Lalo High Chair Review – A Mom’s Perspective

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The Lalo high chair has long been considered one of the best baby high chairs, though it might be hard to find in stores nowadays. There are some high-quality alternatives, but the original Lalo high chair should be your go-to if you’re looking for something straightforward to clean and move around while being sturdy enough to last through your child’s growing years.

In addition to its many positives, the Lalo Chair has some negatives. After trying The Chair for several weeks, I have honest thoughts in the hope that it will help you decide whether it will be a good fit for you and your little one. Let’s take a closer look at this famous piece of baby gear by examining its most important features!

About Lalo High Chair

Lalo High Chair Review - A Mom's Perspective

Only at Lalo and here can you find Lalo’s newest high Chair. In addition to the tray that’s easier to put in and take out, the tray has a larger surface area, easy-to-clean straps that don’t slip, and the footrest can be flipped over for even more legroom.

Setup only takes a few minutes, and the smooth surfaces (and machine-washable accessories) make cleanup easy even after the messiest meal.

This Chair is made from non-toxic materials and sustainable beechwood that is FSC-certified (so it can support babies before reaching the footrest).

When your first bundle of joy shows up, it can be challenging to figure out what they need and which products will best meet their needs – especially when faced with myriad options.

If you’re a parent interested in finding new and better products, keep reading this Lalo review. Lalo (or Love All Little Ones Inc.) is a brand that focuses on baby and toddler items that both parents and kids enjoy.

They want to reduce the time-consuming task of grocery shopping and free up time for parents so that they can devote their attention to the things that matter. Lalo has stuff like bottles and strollers as well as furniture and clothing, all of which are designed for the convenience of time-challenged families.

Though they’re a relatively small company, the brand has already created a significant social media buzz. Lalo already has 3.6k followers on Facebook and over 55.9k followers on Instagram and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Pure Wow, apartment therapy, goop, and Fatherly.

Are you interested in getting clothes for your growing Family from this ever-increasing brand? This Lalo review will analyze the best-selling items, policies, promotions, and customer feedback to make the right purchase.

Lalo High Chair Overview

Lalo High Chair Review - A Mom's Perspective

The American brand was founded in 2018 by Greg Davidson and Michael Wieder. Davidson and Wieder, both relatively new dads, knew how exhausting it could be to find everything necessary for a new baby.
They founded Lalo to provide new parents with a straightforward, transparent safety standard and child-friendly, durable designs that grow with their child.

In its flagship store, Lalo Land, based in NYC, Lalo’s goal is to make it easier for parents to choose from all the products on offer for the youngest children.

Lalo is all about products that won’t stand out, will last a long time, and are cost-effective. All their inspiration comes from family life, and their teams work with designers from America and Scandinavia.

Lalo products are first rigorously tested for safety and are then produced by a family-owned factory in China with longstanding experience in producing baby products.

The brand always keeps track of the ASTM safety standards that products must comply with, ensuring all the requirements are met and exceeds requirements where possible. They also refuse to use harmful, toxic materials in the process. They are careful to ensure all of their products are Prop 65 compliant. They provide detailed information about the safety of their products on their website.

Lalo High Chair Description

Lalo High Chair Review - A Mom's Perspective

The Chair’s convertible nature means you can save time and money by only buying a few products instead of new ones as children grow up. Here are the three modes

If the baby can sit up without support, we recommend switching to the High Chair set.
Convert Booster Seat into a Booster Seat without a tray (sold separately) to let your baby participate at mealtime.

This versatile Play Chair is best suited for children ages two to seven. Legs ARE part of the Kit.
This Chair features a soft cushion for comfortable seating. For those seeking color variation, there is a wide range of cushion colors.

Lalo High Chair Specifications

Lalo High Chair Review - A Mom's Perspective
  • It comes complete with a High Chair, Cushion, and Convertible Play Legs
  • Toddler High Chair – age 4 months+ or able to sit independently, up to 3 years old.
  • 4 months-3 years old
  • This age range: is 2-7 years old.
  • The weight of a high chair is about 10 lbs.
  • Child’s Play Chair, Size 16 x 16 x 21
  • Chair weight: 5 pounds
  • List of materials
  • Legs: Wood is certified FSC
  • Designed and manufactured of non-toxic plastic
  • Lightweight and great-looking.
  • Straps: Made of Nylon
  • The cushion is made of cotton.
  • Look out for
  • Seat and tray: wet a sponge in mild dish soap and wipe down surfaces
  • The tray is top-rack dishwasher-safe.
  • Harness: Material is improved, so it’s easy to wipe it down; you can also machine wash the straps in a mesh bag to keep them safe
  • It is important to remember that this pillow should be washed in cold water and hung up to dry. Dry clean and do not tumble dry. Dry clean and do not bleach
  • Safety First
  • All Lalo products meet and even surpass ASTM Safety Standards.
  • Made of safe, non-toxic materials
  • in compliance with Prop 65
  • Features a five-point safety harness

