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Starfield on the Run Bug – Uncover Secrets to Fix

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Starfield on the Run Bug – In the exciting quest ‘On the Run’ in Starfield, players find themselves on the planet Porrima III, specifically in the Red Mile area.

After completing the Shadows in Neon mission, they are introduced to Ranger Autumn MacMillan, who is determined to uncover Marco’s smuggling operation.

To gather crucial information, Autumn’s contact, Jade, suggests meeting in a local bar.

As the quest unfolds, players will navigate through dangerous encounters, meet Mei Devine, and ultimately activate the Red Mile beacon.

This comprehensive walkthrough will guide players through every step of the On the Run quest.

Starfield on the Run Bug – Unlocking On the Run

The player must complete the Shadows in Neon quest before they can unlock the On the Run quest in Starfield. This is important because completing Surgical Strike before or after On the Run can affect the player’s experience and the outcome of the quests.

The On the Run quest takes place in Red Mile, a treacherous area on the planet Porrima III. Navigating the Red Mile can be challenging, especially during a blizzard. To successfully navigate the Red Mile, players should use strategies such as following the beacon, staying alert for hostile creatures, and dispatching them efficiently.

Starting the Quest With Ranger Autumn Macmillan

Approach Ranger Autumn MacMillan in the bar to start the mission. She is the one who can initiate the quest. Autumn MacMillan is a Ranger stationed in Red Mile and is the key to unlocking the On the Run quest. Find her in the bar and approach her. However, be aware that she may not be in the mood to chat due to a meeting.

To gather information about Marco, the target of Autumn’s investigation into a smuggling operation, you will need to seek out her contact, Jade. Autumn will lead you to a table in the bar where Jade will be waiting. Discuss Marco and why you’re looking for him.

Jade suggests seeking information from Mei Devine, the leader of Red Mile. Mei can set up a meeting with Marco in return for your help in running the dangerous Red Mile race.

Autumn MacMillan and Jade

Autumn MacMillan, a Ranger stationed in Red Mile, can provide vital information about Marco through her contact, Jade.

Throughout the On the Run quest, the relationship between Autumn and Jade develops as they work together to uncover the truth about Marco’s smuggling operation.

At first, Autumn is hesitant to trust Jade completely, as she is aware of her involvement in the illegal activities. However, as they progress through the quest, Autumn begins to see Jade’s genuine desire to bring justice and restore order to Red Mile.

This leads to a growing sense of camaraderie between them, as they navigate dangerous situations and rely on each other for support.

Their combined efforts play a crucial role in advancing the overall storyline of the On the Run quest, as they gather information, confront enemies, and ultimately bring Marco to justice.

Meeting Jade and Seeking Information

Jade, Autumn’s contact, can provide vital information about Marco and his smuggling operation. Seeking information from Jade is crucial in understanding the extent of Marco’s illegal activities. Here are three reasons why seeking information from Mei Devine, the leader of Red Mile, is significant:

Uncovering Jade’s Role: By talking to Mei, you can learn more about Jade’s involvement in Marco’s smuggling operation. This knowledge will help you navigate the complex web of Marco’s criminal activities.

Gaining Insight into Marco’s Network: Mei Devine, as the leader of Red Mile, has access to valuable information about the workings of Marco’s organization. By establishing a connection with her, you can gain valuable insights into the inner workings of Marco’s smuggling network.

Building Trust and Belonging: Seeking information from Mei and proving your willingness to assist her in running the Red Mile race creates a sense of trust and belonging within the community. This trust will open doors to further cooperation and assistance in your mission to apprehend Marco.

Talking to Mei Devine

Mei Devine, the leader of Red Mile, eagerly agrees to meet with the protagonist after they offer to run the treacherous Red Mile race for her. Mei’s motives for agreeing to the meeting are twofold.

First, she is interested in the protagonist’s offer to run the race, as it presents an opportunity for someone new to take over the dangerous task. The Red Mile race is known for its challenges and dangers. Set in the midst of a massive blizzard, the race takes place in a pit inhabited by hostile creatures that will attack any runners. Failure in the race means certain death.

Second, Mei is also involved in Marco’s smuggling operation, and she sees this as an opportunity to gather more information about him. Despite these risks, the protagonist’s willingness to take on this perilous task has piqued Mei’s interest and she agrees to the meeting with hopes of achieving her objectives.

Activating the Red Mile Beacon

The protagonist must navigate through a treacherous blizzard and fend off hostile creatures in order to activate the Red Mile Beacon. The Red Mile race holds great importance in the quest, as it serves as the final challenge before confronting Marco. It tests the protagonist’s endurance, agility, and ability to overcome obstacles in the face of danger.

To evoke emotion in the audience, the following strategies can be employed when dealing with the hostile creatures in the Red Mile pit:

  • Stay alert and keep a watchful eye on the surroundings
  • Utilize ranged weapons to attack from a safe distance
  • Use defensive maneuvers such as dodging and rolling to evade the creatures’ attacks

Completing the Red Mile Race

After activating the Red Mile Beacon, the protagonist must navigate through the treacherous blizzard and complete the Red Mile race to confront Marco.

To survive the hostile creatures in the race, it is crucial to employ effective strategies. One strategy is to stay alert and constantly scan the surroundings for any signs of movement or danger. Being aware of the creatures’ attack patterns can also help in anticipating their moves and countering them effectively. Additionally, using weapons and abilities that have a wide range of attack can help in dealing with multiple creatures at once.

As for navigating through the blizzard conditions, it is essential to follow the beacon’s light and stay on the designated path. Keeping a steady pace and watching out for any obstacles or pitfalls is vital to avoid getting lost or injured in the harsh weather. It is also advisable to conserve energy and take breaks when necessary to avoid exhaustion.

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