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  • Post author: offers clothing and accessories for children aged 0-12. Still, the reviews about the service this company provides before, during, and after the purchase aren’t the most convincing.

The numerous customer complaints include delayed shipping times, missing items from their orders, lack of customer service, and more. Read on to find out what you need to know before shopping at, as well as get information on how to make a return or exchange if you are unsatisfied with your order.

This KiddStore review will tell you whether KiddStore .us is a scam or a trustworthy company. Let’s take a look at this online store’s reality.

Introduction reviews - What you need to know before shopping

It is an online store selling many items, but there are things you need to consider before using it as a go-to place to shop.

Currently, The seller has more than ten products for sale, which are eligible for free shipping. The average price of products sold by Kidd Store is $7.82, considered affordable.
More than 95 feedbacks in the past 12 months suggest Kidd Store is a successful seller on Amazon.

This seller has sold a handful of items, making it a small-scale seller. As such, he has a limited amount of feedback, and there is difficulty determining his overall quality at this point. However, we will keep a close eye on this person for now.

With an average star rating of 4.2, the consumers in this store seem less than satisfied with their purchases. As such, customers thinking about making a purchase might want to consider other stores before making a purchase. Review

Kiddstore Reviews: Real or Fake?

Many customers and prospects have asked if is a scam.
We agreed to thoroughly investigate it to allow viewers to form their own opinions.
This review will undoubtedly show you all the details you need about the service.

Opinions Matter

Reviews of an internet site are a good indicator of a scam.
It is reasonable to research reviews off-site to obtain authentic reviews for an internet page on the same website. When reviews don’t support an online store, it can be challenging to determine its legitimacy.

Beware of scams

We aren’t suggesting that isn’t respected or that you should not give information, sign up, or buy from them. Nevertheless, it must be considered when purchasing from any e-commerce site.

Analyses in detail

Utilizing our premium new-state reporting software, we have conducted an in-depth investigation of to better inform the public about this online retail site. As for’ credibility, there’s not much else we can do other than provide you with this in-depth research so that you may draw your conclusions from there.

Retail & Wholesale Prices

When a product or service is available at a lower cost than what you’re used to seeing, there is a high probability that it’s counterfeit. Although, when browsing online, where an object is listed at what may appear to be a reasonable price (a little bit less expensive than in-store prices), there is a strong likelihood that the website is just a drop shipper.

A Dropshipper is a type of website, person, or store that sells an object to viewers and then orders the thing from a low-priced wholesaler and has the wholesaler ship it to the viewers directly. This can often work fine, and nothing’s wrong with the arrangement, but viewers are over-charged for a product if they are unaware. In other words, this report is not accusing of acting as a drop shipper, yet, on the other hand, we are simply telling you, in general, that often if the prices of a given e-commerce store seem all right, however, the different aspects of the web site are questionable, it could be either a scam or a drop shipper.

If is assumed to be a dropship company, shoppers will likely receive the goods purchased similarly. It is in a dropshipping business’s best interest to remain on the web longer and thereby cultivate the prestige associated with having a legitimate store.
Keep in mind that sites that drop ship, as a general rule, may need to send items faster or get things of poor quality.

Disagreements / Moments

A site may be suspected to be a scam by a single reviewer, but that is not necessarily true.’s trustworthiness may fluctuate very quickly. Therefore, we provide you with only the facts so that you can form your judgment.
To help future buyers, please share your experiences with, whether positive or negative.

It Isn’t a Scam?

If you think is authentic, please click the This Site is Not a Scam hyperlink at the top of this analysis page. This will lead you directly to our site and cast your vote.
Suppose you own and this website is trustworthy. In that case, you may contact us so that we may, as quickly as possible, inspect more in-depth and change or delete any or all content that applies if the online store is considered legitimate.

Company Address

This store’s address is 123 N Esplanade St, Leavenworth, KS 66048, USA. KiddStore has never been mentioned on or around this address on Google Maps. So, in place of them, other companies are featured over here. This site doesn’t want the consumer to find this information. It would be unsafe to do online shopping for a company like that. Its email address, i.e., jony.dep102@gmail .com is a free email address but not a domain-specific one.

The customer service

They are very responsive, and I got a response within the hour of my first email, which is impressive! They also sent updates when my package was on the way, which I found helpful. The only downside is that they don’t offer international shipping, so it will be difficult for me to purchase anything in the future that isn’t located in Canada or the United States.


If you’re looking for a place to buy children’s clothes, then Kiddstore is the perfect store for you! They have a wide variety of clothes and are constantly adding new items. You’ll find all your favorite brands here, and their prices are competitive with other stores. The customer service is also excellent, so if you have any questions about the sizing or anything else, they’re always happy to help!

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