Lalo High Chair Review

Modern and thoughtfully designed baby and toddler products characterize Lalo. I was drawn to The Chair because it looks chic, and the frame eventually converts to a high or regular chair. Great for any of the future children. The Basic Kit is $175, the 2-in-1 Kit is $195, and the Full Kit is $215. In the end, I got the Full Kit. For $215, you get everything, and that feels like a great value when you consider you’re also getting the pillow and legs.

Upon seeing The Chair, I was immediately attracted to its sleek design and how easy it was to fit into our apartment’s decor without looking out of place. It made me feel like I could also maintain my identity without being a parent. I usually left the tray on during feedings, so I didn’t have to take it off. The tray is tricky to take off but is very easy to clean, so I leave it on most of the time. It just requires a sponge to wipe down, and the food goes off.

Sometimes I needed a deep clean (you know, those messy meals…), so I threw the tray in the dishwasher and the cushion and straps in the washing machine! Early on, the footrest won’t be reachable for most children, but once they can eat solids, it should be great for everyone. They gain an additional 3 inches during growth by flipping the platform over.

Going back to what I was looking for in a high chair, The Chair checked all my boxes and then some! Pro tip: I converted two of my chairs and kept the brace on, so the girls now eat at their table and are secure.
The Chair from Lalo is an excellent, sturdy seat that makes mealtime easier and safer for your little one.
You can adjust the height and convert the Lalo high chair into a play chair for your child when they grow out of needing a high chair, saving you some money in the long run.

Its smooth, dishwasher-friendly surfaces make cleaning up after a mashed potato demolition a breeze.
Lalo The Chair blends right into any kitchen or dining room decor thanks to its FSC-certified beechwood legs and signature colors of white, green, pink, blue, and black.

If you don’t already own The Chair, now is a great time to buy it because it comes bundled in a kit with the Stain Resistant Cushion Seat and Shorter Play Legs.

By buying the three items together, you can get more versatility with their use. There is easier cleanup since they are sold together, not to mention the $40 you will save buying them in this package.
Pick up Lalo’s The Chair for $175 separately, or $215 if you want the Cushion and Play Legs set.

Lalo High Chair Customer Review

Despite the brand’s youth, Lalo has already received a lot of praise for their products. Most Lalo customers seem satisfied with their purchases. However, a few parents complained that Lalo’s products needed to fit their kids. It’s understandable since each child is different.

According to the reviews left on their website, Lalo’s products have certainly made buying and taking care of children’s furniture easier.

“We purchased the play kit, and our kids love it, but I love how it looks in my house. I liked how easy it was to assemble, very sturdy, and easy to clean.” A customer who bought The Play Kit said: “We purchased the play kit, and not only do our kids love it, but I love how it looks in my house.”

I also checked the star ratings on the Lalo website for this review. Here’s how customers rated the best-sellers:

The Chair has over 692 reviews and an average rating of five stars.

Out of 274 reviews, The Play Kit was given five stars.

Based on consumer studies, the First Bites Starter Kit received an average of 5 stars out of 5.

Based on 171 reviews, Bib averages a five-star rating.

From what I see on various forums, other parents agree with me and appreciate how safe and child-friendly Lalo’s products are.

I bought this for my one-year-old grandson, and it’s staying on the way better than any Velcro-backed bib, said the reviewer.

The following are Lalo’s best-sellers ranked by Babylist readers:

Based on 668 reviews, The Chair is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

According to 60 reviews, The Play Table is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

A total of 14 studies have been written about the First Bites Starter Kit

Based on 172 reviews, The Bib gets 4.9 stars

The Chair, an adjustable high chair that turns into a chair when your child is ready, is also gaining popularity

among parents. According to a 5-star review on, “I love that it will turn into a chair when my daughter is ready.”.

