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Maybe you’ve heard about, or perhaps you haven’t, but you are curious to know more about it – the good, the bad, and the ugly. If so, you’re on the right page because I’m going to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this site is really what it claims to be. After reading this review, feel free to check out my list of other reviews I have written!

What is Reviews - Everything You Need to Know

This site isn’t embarrassing to have anybody – no matter your sexual orientation, age, gender, etc. Married but Looking is characterized as a dating site for those who are looking for Affair Dating. Our moderator team reviews the photos of each new profile. This prevents people from creating fake accounts.

Therefore you will only find real people looking for an actual connection on this site. You will still have the same page layout on your iPhone and iPad as on your desktop or laptop. You can currently access this site with your Android or Windows mobile phone or tablet. Still, a corresponding application on iOS or Android devices has yet to be found. Premium subscription costs start at 18.11.

How does it work?

There is a user lock function to fix this issue, where no further messages will come from the offending user. If their behavior becomes excessive or improper, we also recommend contacting the moderators.

If you’re at a loss for words with your new date, sending them a virtual gift is an excellent way to make a first impression.

Webcams are becoming more and more crucial to communication now that COVID-19 has swept the country, which means that it can be challenging to meet up in person. On Married but Looking, you’ll be able to chat with someone while they’re live on camera so that you can see who they are.

People want to connect with people who live in their area unless they want a long-distance relationship. It’s necessary, therefore, to have a filter option that lets them connect with people who live nearby—additionally, Married but Looking offers a search filter option based on specific criteria.

Modern dating sites and apps offer chat/messaging capabilities as a standard feature. Married but Looking allows users to initiate or accept a personal chat invitation.

A paid feature on Married but Looking allows you to gain priority status on the site, as getting noticed is always a challenge. By doing this, you’ll get a higher listing and can see other people with the same feature, thus increasing your chances of matching.

What are the features?

  • The website offers several search and filter options for finding other users.
  • The gender of users;
  • The user’s age
  • People with profile photos only;
  • People who are logged into the network at the current time.
  • In addition to those outlined above, there are additional ways to filter people by more specialized criteria, if needed.
  • More significant dating sites offer regional searches to match people by location. Usually, on those sites, getting the proper attention can take a lot of work. There are too many people with the same profile, so it’s difficult to be seen; however, a paid membership of Marriedbutlooking offers a Priority Listing in search results which gets your profile seen by more searches.
  • marriedbutlooking can provide the ability to block selected members from contacting you if you find yourself receiving many unimportant messages from people you’re not interested in.
  • You can get invitations from and enter private chats with other site members.

What are the membership options?

There is no trial membership option available for Married but Looking.

There are paid membership options available on Married but Looking.

You must cancel if you wish to stop using this service after the paid period ends.

There is no coin-based system at Married but Looking, so you cannot pay for actions like sending messages or sending virtual gifts.

Paid membership options

Vip Add-On Subscription 1 Month costs $18.11;
Premium Subscription 1 Month costs $24.29;
Premium Subscription 3 Months costs $54.65;
Premium Subscription 6 Months costs $87.42;

What are the pros of

  • The user will not be able to contact you if you block them.
  • Using the messenger feature, users can send virtual gifts.
  • You can use video chat to communicate.
  • You can use advanced search filters to narrow your search preferences to show people in your area.
  • Communication between matches is made more accessible by allowing users to invite each other to private chat rooms.
  • To narrow your search results, you can use advanced search filters.
  • Users can increase their odds of matching by paying for extra visibility on the site.
  • Creating fake profiles is prevented by email confirmation for users.
  • Moderators manually verify the photos. This prevents the creation of fake accounts and filters out inappropriate or explicit pictures.
  • Married but Looking is fully responsive (you will not experience problems using it on mobile devices).

What are the cons of

  • Our review of Married But Looking revealed the following disadvantages:
  • Married But Looking does not offer webcam chat options. These are advertisements for external video online dating services.
  • Text chat is only available to paying Married But Looking members (Gold or VIP).
  • App not available for mobile devices
  • Verification of identity is not provided
  • Site development is still in its infancy
  • Profiles that are spam cannot be reported
  • There are no anonymous payment methods available

Imprint & Contact

The Married but Looking website is operated by Tyche Technologies AG and Dating Factory, registered in Switzerland. To contact them, please use the following contact information.

