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Starfield Ytterbium Location, Where to Find Ytterbium in Starfield?

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Starfield, the highly anticipated video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, has captivated gamers since its release on September 6, 2023.

One valuable resource within this expansive space setting is Ytterbium, sought after by scientists for experiments and gear upgrades.

In this informative article, we will explore the various locations and methods to find Ytterbium in Starfield, providing players with valuable insights to enhance their gaming experience.

Discover where to find this rare element and maximize your exploration of the Starfield galaxy.

Ytterbium Locations in Starfield

There are several potential locations where ytterbium can be found in Starfield, making it an essential resource for scientists and gear upgrades. Ytterbium scarcity in Starfield has led to the development of various mining techniques to extract this valuable element.

One such technique involves scanning planets for the Yb symbol on the planet map, indicating the presence of ytterbium deposits. Players can then deploy mining drones to extract the mineral and collect it for their use.

Another method is to visit specific vendors like Jemison Mercantile, UC Exchange, and Midtown Minerals, where ytterbium can be purchased. These locations are recommended for their reliable supply of ytterbium.

Scientists and players alike must navigate the scarcity of ytterbium in Starfield, employing mining techniques and visiting trusted vendors to acquire this crucial resource.

Recommended Vendors for Ytterbium

Midtown Minerals in Akila City is a recommended vendor for Ytterbium, offering a reliable supply of this valuable resource and other metals such as titanium and aluminum.

Ytterbium is a sought-after element in the Starfield galaxy, known for its scarcity and use in scientific experiments and gear upgrades. While there are alternative methods to obtain Ytterbium, such as mining on various planets, visiting reputable vendors like Midtown Minerals is a more reliable option.

Ytterbium scarcity makes it crucial for players to find trustworthy sources to acquire this resource. Midtown Minerals not only provides a steady supply of Ytterbium but also offers other essential metals for players' crafting needs.

Mining Ytterbium on Planets

Players can acquire Ytterbium in Starfield by mining for it on various planets, as well as purchasing it from recommended vendors like Jemison Mercantile and UC Exchange. Ytterbium is a valuable resource sought after by scientists for experiments and gear upgrades.

To mine for Ytterbium, players can use advanced ytterbium mining techniques such as scanning planets for the Yb symbol on the planet map. Certain planets are known to have higher concentrations of Ytterbium, making them the best planets for ytterbium mining. These planets include Aurum Prime, Xanadu, and Nova Terra.

Additionally, exploring and scanning asteroid belts and space debris can also yield Ytterbium. It is important to equip the appropriate mining equipment, such as the Ytterbium Scanner and the Ytterbium Extractor, to maximize efficiency and productivity during mining operations.

Neons General Stores and Ytterbium

Located in various locations across the Starfield galaxy, Neons general stores offer a reliable source of Ytterbium, which can be utilized by scientists for experiments and gear upgrades. Neons general stores provide a convenient and accessible option for players to acquire Ytterbium, ensuring its availability for scientific endeavors.

Here are three key points regarding Neons general stores and Ytterbium:

  1. Wide Availability: Neons general stores can be found in multiple locations throughout the Starfield galaxy, making it easier for players to access Ytterbium. This ensures a steady supply of the valuable resource for scientists and adventurers alike.
  2. Quality Assurance: Neons general stores are known for their reliable sourcing and quality assurance. Players can trust that the Ytterbium obtained from these stores is of the highest standard, meeting the needs of scientists for their experiments and gear upgrades.
  3. Convenience: By offering Ytterbium in their stores, Neons eliminates the need for players to engage in complex and time-consuming Ytterbium mining techniques. Instead, players can simply visit Neons general stores to acquire the resource conveniently and efficiently.

With Neons general stores providing a reliable source of Ytterbium, scientists and adventurers can confidently pursue their endeavors in the Starfield galaxy.

Starfield Gameplay Overview

The expansive action role-playing game, Starfield, offers players over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations to explore in its open-world Milky Way galaxy.

With a seamless perspective switching feature, players can effortlessly switch between first-person and third-person views, enhancing the immersive experience.

Starfield's open world exploration allows players to venture into uncharted territories, discovering unique landscapes and encounters along the way. The game utilizes procedural generation to create the majority of the landscapes, while handcrafted content enhances the planetary experiences. This combination ensures a diverse and captivating gameplay experience.

Additionally, players can interact with diverse NPCs, some of whom can join the player's crew and provide combat support, item carrying, and meaningful dialogue interactions.

Starfield's gameplay offers a vast and dynamic universe, inviting players to embark on thrilling adventures in the depths of space.

NPCs and Crew Interactions in Starfield

As players delve into the immersive world of Starfield, they will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful interactions with a diverse cast of NPCs and crew members, further enhancing the depth and realism of the gameplay experience.

The NPCs in Starfield will offer dynamic dialogue options, providing players with the chance to shape their relationships and influence the story. These interactions will not only affect the player's individual journey but also impact the overall crew dynamics.

The crew members in Starfield will have their own unique personalities, skills, and backstories, adding depth to the gameplay and fostering a sense of belonging within the game world. Players will need to navigate the complexities of crew dynamics, managing conflicts and building camaraderie to ensure the success of their missions.

Overall, the NPCs and crew interactions in Starfield will play a crucial role in creating a rich and immersive gaming experience.


In conclusion, Starfield offers various methods and locations to find Ytterbium, a valuable resource within the game.

Players can visit recommended vendors such as Jemison Mercantile and UC Exchange on Mars, or mine for Ytterbium by scanning planets and looking for the Yb symbol on the planet map.

Neons General Stores also provide opportunities to acquire Ytterbium.

With these insights, players can maximize their gaming experience and utilize Ytterbium for experiments and gear upgrades in the vast expanse of space in Starfield.