings.

Are There Any Alternative Methods to Access the Store's Private Areas Besides Lockpicking and Using the Alleyway?

Alternative entry methods to access the store's private areas in the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3, besides lockpicking and using the alleyway, have not been confirmed. It is recommended to use the best loadout for stealth and explore all possible avenues within the game.

How Many Digits Are in the Code Required to Enter the Basement in the Dirty Ice Mission?

To enter the basement in the Dirty Ice mission of Payday 3, players must input a code consisting of four digits. As for dealing with guards in the jewelry store, the best approach is to carefully plan movements and avoid detection.

What Factors Should Players Consider When Deciding Whether to Take the More Profitable Route in the Dirty Ice Mission?

When deciding whether to take the more profitable route in the Dirty Ice mission, players should weigh the risk vs. reward. Higher profits come with increased difficulty and chances of getting caught. Ideal team composition with specialized skill sets and loadouts is crucial for a successful stealth run.


In conclusion, Payday 3's Dirty Ice mission offers players a thrilling and immersive experience as they navigate the challenges of robbing Ashton Fine Jewelry. Employing strategic tactics such as avoiding suspicion, identifying guard and camera locations, and accessing private areas and the basement, players can stealthily complete the mission.

With its compelling storyline and incorporation of new criminal challenges, Payday 3 promises to deliver an exciting and dynamic gaming experience for fans of the series.