Company Name: Tyche Technologies AG, Dating Factory;
Company Head Office: c/o LacMont AG, Landis + Gyr-Strasse 1;
Postcode and city: 6300 Zug;
Country: Switzerland;
Contact email:;
Contact phone: +41 445 802 054;

Close Your Account (How to delete Married but Looking profile?)

There are two ways to remove your profile altogether. One option is to cancel your membership, but the other is to deactivate your profile on the site and cease using it completely. If you decide to deactivate your profile, it will hide your profile, and other people will not be able to find you. This option allows you to log in and reactivate your profile.

Otherwise, you can deactivate your account, and your profile will be deleted. If you wish to use the site in the future, you must create a new profile. On Marriedbutlooking, you cannot deactivate your account, but you can close your account. Closing your account costs nothing, so feel free to do so. If you want to unsubscribe to any of the email lists or distributions, you may always do so.

Cancellation Policy (How to cancel Married but Looking?)

It knows how/when to cancel a Marriedbutlooking a premium membership is essential. If you wish to terminate a recurring membership on Marriedbutlooking, you can cancel it online here.

Married But Looking Review Reviews - Everything You Need to Know

A dozen genders and couples are available when you sign up and search for profiles on Married But Looking. Therefore, Married But Looking is for both men and women who are married and couples looking for something more.

There is no cost to join Married But Looking, but subscriptions enhance the browsing and chatting experience. offers free registration for women and men. However, a premium membership will be charged after registration. Former users report receiving messages from other profiles, persuading them to make purchases that will end in scams.

We assume this site uses fake profiles, as messages are automatically sent. There is, however, a lack of data protection on this website. Registering here will make your profile visible to a broad audience. The message will appear in your profile to encourage other users to purchase. Premium membership is required to buy, which is a subscription scam. Qualities AG operates the site. It is based in Steinhausen, Switzerland.

Should I join this site?

Despite appearances, might not be the best option for singles in Australia, given its inherent risks. We looked into online reviews and found that they were generally quite harmful. This site is simply a scam. There are absolutely zero chances that an actual match will be found here.

Registering to the site grants you a default membership. After you purchase a premium membership, an automatically renewed monthly fee of around $XX will be deducted from your account. However, in this case, the person running the site ensured that the deadline for termination would be missed.

While you’re registering, you must consent to specific services. One service is to make your profile visible to a dating site. The owner of the network is infamous, with a horrendous reputation. But it’s not okay for you to register for our service on your profile on more than one hundred dating websites, even though our data protection is in order. It’s in your contract to send and receive automated messages without being alerted beforehand. The game would be the same as a fake chat.

More About married but

New members usually receive an influx of messages. These messages come from the profiles of other users. We suspect this site also uses fake profiles, but proof is currently inconclusive.

This site has no fake profiles, thanks to the lack of security data. New profiles created on the network will send messages to other network websites without warning. Thus, new users receive a fake message when they sign up, but it still persuades them to purchase.

To read and send messages, a paid membership is needed. You also won’t be able to see the pictures in the member’s pool because they’re blurred. There are lots of reviews from previous customers mentioning this in them. We found many bad reviews of it while browsing on the web.

They assess that this site is just a bait-and-switch and is almost definitely a scam. That being said, leaking data and using automated messages is a means to achieving that goal, so your odds of ever interacting with a person are nil. In addition, the operator of the site is very well-known.

Getting started on Married But Looking

  • Below are the steps for starting Married But Looking.
  • Indicate your gender and the gender of the person you’re looking for.
  • Please enter your date of birth and email address to sign up for the account.
  • Be sure to click the box stating that you are of legal age before going further.
  • After these preliminary steps, you will be guided to a form asking for more details about
  • Share your gender.
  • Type in your date of birth.
  • Introduce yourself on Married But Looking.
  • Choose a screen name and password.
  • Type your email address and location into the form.
  • Please answer this CAPTCHA to show that you’re a human, not a bot.
  • If you fill out the form, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to verify your account and email address.

