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Starfield Where To Buy Scan Jammer? Smuggle Past Security

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Starfield Where To Buy Scan Jammer – In Starfield, players can become intergalactic space smugglers. To successfully navigate planetary security checks, they will need a valuable tool known as the Scan Jammer. These devices can be purchased at The Red Mile on Porrima III.

By speaking to Lon Anderssen behind the Ship Service reception desk, players can acquire one of three options: the Scan Jammer Single-Frequency, Dual-Frequency, or Multi-Frequency.

Each option has different prices and skill requirements. While not guaranteeing 100% evasion, these Scan Jammers are crucial for the success of any smuggling operation in Starfield.

Location of the Red Mile on Porrima III

The Red Mile, located on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima system, is where players can find purchasable Scan Jammers in Starfield. This bustling marketplace offers a wide range of equipment and services for intergalactic travelers. Exploring the Red Mile marketplace is an adventure in itself, with countless vendors and shops offering everything from ship upgrades to exotic alien artifacts.

However, navigating planetary security checks can be a challenge for those looking to smuggle contraband items. To successfully bypass these checks, players should consider purchasing a Scan Jammer. These devices help evade ship scans, increasing the chances of slipping past security undetected.

It is important to note that Scan Jammers do not guarantee 100% evasion, but they significantly improve the odds. So, for those aspiring to be intergalactic space smugglers, a trip to the Red Mile is essential to acquire this valuable tool.

Speaking to Lon Anderssen at the Ship Service Reception Desk

Lon Anderssen, located at the Ship Service Reception Desk, is the person players need to speak to in order to view and modify their ships. In the vast universe of Starfield, Lon Anderssen plays a crucial role in assisting players with their starship needs.

With a background in ship customization and maintenance, Lon has become a trusted figure among space explorers. His meticulous attention to detail and analytical approach make him the go-to person for ship modifications.

When it comes to successfully smuggling contraband using Scan Jammers, Lon Anderssen can offer valuable tips and strategies. Scan Jammers are essential tools for evading ship scans during planetary security checks.

Lon can guide players on how to obtain these Scan Jammers and explain the different options available, such as the Single-Frequency, Dual-Frequency, and Multi-Frequency models. He can also advise on the requirements and effectiveness of each model.

Lon’s expertise ensures that players have the necessary knowledge to navigate the dangers of smuggling and avoid severe consequences. For those aspiring to be intergalactic space smugglers, Lon Anderssen is a trusted ally in the Starfield universe.

Starfield Where To Buy Scan Jammer – Options and Requirements for Scan Jammers

Players can purchase the Scan Jammer Single-Frequency for 2,850 Credits.

Here are three key things to know about Scan Jammers:

Scan Jammer Pricing: The Scan Jammer Single-Frequency is priced at 2,850 Credits. For those looking for more advanced options, there is the Scan Jammer Dual-Frequency available for 4,750 Credits and the Scan Jammer Multi-Frequency for 9,500 Credits.

Different Types and Their Effectiveness: The effectiveness of Scan Jammers varies depending on the type installed. The Scan Jammer Single-Frequency provides a 10% chance to evade a ship scan, while the Scan Jammer Dual-Frequency increases the chances to 30%. The most effective option is the Scan Jammer Multi-Frequency, providing a 50% chance to evade ship scans.

Importance of a Shielded Cargo Hold: To ensure the effectiveness of Scan Jammers, it is crucial to have a Shielded Cargo hold. This allows for optimal performance and increases the chances of evading ship scans.

Understanding the pricing, different types, and the need for a Shielded Cargo hold will help players make informed decisions when acquiring and using Scan Jammers in Starfield.

The Function and Efficacy of Scan Jammers

Using a Shielded Cargo hold, a player can increase their chances of evading ship scans with the different types of Scan Jammers available in Starfield. These Scan Jammers serve a crucial function in helping smugglers transport contraband items past planetary security checks.

The efficacy of the Scan Jammers varies based on the type installed. The Scan Jammer Single-Frequency provides a 10% chance to evade a ship scan, while the Scan Jammer Dual-Frequency increases the chances to 30%, and the Scan Jammer Multi-Frequency raises it to 50%.

These Scan Jammers are essential for players aspiring to be intergalactic space smugglers, as getting caught with contraband can result in severe consequences, such as jail time and a hefty bounty on one’s head.

Additionally, unlocking muzzle mods in Starfield can further enhance smuggling operations by increasing the stealth and effectiveness of the player’s weapons, allowing them to navigate dangerous situations with greater ease.

Understanding the potential value of different contraband items in the black market and maximizing the impact of muzzle mods can significantly elevate a player’s success in the smuggling business in Starfield.

Consequences of Getting Caught With Contraband

Getting caught with contraband in the galactic space police’s scans results in severe consequences, including jail time and a hefty bounty on one’s head. This not only affects the individual involved but also has a significant impact on the galactic economy. The illicit trade in contraband disrupts legal markets, distorts prices, and undermines the overall stability of the galactic trade system.

To avoid these consequences, individuals must employ strategies to avoid getting caught with contraband. Here are three effective strategies to consider:

Utilize Scan Jammers: These devices help smuggle contraband items past planetary security checks by providing a chance to evade ship scans. Investing in a high-quality Scan Jammer increases the likelihood of successfully smuggling contraband without detection.

Shielded Cargo Holds: Ensuring that your cargo holds are properly shielded adds an additional layer of protection against scans. This increases the chances of avoiding detection and reduces the risk of getting caught with contraband.

Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest security protocols and technologies used by the galactic space police. Being aware of their scanning methods and adapting your smuggling techniques accordingly can greatly enhance your chances of avoiding detection and the associated consequences.

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