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Crabbigsale Com Scam – Is a Legit or a Scam?

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Crabbigsale Com has recently come under scrutiny due to various red flags that suggest it may be a scam website. This article aims to examine the legitimacy of and uncover the truth behind its operations.

By analyzing different aspects of the website, including its design, safety concerns, user traffic, domain registration details, and SSL certificate information, we can gain a clearer understanding of its credibility.

It is essential to approach this investigation with caution, as the lack of trust indicators and associated dangerous websites raise concerns about

Through an objective and evidence-based analysis, we aim to provide readers with an informed perspective on whether is a legitimate website or a potential scam. Website Information

The website has been flagged as dangerous and suspicious, with no elements of design, no links to social networks, and a recent creation date, raising concerns about its legitimacy as an online shop.

Trustworthiness analysis reveals that the website lacks credibility due to its recent creation and the absence of design elements and social media presence.

Additionally, user reviews and experiences are limited, indicating that the website is not well-known or visited by many users.

These factors contribute to the skepticism surrounding’s legitimacy as a trustworthy online platform.

It is advisable to exercise caution when engaging with this website and consider alternative options with more established reputations. Safety Concerns

Safety concerns regarding are evident due to the website being flagged as dangerous and suspicious, lacking elements of design and links to social networks, and having a recent creation date, which is often associated with scams.

To further emphasize the potential risks associated with this website, consider the following:

  • Installation of Paranoid Web Extension is recommended, indicating potential online security threats.
  • The absence of design elements and links to social networks raises doubts about the website’s trustworthiness and credibility.
  • The recent creation date, less than 10 days ago, is a red flag commonly associated with fraudulent activities.
  • The website’s low user traffic suggests a lack of popularity and potential customer satisfaction.

These safety concerns highlight the need for caution when engaging with, as online security and trustworthiness may be compromised.

Moreover, the absence of design elements and links to social networks on the website raises concerns about its credibility and reliability.

A well-designed website with visually appealing elements instills trust and confidence in users, as it reflects professionalism and attention to detail. The lack of design on may indicate a lack of effort or investment, which can undermine user trust.

Additionally, the absence of links to social networks is another red flag. In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial for online businesses.

It allows for direct communication with customers, showcases product reviews and testimonials, and provides a platform for customer engagement. The absence of social media links on the website raises doubts about the legitimacy and authenticity of

Recent Creation and User Traffic

Additionally, the recent creation of and its low user traffic raise concerns about its credibility and reliability as an online shop. Interacting with recently created websites carries potential risks, as their legitimacy and trustworthiness may not have been established yet.

The fact that was created less than 10 days ago is a red flag for scams, as it does not provide enough time for the website to build a positive reputation.

Furthermore, the low user traffic indicates that the website is not visited by many users, which further undermines its credibility as an online shop.

A lack of user engagement can be indicative of a questionable reputation or a lack of customer satisfaction. Therefore, caution is advised when considering any transactions or interactions with

Domain Registration Details

The domain registration details of indicate that it was registered with, LLC, and its SSL issuer is Cloudflare, Inc.

The domain registration process involves registering a domain name through a domain registrar, which is a company that provides registration services., LLC is one of the well-known domain registrars in the industry.

Cloudflare, Inc. is a reputable company that provides SSL certificates, which are used to secure the connection between the website and its users.

Comparing domain registrars is important to ensure the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a website. The choice of a reputable domain registrar and SSL issuer suggests a level of professionalism and security for

However, it is essential to consider other factors, such as website design and user traffic, to make a comprehensive assessment of the website’s legitimacy.

SSL Certificate Information

The SSL certificate information of provides valuable insights into the website’s security and encryption measures. The SSL issuer is Cloudflare, Inc., which is a reputable company known for providing secure connections. This indicates that the website has taken steps to secure the data transmitted between the user’s browser and the server.

However, it is important to note that the SSL certificate alone does not guarantee the legitimacy of the website. It is still crucial to exercise caution while browsing, especially considering that the website has been flagged as dangerous and suspicious. Browsing dangerous websites can pose potential risks such as malware infections, identity theft, and financial fraud.

Therefore, it is recommended to install the Paranoid Web Extension to enhance the security of the browsing experience.

Crabbigsale Com Scam – Legitimacy Check

To assess the legitimacy of, it is crucial to consider multiple factors such as website design, user reviews, and the length of time the website has been active.

The website’s lack of design elements and absence of links to social networks raise suspicions about its trustworthiness. Additionally, the website was created less than 10 days ago, which is often a red flag for scams. Furthermore, the website has not been visited by many users, which is concerning for an online shop.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of user reviews and experiences available, making it difficult to determine the legitimacy of based on this aspect. Therefore, caution should be exercised when considering engaging with this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

When visiting, it is recommended to install the Paranoid Web Extension to ensure security. It is important to note that the website is flagged as dangerous and suspicious, with no design elements or links to social networks. Compatibility with all web browsers is not specified. lacks elements of design and does not have any links to social networks, which raises suspicion. These factors, combined with its recent creation and low user traffic, suggest caution when considering its legitimacy as an online retailer.

How long ago was created? was registered on June 30, 2023, making it approximately 15 days old. To check its credibility, one can consider the website’s flagged dangerous and suspicious status, lack of design elements and social network links, and the recommendation to install Paranoid Web Extension.

Is visited by many users? is not visited by many users, which raises concerns about its legitimacy. Its lack of design elements and absence of links to social networks are also suspicious. There is no information available about its customer service.

Who is the domain registrar for

The domain registrar for is, LLC. There is no information available regarding the current owner of It is not mentioned whether is affiliated with any other websites.

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