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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.49 Patch Notes

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The Elder Scrolls Online receives a significant update with version 2.49, introducing important changes and fixes that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

This update addresses various player-reported issues, including the proper display of ability cost mechanics and the resolution of conditional requirements for healing abilities.

Mundus Stone effects are now retained during load screens, and adjustments have been made to Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks for improved game balance.

Additionally, specific abilities and items have been addressed and fixed, ensuring a smoother and more immersive experience for players.

Ability Cost Mechanics Display Fix

The recent update to The Elder Scrolls Online has addressed the ability cost mechanics display issue, ensuring that abilities with varying cost mechanics now properly display their respective costs, even before the skill is learned or slotted.

This fix is particularly important for players who rely on a strategic understanding of ability costs and resource management during gameplay. The improved display provides clarity and allows players to make informed decisions about which abilities to use in different situations.

This update enhances the overall gaming experience by reducing confusion and frustration related to ability costs. It also showcases the developers' commitment to addressing player feedback and continuously improving the game's mechanics.

Just as solving mathematical puzzles requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills, understanding and managing ability cost mechanics in The Elder Scrolls Online is crucial for success in the game.

Healing Ability Conditional Requirements Fix

An important fix has been implemented to address the conditional requirements of healing abilities, ensuring that they no longer bypass health threshold restrictions.

This fix is a significant improvement to the effectiveness of healing abilities in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Healing plays a crucial role in gameplay, especially in group activities where players rely on healers to keep them alive during battles.

By fixing the conditional requirements, healing abilities can now function as intended, providing timely healing to players who are below a certain health threshold.

This improvement will have a positive impact on gameplay, as it allows healers to better manage and strategize their healing abilities, leading to more successful encounters and increased survivability for the entire group.

Players can now experience smoother and more balanced gameplay, where healing is a vital component of their overall strategy.

Mundus Stone Effects Retention Fix

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Players can now rejoice, as the Mundus Stone effects retention fix ensures that their character's bonuses will no longer be lost upon death during a load screen.

This recent update in The Elder Scrolls Online, specifically the 2.49 patch, addresses the retention of Mundus Stone effects and its impact on gameplay. Previously, players would lose these bonuses when their character died during a load screen.

However, with this fix, players can now benefit from the Mundus Stone effects consistently, even after death. This fix is significant as it enhances the overall gameplay experience, allowing players to maintain their character's bonuses and optimizing their abilities.

Furthermore, this fix highlights the importance of ability cost mechanics in the game and how it can affect gameplay dynamics. The update aims to create a more seamless and rewarding experience for players, ensuring that their progress and character improvements are not lost due to technical issues.

Adjustments to Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks

Regarding adjustments to Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks, players can expect temporary changes that make these attacks un-reflectable, adding a new layer of strategic gameplay to combat situations. This adjustment has the potential to significantly impact gameplay and combat strategies in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Here is a comparison of inferno and ice staff heavy attacks before and after the adjustments, analyzing their effectiveness:

  • Inferno Heavy Attacks: Previously, these attacks could be reflected by certain abilities or items, limiting their effectiveness in combat. With the temporary change, players can now unleash inferno heavy attacks without fear of them being reflected back at them.
  • Ice Staff Heavy Attacks: Similarly, ice staff heavy attacks could also be reflected, reducing their effectiveness in certain combat scenarios. The adjustment now makes these attacks un-reflectable, allowing players to use them more strategically in battles.
  • Increased Offensive Potential: The un-reflectable nature of inferno and ice staff heavy attacks gives players a greater offensive advantage, as opponents cannot deflect or counter these powerful attacks.
  • Tactical Decision-making: Players will need to carefully choose when to use inferno and ice staff heavy attacks, considering the new un-reflectable property. This adds a strategic element to combat, as timing and positioning become crucial factors.
  • Adaptation of Combat Strategies: With these adjustments, players will need to adapt their combat strategies to incorporate the un-reflectable nature of inferno and ice staff heavy attacks. This could lead to the development of new playstyles and tactics to maximize the effectiveness of these attacks.

Overall, the adjustments to inferno and ice staff heavy attacks bring about a significant impact on gameplay and combat strategies in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players now have the opportunity to utilize these attacks more strategically, enhancing the depth and complexity of combat situations.

Fixes for Specific Abilities and Items

Several abilities and items have been fixed and improved in The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.49, addressing specific issues and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

One notable fix is the adjustment made to staff attacks, specifically the Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks, which have been temporarily made un-reflectable. This change aims to improve the balance and mechanics of these attacks.

Additionally, the update has resolved issues with specific abilities such as Runeblades, Fatecarver, The Imperfect Ring, Runemend, Remedy Cascade, and Chakram Shields. These fixes ensure that these abilities now function correctly and contribute to a smoother gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Acquire the Marksmans Crest Item Set Weapons?

To acquire the Marksman's Crest item set weapons in The Elder Scrolls Online, players can obtain them as Bows. This availability ensures that players can enhance their gameplay with the unique features and bonuses provided by this specific weapon set.

Can Group Mount Passengers Be Seen Riding on the Ground Without a Visible Mount?

Group mount passengers in The Elder Scrolls Online cannot be seen riding on the ground without a visible mount. This ensures that the game maintains realism and consistency in its group mount mechanics and mount visibility.

Do Gold Coast Experience Scrolls Stack With Identical-Appearing Scrolls?

Gold Coast experience scrolls do stack with identical-appearing scrolls in The Elder Scrolls Online. However, the patch notes also mention fixes for issues with group mount passengers being seen without a visible mount, UI errors, and creating new characters.

What Is the Passion Dancers Attire Costume Referred to as in Tooltips?

The Passion Dancer's Attire costume in The Elder Scrolls Online is no longer referred to as a skin in tooltips. This change in terminology provides more accurate information about the costume's classification within the game.

What Was the UI Error That Could Occur When Creating a New Character?

When creating a new character in The Elder Scrolls Online, a UI error could occur. This issue has been fixed in the recent update. Additionally, weapons for the Marksmans Crest item set can now only be acquired as Bows.


In conclusion, the latest update for The Elder Scrolls Online, version 2.49, brings important changes and fixes to the game, improving gameplay experience.

Various issues have been addressed, such as the proper display of cost mechanics for abilities and the fixing of conditional requirements for healing abilities.

Mundus Stone effects are no longer removed when dead during a load screen, and adjustments have been made to Inferno and Ice Staff Heavy Attacks.

Overall, these changes enhance the performance and balance of the game.