Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Love Bonito is an online shop that has a fantastic reputation for well-made, good-looking women’s clothing and other accessories. The site provides customers with the option of purchasing unique pieces directly from the site or sending their own clothes in to be made over into something new.

Whether you are looking to add some special touches to your wardrobe or want to find something extra special as a gift, Love Bonito has plenty of products that will fit your taste and budget. Use this Love Bonito review to learn more about the products available and how you can save money on your next purchase.

Who is Love Bonito?

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

Love, Bonito is an online fashion house that offers different types of ladies’ apparel. It asserts to be made by “real women for real women.”. They offer well-made and fitted clothes to rouse confidence without consuming a lot of money. Prospects and clientele can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on their latest products.

Love Bonito offers fashion essentials for the real woman – the one who deals with situations like being late for work, juggling a toddler, or enjoying a date on the couch.

The collection features practical and smart pieces with trendy details like peplum, ruffles, and long lines of alluring buttons. Each piece exudes quality and versatility to fit into any wardrobe.

With over 640K followers on Instagram and Facebook, it’s easy to see why Love Bonito has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes and The Business of Fashion.

Love Bonito Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

We will examine a number of items from the brand in this article, but for customers looking for a specific country’s bestsellers, the site offers thematic shopping.

This seemed like an amusing addition, but it also saved us time by introducing different options to match our preferences.

The following styles are offered in general, without specifics to a specific country, in XXS-XXL sizes. In addition, all dresses come in sizes XS-L. A last detail that was special to me was the information they offer about each item on the site.

Speaking to the fullness and sensuality of the fabric and different styles, we came to a better understanding of what type of gown we were looking for. So let’s talk about the options!

Fashion is a tool to improve confidence and promote joy, according to Love Bonito, and its pieces were created to allow you to be yourself.

Love, Beautiful is the brand’s name, which it uses as a signature at the end of its ‘About Us’ page. The name Bonito Chica used to mean ‘Beautiful Girl,’ but we think its newest version conveys the same message that beauty is for everyone.

With affordable prices for well-made items, the brand further emphasizes this with clothing that fits size 0 mannequins, even testing them in real-life situations: What will this shirt do when she raises her arms? Is it able to withstand rushed situations?

Founded in 2010 by Rachel Lim, sisters Velda and Viola Tan, and Rachel Lim’s two friends, Love Bonito makes clothing in sizes XXS-2XL.

As of today, Rachel’s business has grown into a multi-million dollar venture with five boutiques around Singapore.

Love Bonito Norah Square Neck Bodysuit Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

Bodysuits are a staple of the modern closet, allowing for a wrinkle-free, polished look that elevates everyday tucked-in looks.

It features a squarish neckline and thicker straps to create a chic, stylish look-perfect for any fashionista.

This bodysuit features a thong-cut design and a double snap closure at the crotch for easy on/off. This bodysuit looks great with jean shorts, chiffon skirts, or tweed pants.

$28 gets you this wardrobe staple in sizes XXS to XXL.

Love Bonito Ashleigh Relaxed Asymmetrical Top Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing sexier or more alluring than a low cut top like the Ashleigh Relaxed Asymmetrical Top in navy, brown, or cream.

Easily match it with high-waisted jeans to create a casual weekend look, or add a skirt, heels, and accessories for a more formal date. Always classy, the fabric flows elegantly when tucked into high-waisted jeans.

The garment is made of durable polyester and elastane fabric to ensure a quality look and feel. Available in XXS-XXL, get this top for $34.

Love Bonito Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

Despite being skin-baring, cropped camis seem to have a luxe vibe when they’re worn correctly, like the Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top’s thick look paired with its supportive boning.

Its square neckline gives it an elegant, youthful edge. Wear it with high-waisted trousers or long skirts for extra sophistication.

For $23, you can purchase the Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top from XXS to XXL and it comes in five colors.

Love Bonito Tegan Fitted Square Neck Top Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

Square-necked tops from Love Bonito are flattering for women with broad or narrow shoulders who seek a more polished look.

Featuring rayon, nylon, and spandex, the Tegan Fitted Square Neck Top gives a bit of space between your skin and the fabric thanks to its stretchy and body-skimming style. Dress pants or long skirts can be worn with its sleeves, as they hit you right above the elbow.

This versatile top is available in white, black, and nude for $31.

Love Bonito Morie High Waisted Straight Leg Pants Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

In modern designs, streamlined, yet sophisticated, these Morie High Waisted Straight Leg Pants have a magical quality of lengthening your legs. Made of polyester, these professional looking pants are great for office use, or as part of a color-blocked ensemble and shoulder-draped cardigan.

Pick from coral, black, white, or lilac to achieve a simple but classy style that’s available in XXS-XXL for $44.

Love Bonito Neesa Padded Panelled Tie Back Dress Review

Love Bonito Review: Everything You Need to Know

The casual simplicity of 100% cotton is one element of the breezy excitement found in the Neesa Padded Panelled Tie Back Dress.

Made to hold, form, and cover the upper torso and giving it some added femininity, this form-fitting A-line dress starts off with a round neckline before dropping into an accommodating skirt that ends just below the knee. Although appropriate for a formal and a casual event, its hidden pockets also give it an adventurous and energetic feel.

The dress comes in a number of sizes ranging from small to large, including emerald green and neutral tones of oatmeal. You can enhance the elegance of this flowing dress by wearing heels for a graduation, or a simple outfit by pairing with flats for a weekend picnic. You can buy it for $47.