Even though every parent’s needs are unique, most buyers enjoy Lalo’s products, appreciating the brand’s commitment to safety and finding them highly functional and easy to use.

Lalo High Chair Pros

  1. Beautiful Design with a Sleek, Modern Look
    I would have liked it if the legs stuck out less, but Lalo chairs could be bulkier in the current chair market. We have a medium-sized house, so they are a good size for our kitchen without taking up much space. It is, of course, an excellent option for people who love a simple design aesthetic. I love that Lalo offers various pretty colors and materials instead of the standard black or white options, so you can choose something that will look pretty in your kitchen or dining room.
  2. Easy to Assemble & Dis-Assemble
    I LOVED assembling the Chair with my kids. The Chair comes made, and there’s nothing else to do but screw on the legs.
    Furthermore, it’s easy to disassemble and store (unscrew the legs) if you need to move it.
  3. Very Easy to Clean
    The Lalo high chair fits the bill because I have three young children, so I have to clean it after every meal.
    If the cushion is removed, there are almost no crevices, nooks, or crannies where food can fall, making cleaning the Chair a breeze. In addition to making my life easier, I feel better about not having to worry about mold or mildew growing inside my child’s eating area!
  4. Safe, Eco-Friendly Materials & Sturdy Build
    Aside from feeling safe and sturdy, I like how the Chair is constructed overall. Despite the thick plastic parts of the chair part, the tray, etc., all the materials appear to be high-quality.
    I also pay a lot of attention to the fact that it is made of safe materials. I try my best to reduce the number of toxins my children come into contact with, especially when it comes to furniture.
    With FSC-certified beechwood legs (which means the wood was sourced responsibly), the Lalo Chair is made from BPA-free, food-safe hard plastic. The product also complies with California’s Prop 65, which has pretty strict standards regarding things like lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, etc.
    Additionally, suppose you need to replace any of the parts. In that case, you can purchase each piece separately, reducing waste and extending the Chair’s life. This durable high Chair should last you and your family along.
  5. Transitions to a Play Chair
    Once your child outgrows the high Chair, it’s a wonderfully clever idea to convert it into a play chair. After my daughter grows out of the high chair phase, I will be able to extend the life of the Chair and use it for many more years without donating or throwing it away. (This also helps justify the Chair’s initial cost.)
  6. Easy to Be with the Family
    I love that I can take the tray off and still have the belly bar for safety, so I can pull the Chair right up to the kitchen table so my little one can eat (or hang out!) with the rest of the Family.
  7. Detachable, Machine-Washable Cushion
    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I like the cushions, but I have some reservations, too. It is super soft, easy to turn on and off, and fits very nicely against the Chair. Unfortunately, it will get dirty quickly. I like that this cushion is machine washable, but it will require a good stain treatment to remove the food stains. (I think it might be wise to consider providing a darker color that would make it harder to see stains.)

Lalo High Chair Cons

  1. Not a Fan of the Straps
    Lalo Chair’s five-point harness is, in theory, great (some chairs only have three-point harnesses), but I prefer the straps.
    The straps look more like glorified ribbons than anything else. The material is a bit thicker than you might imagine when considering a wide ribbon, but the straps aren’t even durable.
    Also, the top and bottom of the straps meet at nearly the same point in the back of the Chair, which (along with the flimsy material) makes it difficult for them to stay over the baby’s shoulders. The baby cannot reach their food by tightening the straps by leaning forward. However, it still needs to be better to use the cushion.
  2. Tray is Not Adjustable
    The food tray is positioned so far away, even for my 14-month-old child, that I wish to move it closer to my daughter’s body.
  3. Design of the Actual Chair
    The part where the kid sits in the Chair is somewhat awkward. The recline means that the child has to sit in the front of the Chair to eat instead of leaning back on the back of the Chair. This might work out better for the kid once they fall asleep in the Chair, or at least make for a more comfortable Play Chair once it transitions from being a High Chair. Still, it certainly doesn’t make for a suitable place for dining.
    A design element in the Chair – the fact that the tray is non-movable – combined with the slight recline make it difficult for me to know how well it would suit infants and toddlers. I am concerned that this is better suited for older babies and toddlers than it is for the beginning of the baby’s solids-eating timeline.
  4. Tray Removal Requires Two Hands
    As a parent, you’ll know how tough things can be with just one hand, but that tray requires two hands to remove it!

