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Norraco Transact, a trusted and efficient online payment platform, has been providing seamless transaction processing and comprehensive sales management solutions to South African businesses since 2014.

With a focus on security and user-friendly functionality, Norraco Transact integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms and accounting software, while offering exceptional live chat support and dependable payment processing.

Its solid reputation, backed by positive customer reviews and a TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5, makes Norraco Transact the preferred choice for businesses in South Africa and beyond.

Customer Reviews of Norraco Transact

The customer reviews of Norraco Transact highlight the positive experiences and satisfaction of users with the platform's secure and user-friendly payment processing system. Users praise the advantages of using Norraco Transact, such as its simple dashboard interface, fast integration with payment gateways, reliable payment processing, and competitive transaction fees.

The customer support experience with Norraco Transact is also highly regarded, with excellent live chat support and prompt responses to support tickets. Users appreciate the intuitive invoicing functionality, robust reporting dashboard, and secure payment processing offered by the platform.

The flexible pricing plans and hassle-free account setup are also mentioned as benefits of using Norraco Transact. Overall, customers find Norraco Transact to provide a secure and simplified payments experience, making it a popular choice for businesses in South Africa.

Norraco Transact Ratings and TrustScore

With a TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot and positive feedback from over 200 reviews, Norraco Transact is highly regarded by its users. This high rating is a testament to the platform's commitment to customer satisfaction and payment processing efficiency.

The majority of reviews rated Norraco Transact as Excellent, with users praising its simple dashboard interface, fast integration with payment gateways, and reliable payment processing. Customers also appreciate the competitive transaction fees and excellent live chat support.

Additionally, Norraco Transact has a 4.5-star average rating on Google, further highlighting its positive reputation.

Positive Themes in Norraco Transact Reviews

Overall, the majority of customers who reviewed Norraco Transact rated it as Excellent or Great, highlighting the positive themes in their feedback. Here are three benefits of Norraco Transact that customers expressed satisfaction with:

  1. Simple and user-friendly interface: Many customers praised the dashboard interface of Norraco Transact for its ease of use. They found it intuitive and well-designed, allowing for smooth navigation and efficient management of transactions.
  2. Reliable payment processing: Customers appreciated the reliability of Norraco Transact when it came to processing payments. They mentioned that transactions were processed quickly and securely, giving them peace of mind and ensuring a seamless experience for their customers.
  3. Excellent customer support: Norraco Transact's live chat support received accolades from customers who found it to be responsive and helpful. They mentioned that their queries were resolved promptly, and the support team was knowledgeable and friendly.

These positive themes in Norraco Transact reviews indicate that customers value the platform for its user-friendly interface, reliable payment processing, and excellent customer support.

Norraco Transact's Google Rating and User Feedback

Norraco Transact has maintained a 4.5-star average rating on Google, indicating positive user feedback and satisfaction with the platform's performance and features.

Users have praised Norraco Transact's payment features, such as its intuitive invoicing functionality and secure payment processing.

The platform's customer support quality has also been commended, with users mentioning excellent live chat support and timely response to support tickets.

With over 50 reviews on Google, Norraco Transact has garnered a solid reputation for providing a secure and simplified payments experience.

Norraco Transact's Facebook Page and Customer Experiences

The Facebook page of Norraco Transact provides a platform for customers to share their experiences and feedback on the payment processing service.

Here are three key aspects of Norraco Transact's Facebook page and customer experiences:

  1. Positive Reviews: Customers frequently mention the excellent customer support provided by Norraco Transact. The platform's local customer support representatives are readily available to assist users with any queries or issues they may have. This prompt and helpful support contributes to a positive customer experience.
  2. Integration Capabilities: Many customers appreciate Norraco Transact's seamless integration with common e-commerce platforms and accounting software. This feature allows businesses to easily integrate the payment processing service into their existing systems, saving time and effort.
  3. Engaging Community Management: Norraco Transact's Community Managers actively engage with customers on Facebook to troubleshoot technical problems and address any concerns. This interactive approach fosters a sense of belonging and shows that Norraco Transact values customer feedback and satisfaction.

Author's Experience With Norraco Transact

During the trial period, however, the author encountered no technical issues and found the payment processing experience with Norraco Transact to be smooth and efficient. The author was satisfied with the ease of use and found the platform to be user-friendly.

The setup process was quick, allowing for the generation of test invoices, processing mock credit card payments, and accessing sales reports through the intuitive dashboard. The author was impressed by Norraco Transact's ability to provide a secure and simplified payments experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Norraco Transact Compare to Other Online Payment Platforms in Terms of Security and Ease of Use?

In terms of online payment security and ease of use, Norraco Transact stands out among other platforms. Its adherence to high security standards and user-friendly interface make it a reliable and convenient option for businesses.

What Integrations Does Norraco Transact Have With E-Commerce Platforms and Accounting Software?

Norraco Transact offers integrations with various e-commerce platforms and accounting software, providing businesses with seamless payment processing. This allows for efficient management of transactions, invoices, and sales reports, enhancing the overall online payment experience and streamlining business operations.

Are There Any Negative Reviews or Complaints About Norraco Transact's Customer Support?

Norraco Transact has received positive customer feedback regarding their customer support, with no significant negative reviews or complaints reported. Overall, Norraco Transact has shown a high level of customer satisfaction in this aspect.

Can Businesses Customize Their Pricing Plans With Norraco Transact?

Yes, businesses can customize their pricing plans with Norraco Transact. The platform offers flexible pricing options to cater to the specific needs of different businesses, allowing them to choose the most suitable plan for their requirements.

How Does Norraco Transact Handle Unresolved Support Tickets or Technical Problems?

Norraco Transact handles unresolved support tickets and technical problems by actively engaging with customers and troubleshooting issues. Their local customer support representatives provide timely assistance to ensure a seamless experience for users.


In conclusion, Norraco Transact has established itself as a trusted and efficient online payment platform for businesses in South Africa.

With its focus on security, user-friendly functionality, and dedicated local support, the platform has garnered positive reviews and a high TrustScore.

Users appreciate its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, swift payment processing, and exceptional customer service.

Overall, Norraco Transact continues to provide a secure and streamlined payments experience for businesses in South Africa and beyond.