Love Bonito Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This section of our Love Bonito review was designed to simplify the process of browsing and buying clothing online. We went looking for helpful reviews to find out how the clothing works, and below, you’ll find the results.

As we started looking for feedback, we landed on Reddit, where users said they were very delighted with the brand’s designs and the quality of the products.

One Love Bonito review read, “Highly recommend…we really like their designs. Whatever I’ve owned hasn’t fallen apart and is made better than that bottle chiffon from China.”

In the event this is a post about a specific article of clothing this person purchased from Love Bonito, the quality of that item is higher than others made in the same region. However, this may not be the case, as this individual also posted to a different Reddit thread about Love Bonito and its product quality.

One customer review read, Quality is good, but they carry a lot of clothes made of mostly polyester. It’s not the cheap, bad kind of polyester but the kind that gives your clothes added longevity. This can be great for business clothes because they will not get wrinkled as quickly.

Furthermore, it looks like Love Bonito outfits have high-quality fabrics which you can expect to have years of wear from. So from what we have found, it seems like a lot of people buy the brand because of how it resists wrinkles and for use at more formal settings for their wrinkle-resistant nature.

The following Love Bonito reviews would lead us to believe that it is not a typical fast-fashion brand pumping out cheaply-made, cheaply priced clothing.

Next we visited a website called The Smart Local, which provided our brand with a four-star rating out of five stars after 18 people posted reviews, with ratings in the following categories.

Value: four out of five stars

Here is my service review: 3.7 out of 5 stars.

This app was rated 4.1 out of 5 stars.

My satisfaction level for this is a four out of five.

It had been said that no one left any reviews for The Smart Local, so we turned to a Love Bonito review on Panel Place, who awarded the brand a Superb Rating.

What do they sell?

Several clothing, shoe, and accessory options for women

Kids’ clothing that is gorgeous

Programs for rewarding loyal customers

We offer free shipping and other discounts

Ships worldwide

90-day return window

Upon browsing Love Bonito’s website, we found its t-shirts, bottoms, and dresses are adorned with elegant twists, keyhole cuts, and rows of delicate buttons.

There are also various seasonal promotions and sales going on, so keep checking back if you need something specific. Whether you’re a fashionista or an everyday casual type of person, there’s something for everyone at Love Bonito—and with such reasonable prices, you may find yourself wanting more than one item from its web shop.

Who is Love Bonito For? 

Love Bonito’s website doesn’t make it obvious on purpose, since they cater to all body types, but we found out they tailor their clothes to the Asian body type.

This does not mean that clothing does not exist for other bodies. It merely means the styles and sizes may be different from what you’re used to, so keep your size in mind if you want to shop in Western clothing stores.

In summary, Love Bonito’s designs range from the practical to more upscale, everyday to special-occasion clothing.

What is the quality like?

You can choose from a variety of styles and clothes that all have a great quality. Love Bonito’s prices are also affordable, so people on a budget can buy something nice without breaking the bank. They also have some of the best customer service I have ever encountered online. In an email or Facebook message, they are always kind, responsive, and helpful.

Is Love Bonito Sustainable? 

As we read about Love Bonito online and found comments mentioning its sustainability, we searched the brand’s website to see if it adopted sustainable manufacturing practices.

After coming up empty-handed, we examined its labels to find out what kinds of materials make up its collection. Polyester and nylon dominate, but rayon and cotton also appear there.

In addition, the brand provides a lot of details on each item. Details such as sheerness, benefits, and materials make sure that the customer knows exactly what they are getting. Because shoppers will be more informed about their purchases, this may reduce CO2 emissions.

The brand was born out of a clothing resale business that three friends started in college as they browsed the web.

Reselling high-quality clothing found at thrift stores, the business promoted reusing clothing instead of buying new.

Although Love Bonito doesn’t operate the same way today, we admire the way it got started and hope that it can return to its roots in the near future.

Is Love Bonito Worth It?

The selection of Love Bonito immediately caught our attention. We were relieved to see that the prices were affordable, since it is rare for clothing that looks high-quality in terms of design, cut, and fabric to be affordable.

When we look for new clothing brands, we get stumped at the checkout total. With this company, adding a few quality and versatile pieces to your wardrobe every now and again doesn’t mean spending a month’s wages.

Also, we think Love Bonito is worth checking out because it’s a decent company to buy from. We like that the company came from humble beginnings with the intent of offering high-quality clothing at a reasonable price.

Love Bonito Promotions & Discounts 

Throughout this Love Bonito review, we learned about a few of the ways that the brand can help you save, but the most important one we came across is joining the Love Bonito Community. Once you are a member, you can keep earning points to use as you see fit, as well as receive special gifts and freebies.

Along with this, we discovered that Love Bonito is providing free shipping now for all of its customers and that students can download a 10% off coupon, too.

Where to Buy Love Bonito

You can find Love Bonito in five lovely boutiques in Singapore, if you find yourself in the Lion City. At, you can still shop the entire collection.


The Love Bonito brand has quickly become a favorite of mine and I am so glad that I have it in my life. It is perfect for many different occasions like work or school, but also functions as a great casual outfit on the weekends.

The quality is excellent and all of their products are made from high-quality materials which means they will last for years, plus the prices are very affordable which makes this a great deal! If you want quality clothing, then Love Bonito is the place to go!

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