Using the Married But Looking dating site

During our Married But Looking review, we looked at how the site worked, and it breaks down into six distinct areas.

There is a wide selection of new people nearby and people you can search by who you want to meet.
Browse is home to more profile pics which can be filtered based on whether they are online, if they’ve messaged you or if you’ve favorited them.

If you have chosen a paid premium subscription, you don’t have the option of upgrading.

The profile is where you can add details about yourself, such as the types of relationships you’re looking for.
As a paid account member, you will have access to a messages feature separate from the private chat.
Flirt lets you see profiles of men who want to cheat on their wives and flirt with you, much like a dating app swipe.

Prevention of false profiles and fraud

Married but Looking employs moderators who moderate or animate discussions, which are accessible through paid memberships. These discussions use bots or moderators who read off a script. This means that these users will not be able to have an authentic experience or establish meaningful relationships.

Registering on Married But Looking will require you to confirm your email address to prevent the creation of fake profiles. That will make for a safer and more satisfying experience on the Married but Looking platform.

As a result of moderating, your photos will require manual approval by the moderators before they can be displayed. Please do not upload those types of images to prevent posts that include explicit content. As Married But Looking tries to protect user privacy, it is not recommended to post your address or phone number on the site.

Privacy and anonymity

Most online dating sites fall into two categories: public and private. In a general dating site, everyone’s profile is visible, even those who aren’t registered. On the other hand, a personal dating site protects anonymity and privacy by making this content unavailable to non-registered users.

You will only be able to see your profile if you are a registered user on this website. You cannot be seen by anyone who isn’t written on this dating site.

Bottom line

Married But Looking is an excellent option to find extramarital affairs. Other users are likely to be interested in the service for the same reasons that you are. Browse profiles and register for free.

With a free account, there’s little to do on Married But Looking. Still, with the premium subscriptions, the site opens up considerably. While there is no app, it works well on a mobile browser. The website’s general layout does not need any touch-ups, so if you’re looking for a bare-bones affair-finding website, this may work best for you.

The dashboard is simple and uncluttered; instead of an elaborate system of menus, there’s just one button at the top of your page titled Find New Matches. The search box filters match by criteria including age, location, marital status, sexual orientation, and whether they’re looking for someone too.


Is Married But Looking legit?

In our Married But Looking review, we found that this is a legitimate site with a responsive design and an email verification feature to ensure a safe user experience.

Who is Married But Looking for?

It is both a site for couples and singles who are looking for a relationship that will last. Many factors contribute to tension in many relationships, such as the pandemic. Those who feel trapped in their relationships may find relief on online dating sites like this.

Is Married But Looking discreet enough for affairs?

In our review of Married But Looking, we found the dating service to be discrete enough for most married people. You can safely use this dating service if you follow common sense.

How do I avoid getting caught if I’m on Married But Looking dating sites?

Here’s what you need to do to minimize the risk of getting caught on Married But Looking
Resist the temptation to download any dating apps on your phone.
Affair-oriented sites like Married But Looking have apps to use while you’re on the go.
Change your mobile browser to incognito mode while viewing Married But Looking, and change it to normal after browsing.
Maintain secrecy from spouses by saving Married, But Looking-related communication for a separate Pay As You Go phone.
We cannot promise you won’t get caught since this is a Married But Looking review. We encourage you to use common sense while cheating on your spouse.

Do you recommend Married but Looking?

Different sites will work for other people, depending on what you’re looking for. To get a dating site recommendation, enter your information on Matchmaker. Please give us a few specifics, such as age, location, and what you are looking for. And we’ll get you set up with some excellent options.

Do you have to pay for Married but Looking subscription?

Yes, Married but Looking subscription prices are as follows: $18.11

Are there fake profiles on Married but Looking?

Online dating sites generally have fake profiles, but with paid sites like Married but Looking, you’re likely to see fewer scams. Though some fake profiles on dating sites may be able to deceive users with their photos and other details, it’s often easy to detect one because of a combination of factors.

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