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Find The Lure Call Of The Wild The Angler – Exploring Fishing Lures

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Find The Lure Call Of The Wild The Angler – In the world of fishing, there is a wide array of lures that offer an abundance of options for anglers. From spinnerbaits to poppers, each lure has its own unique features and techniques. These versatile tools attract fish by simulating life and reflecting light, making them irresistible to their aquatic counterparts.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice just starting out, this guide will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of fishing lures, providing valuable insights and tips to help you navigate the waters with confidence.

Find The Lure Call Of The Wild The Angler

Spinnerbait, Spinner, and Spoon

Spinnerbait, spinner, and spoon are all effective lures that work with hooks sized 6 to 2/0 and attract fish by reflecting light and simulating life.

Spinnerbaits have various blade designs, such as Colorado, Willow, and Indiana blades, each offering a different level of flash and vibration. The Colorado blade creates more thump and is ideal for murky water, while the Willow blade produces intense flash and is perfect for clear water conditions. The Indiana blade is a versatile option, providing a balance between flash and vibration.

On the other hand, spoons are simple yet effective lures that can be fished in various ways. Techniques for fishing with spoons include casting and retrieving, jigging, and trolling. By mastering these techniques, anglers can effectively mimic injured baitfish and entice predatory fish to strike.

Popper and Jerkbait

The popper and jerkbait lures provide anglers with a variety of techniques for imitating fleeing and struck prey fish. Poppers are designed to create a popping sound and a splashing effect on the water’s surface. Anglers can use a variety of techniques with poppers, such as a constant retrieve, a stop-and-go retrieve, or a twitching retrieve.

These different techniques mimic the movement of injured or startled baitfish, attracting predatory fish like bass, pike, and trout.

On the other hand, jerkbaits are designed to imitate wounded fish with their erratic, darting action. Anglers can use a combination of jerks and pauses to mimic the movements of a struggling prey fish. Jerkbaits are particularly effective for species like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and walleye.


Anglers often rely on the frog lure to imitate the movements of frogs and spiders on the water’s surface. There are different types of frog lures available for topwater frog fishing techniques. These lures come in various sizes, colors, and designs to mimic the appearance and behavior of real frogs.

Some frog lures have soft bodies and lifelike legs that create a realistic swimming action when retrieved. Others have hollow bodies that allow for easy hook penetration and weedless fishing in thick vegetation.

The key to successful frog fishing is to cast the lure near lily pads, grass mats, or other areas where frogs are likely to be found. Anglers then use a combination of twitching, pausing, and reeling techniques to make the lure pop and skitter across the water’s surface, imitating the movements of a real frog. This technique often entices predatory fish, such as bass and pike, to strike.


Swimbait, a sinking lure made of molded plastic, imitates the realistic movements of baitfish to attract predatory fish. This versatile fishing lure can be used to target a variety of species, from bass to pike and everything in between.

When it comes to selecting the right swimbait, size and color play crucial roles. For larger fish, opt for a larger swimbait, while smaller fish may be enticed by a smaller-sized lure. In terms of color, choose a swimbait that closely resembles the natural prey in the area you are fishing. Clear water calls for more natural colors, while murky water may require a brighter or more contrasting color to stand out.

Experiment with different techniques, such as twitching, constant motion, or stop-and-go, to entice the fish. With these tips, anglers can confidently use swimbaits to maximize their chances of a successful catch.


Crankbait, a hard-bodied fishing lure, captivates predatory fish like bass and pike with its side-to-side wobbling movement. It is a versatile lure that comes in different types, each designed for specific fishing conditions.

Here are some different types of crankbaits and their effectiveness in various fishing situations:

  • Shallow Diving Crankbaits: These are ideal for fishing in shallow water depths, such as around shoreline cover or vegetation. They have a smaller lip and can be retrieved at a fast speed to target active fish near the surface.
  • Medium Diving Crankbaits: These crankbaits are effective for fishing in medium-depth water, such as around drop-offs or submerged structures. They have a longer lip that allows them to dive deeper and reach fish that are holding in the mid-water column.
  • Deep Diving Crankbaits: Designed to reach greater depths, these crankbaits are perfect for fishing in deep water or when targeting fish holding near the bottom. They have a larger lip and can dive down to depths of 20 feet or more.
  • Squarebill Crankbaits: These crankbaits have a square-shaped lip that makes them ideal for fishing in shallow cover, such as around rocks or wood. They have a deflecting action that allows them to bounce off obstacles without getting snagged.
  • Lipless Crankbaits: These crankbaits do not have a diving lip and are effective in various fishing conditions. They can be used in both shallow and deep water and have a vibrating action that attracts fish from a distance.

To properly fish with a crankbait in different water depths and structures, it is important to consider the following tips:

Adjust the retrieve speed: Vary your retrieve speed to find the right cadence that triggers strikes. Slow and steady is often effective in cold water, while a faster retrieve can entice more aggressive fish.

Experiment with depth: Use different types of crankbaits to target fish at different depths. Start by casting and retrieving near the surface, then gradually work your way deeper by counting down the lure or using a depth finder.

Target structure and cover: Crankbaits excel at attracting fish hiding in structures like rocks, submerged logs, or weed beds. Cast your lure close to these areas and use a stop-and-go or twitching retrieve to mimic wounded prey.

Pay attention to the season: Crankbaits can be effective year-round, but certain colors and sizes may work better depending on the season. Match your lure to the prevalent baitfish and adjust accordingly.

Be patient and persistent: Crankbait fishing requires patience and persistence. Keep casting, experimenting with different retrieves, and adjusting your approach until you find what works best for the conditions and the fish you’re targeting.

Other Unique Fishing Lures

The spoon lure is a unique fishing lure that attracts fish by reflecting light and simulating life. It is commonly used in jigging spoons and ice fishing lures. Jigging spoons are versatile lures that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

They have a curved shape with a single hook attached to one end and a metal piece resembling a spoon on the other. When jigged up and down, the spoon creates a fluttering motion that mimics a wounded baitfish, attracting predatory fish.

In addition to jigging spoons, soft plastic worms and creature baits are also popular options among anglers. Soft plastic worms are lifelike imitations of real worms and are often rigged on a hook with a weight.

They can be fished in a variety of ways, such as Texas rigging or Carolina rigging, and are effective for catching a wide range of fish species. Creature baits, on the other hand, are soft plastic lures designed to resemble creatures like crayfish, frogs, or lizards. They have a unique shape and appendages that create lifelike movements in the water, enticing fish to strike.

When it comes to fishing lures, the spoon lure, jigging spoons, soft plastic worms, and creature baits offer anglers a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether they are targeting fish in freshwater or ice fishing scenarios, these lures are designed to attract fish by reflecting light and simulating life, increasing the angler’s chances of success on the water.

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