Reasons To Love Lalo High Chair

Regarding price, at $195, Lalo offers a much more budget-friendly option than the average of the higher-end competition. And even better, Lalo’s Full Kit is a complete package deal for $235.

At that price, not only do you get a beautiful high chair, but you get legs that can be removed and turn it into a play chair, as well as a machine-washable cushion.

Full of neutrals and pastels, this color palette is only sometimes kept under lock and key in my home to be accessed when my friends visit.

With every purchase, you get a 100-day risk-free trial to buy without regret.
They do a lot of good with the money you give them, so if you enjoy their product, feel good knowing you’re supporting a company that does good.

A portion of the profits from the last year went to Baby Quest, a nonprofit that offers financial assistance to those who can’t afford the high cost of fertility procedures. This year, Lalo is donating to the Good Plus Foundation, which helps needy people.

They carry everything to be Prop 65 compliant and rigorously tested to the highest safety ASTM and government standards.

Overall thoughts on the Lalo High Chair

With The Chair, you can instantly take your little one from the kitchen to the playroom. Once your little one graduates to a booster seat for dining, it quickly transforms into a lightweight play chair that kids can use for years. She loves pulling it up to her pint-sized table to draw, paint, play with stickers, or have a snack.

Since babies grow so fast and their needs change quickly, most products become unusable after just a few years, if not months. I find this extremely frustrating, as I want to purchase only the “best of the best” for my Family.

As babies grow, a few emerging brands are dedicated to creating high-quality items that serve multiple purposes.

With Lalo products, you can expect your purchase to last for years. Check out all of Lalo’s products here. Play Kit and food-based dough pack are already on my wish list.


Who owns Lalo?

Greg Davidson and Michael Wieder are the founders of Lalo.

Does Lalo ship internationally?

According to the brand’s FAQ section, international shipping may be available. The brand currently only services the US and its territories.

Where is Lalo made?

All of Lalo’s products are made in China by a family-owned company specializing in creating items for babies and toddlers for more than seven decades.

What is Lalo’s Shipping Policy?

Lalo will ship anywhere within the United States and its territories.
You will be sent tracking information by email when you have placed your order. The processing will take approximately 1-2 business days, and the shipping by FedEx should take 5-7 days.
Orders in the continental United States with a total price over $50 will get free shipping; if it’s under $50, there’s an additional $7 shipping fee. US territories can charge anywhere from $50 to $100 shipping fees, depending on the ordered items.

What is Lalo’s Return Policy?

If you don’t like The Chair or The Play Kit within the first 100 days of your purchase, you can return them and get a full refund.
Every other product has a 30-day return policy. The policy is that all you need to do if you want to return or exchange an item is
You can get help with your account by contacting us at the address below.
You will be sent a return label, so please note to return the jacket
Please send the items back in their original packaging with all tags attached and in the same condition as when you received them so that your order is not subject to a restocking fee.
If you are in the continental US and have securely packaged the returned item, Lalo will pay for shipping.

How to Contact Lalo?

If you have any other questions after reading this Lalo review, don’t hesitate to contact the team.
I was hoping you could email me by replying to this post and putting your contact information at the end of your message.
The phone number of that party is 646 863 5225.

Is Lalo’s Chair worth the price?

I like knowing what I will last, and I see The Chair from Lalo would prove true. Although it is expensive, it would suit our Family for many years to come, and we’d be able to pass it down to future babies. It’s made from sustainable sources of FSC-certified beechwood with non-toxic plastic and cotton filling.

What age is Lalo’s The Chair good for?

I recommend it be used when the child is between 4 and 3 years old and can sit independently. When used as a Play Chair, it is best when the child is one year old and up, but it can withstand a maximum of 200 lbs.

How Long Can You Use the Lalo High Chair For?

You can begin to use the high Chair when your child is sitting up on their own and ready to try solid food (usually four to six months old) and can keep using the high Chair until your child is three years old or 33 pounds.
The high Chair can be transformed into a play chair, which toddlers and young children can use, and adults, too.

Where is the Lalo High Chair Made?

While we’re not fans of seeing products made overseas, the Lalo team assures its customers they carefully selected a manufacturing facility producing baby products for 70 years. It is likely that manufacturing in China also makes the products more affordable for consumers.

What is the “Family Warranty”?

It is Lalo’s version of a standard warranty. Suppose there are any safety or recall issues in the future. In that case, you will be notified and receive a refund or replacement.

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