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Dead By Daylight 7.2.2 Patch Notes & Latest Updates

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Dead By Daylight 7.2.2 patch notes and the latest updates.

Developed by Behaviour Interactive, this asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game has gained a substantial player base since its release in 2016.

With the objective of one player becoming the Killer and four players as Survivors, the 7.2.2 patch introduces changes to the Xenomorph, perk tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this article will keep you informed and up to date with the newest additions to Dead By Daylight.

Xenomorph Changes

The Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight 7.2.2 patch has undergone changes to enhance gameplay and balance. These adjustments were made to ensure a fair experience for both Survivors and Killers.

The Xenomorph’s abilities have been fine-tuned to create a more challenging but still manageable encounter. Survivors will need to adapt their strategies when facing this formidable Killer.

Effective Survivor strategies against the Xenomorph include utilizing teamwork to repair generators efficiently, communicating to avoid being caught off guard, and using stealth to evade detection.

It is crucial for Survivors to remain aware of their surroundings and make smart decisions when evading the Xenomorph’s pursuit. Additionally, survivors should take advantage of the map’s layout and available resources to gain an advantage.

Perk Tweaks

Perk tweaks in the 7.2.2 update aim to enhance the balance and effectiveness of certain abilities within Dead by Daylight. These changes are designed to improve Survivor strategies and Killer balancing, ensuring a more fair and enjoyable gameplay experience.

The update brings adjustments to various perks, focusing on addressing any potential imbalances and promoting diverse playstyles. Survivors will benefit from these changes by having access to more viable options to outsmart the Killer and increase their chances of survival.

On the other hand, the Killer balancing tweaks will help ensure that each Killer has a fair chance of catching and eliminating Survivors while maintaining a challenging and engaging experience for both sides.

These perk tweaks demonstrate the developers’ commitment to constantly refining the game and creating a balanced environment for all players.

Dead By Daylight Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in the 7.2.2 update address various issues within the game, ensuring a smoother and more stable gaming experience for players. These bug fixes are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the game. Some of the key bug fixes in the 7.2.2 update include:

  • Resolved an issue where survivors were able to exploit certain areas of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the killer’s abilities were not working as intended.
  • Addressed a glitch that caused survivors to become stuck in a looping animation.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the game to crash during online matches.
  • Fixed various minor bugs and glitches that were affecting gameplay.

These bug fixes not only improve the overall gameplay experience but also ensure a fair and balanced environment for all players.

The developers are constantly working to identify and resolve any issues that may arise, demonstrating their commitment to providing a high-quality and enjoyable gaming experience.

Gameplay Improvements

Gameplay improvements in the 7.2.2 update aim to enhance the overall player experience by addressing key areas of concern and implementing changes that promote a more engaging and balanced gameplay environment.

These improvements have been made based on player feedback, ensuring that the changes reflect the desires and needs of the player community.

One of the main focuses of the update is gameplay balancing, ensuring that both the Killer and Survivor roles are equally challenging and rewarding. This includes adjustments to abilities, mechanics, and interactions to create a more fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Platform Expansion

Behaviour Interactive has expanded the availability of Dead by Daylight to multiple platforms, providing players with more options to experience the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. This platform expansion has been met with positive feedback from players, who appreciate the opportunity to play the game on their preferred gaming devices.

  • The game is now available on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, in addition to its original release on Windows. This expansion allows players to enjoy the game on their preferred consoles, providing a more accessible and inclusive experience.
  • Players have praised the seamless transition of gameplay across different platforms, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience. The platform expansion has also led to an increase in the player base, resulting in more dynamic and thrilling multiplayer matches.
  • The availability of Dead by Daylight on multiple platforms has fostered a sense of community and belonging among players, as they can now connect and play with friends regardless of their chosen gaming device.

Overall, the platform expansion of Dead by Daylight has been a welcome development, as it offers players more options and enhances the multiplayer experience. Player feedback has been positive, highlighting the benefits of accessibility, inclusivity, and a larger player base.

Comprehensive Guide

The comprehensive guide for Dead by Daylight provides players with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their gameplay experience and improve their skills.

Whether you’re playing as a Survivor or a Killer, this guide offers tips and strategies to help you succeed.

For Survivors, it provides advice on effective teamwork, generator repair tactics, and ways to evade the Killer.

As a Killer, you can find tips on tracking and capturing Survivors, managing your abilities, and choosing the right Killer for your playstyle.

The guide also covers important aspects such as map knowledge, perk recommendations, in-game progression, and understanding game mechanics.


In conclusion, Dead By Daylight’s 7.2.2 patch brings significant updates and improvements to the game. These updates include changes to the Xenomorph, perk tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements.

The changes to the Xenomorph aim to improve its performance and make it a more formidable Killer. The perk tweaks aim to balance the game and make both Killer and Survivor perks more viable and useful. The bug fixes address various issues and glitches that players have encountered, improving the overall stability and smoothness of the game.

The gameplay enhancements aim to improve the overall gameplay experience by introducing new mechanics or refining existing ones. These updates and improvements are part of the ongoing effort to enhance the game and provide a balanced and engaging multiplayer survival horror experience for players. With ongoing platform expansion and a dedicated player base, Dead By Daylight continues to evolve and provide an engaging multiplayer survival horror experience.

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