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Starfield Find The Wall Behind The Vault – Thrilling Guide

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Starfield Find The Wall Behind The Vault – In the highly anticipated game Starfield, players will embark on thrilling missions that include boarding The Scow, stealing the Artifact, and exploring The Lodge.

Join the protagonist as they navigate the vast expanse of space, accompanied by their trusted companion.

With multiple paths to choose from, players can either peacefully persuade the captain to let them on board The Scow or resort to more daring tactics.

As the story unfolds, players will face the consequences of their actions, encounter the enigmatic Crimson Fleet, and navigate the intricate web of alliances with the United Colonies.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating gameplay experience like no other.

Starfield Find The Wall Behind The Vault – Boarding The Scow

The player can hail the Scow and persuade the captain to let them on board, avoiding a space battle and hostile NPCs. Persuading the captain is the peaceful option for boarding the Scow. It allows for a smoother progression in the game.

However, simply letting the companion speak for the player doesn’t result in much success. Choosing the right companion is crucial in this situation.

The companion with the least relationship with the player will join them for the space heist mission. In this case, Barrett joins the player. It’s important to note that the crew member joining may vary for each player.

Stealing The Artifact

After successfully accessing Captain Petrov’s vault, players can choose to challenge Petrov for the Artifact as the safest option. By challenging Petrov, players have the opportunity to confront him directly and potentially avoid further conflict with his crew. This approach allows for a more controlled and strategic approach to obtaining the Artifact.

However, it is important to note that even though this option is considered the safest, it does not come without consequences. After stealing the Artifact, players will have a bounty of 500 Credits on their heads. This means that they will be flagged as criminals and may be pursued by the United Colonies.

It is advisable for players to stash contraband and stolen items with their followers to avoid confiscation. Additionally, fast-traveling directly to The Lodge can help players avoid encounters with the United Colonies.

Finding Captain Petrov

Docking their ship onto the Scow, players encounter Tao Xun who lets them go and directs them to Captain Petrov.

Once inside the Scow, players will need to find Captain Petrov in order to steal the Artifact. Here are some key points to consider:

Captain Petrov’s motivations: Petrov is a guarded and cautious leader. He values his own safety and the security of his ship above all else. He is also motivated by wealth and power, as evidenced by the scavenged goods and trinkets in his throne room.

Strategies for persuading Captain Petrov: Players can try to convince Petrov to give them access to the vault. Diplomacy and offering a valuable trade or information may work. However, players should be prepared for resistance and have a backup plan in case persuasion fails.

Building trust and rapport: Players can try to build a relationship with Petrov by completing tasks or favors for him. This may increase his willingness to cooperate and trust the players with the Artifact.

The importance of timing: Players should choose the right moment to approach Petrov and present their case. Waiting for a moment when he is more receptive or distracted can increase the chances of success.

Dealing With the United Colonies

Dealing with the United Colonies can have serious consequences for players who have a bounty on their heads. Evading the United Colonies becomes crucial as they will recognize the player as a criminal due to their actions on Petrov’s ship.

Players should stash contraband and stolen items with their followers to avoid confiscation. Leaving stolen goods on the ship or on the player will result in loss.

If the player is caught by the United Colonies, they may embark on the Crimson Fleet mission, which involves espionage and double agent mastery. However, players have the option to start the mission at The Lodge.

It is important for players to consider the consequences of their criminal actions and be prepared to face the United Colonies if they decide to avoid them initially.

The Lodge and Crimson Fleet Mission

Players can initiate the Crimson Fleet mission by placing the Artifact in The Lodge, triggering an intensive and distressing next mission. This step reveals some hidden secrets within The Lodge, providing players with valuable information for their infiltration of the Crimson Fleet.

Here are four key aspects to consider:

Lodge Secrets: Placing the Artifact in The Lodge unveils hidden passages and secret rooms that contain valuable resources and clues. Exploring these areas thoroughly will aid players in their mission preparation.

Crimson Fleet infiltration: The next mission involves infiltrating the Crimson Fleet, a dangerous and secretive organization. Players must gather intelligence, forge alliances, and navigate intricate webs of deception to succeed.

Mission intensity: The upcoming mission is known for its high stakes and emotionally charged moments. Players should be prepared for challenging encounters and tough decisions that will have lasting consequences.

Mission preparation: Given the intensity of the mission, players are advised to save their progress before embarking on it. They should also consider gathering necessary equipment, strengthening relationships, and making strategic choices to increase their chances of success.

As players delve deeper into the secrets of The Lodge and embark on the Crimson Fleet mission, they will find themselves immersed in a thrilling and unpredictable adventure.

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