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Mani Finance Real or Fake? Reviews and Complaints

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Mani Finance Pvt Ltd (MFPL) is a reputable financial services company incorporated in India in 1992. Led by experienced directors Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta, MFPL operates in the financial services industry with a responsible approach to its financial position.

With a single active loan and no outstanding charges, the company appears to be in good standing. MFPL maintains transparency and effective communication through its Kolkata headquarters.

This article examines reviews and complaints to provide an objective analysis of MFPL's reputation and customer experiences.

Company Background: Overview of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd

In the context of the knowledge provided, the current discussion topic revolves around the Company Background, providing a comprehensive overview of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd (MFPL).

MFPL is a private limited company operating in the financial services industry. With its registered office located in Kolkata, West Bengal, MFPL has been in operation since its incorporation on April 28, 1992. The company has an authorized capital of 1 crore INR and a paid-up capital of 0.65 crore INR.

As per the available information, MFPL's financial services offerings include loans and other credit facilities. The company's strong leadership, represented by directors Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta, who have been with the company since its inception, suggests a commitment to long-term success.

MFPL has the potential for growth in the market, given its stable position and the demand for financial services.

Board of Directors: Leadership and Stability

How does the board of directors contribute to the leadership and stability of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd?

  1. Experience and Qualifications: The board of directors of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the table. With over 30 years of involvement in the company, directors Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta have demonstrated their deep understanding of the financial services industry and their ability to navigate challenges effectively.
  2. Strategic Decision-Making: The board of directors plays a crucial role in guiding the company's growth and expansion. Through their strategic decision-making, they ensure that Mani Finance Pvt Ltd takes advantage of opportunities in the market while mitigating risks. Their expertise and knowledge enable them to make informed choices that drive the company towards success.
  3. Governance and Oversight: The board of directors is responsible for overseeing the overall governance of the company. They ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, maintain transparency, and safeguard the interests of stakeholders. Their diligent oversight contributes to the stability of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd and enhances its reputation in the industry.
  4. Leadership and Vision: The board of directors sets the tone for leadership within the organization. Their vision and guidance inspire employees and foster a culture of excellence. By providing strategic direction, they create a strong foundation for the company's growth and expansion, ensuring its long-term stability.

The board of directors of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd plays a vital role in the leadership and stability of the company. With their experience, qualifications, strategic decision-making, governance and oversight, and visionary leadership, they contribute to the company's growth and expansion, positioning it for continued success in the financial services industry.

Charges and Credit Lines: Analysis of Financial Position

Appropriately managed charges and credit lines indicate the responsible financial position of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd, showcasing their prudent approach to leverage and risk. With an active loan of 17 lakhs INR from HDFC Bank as of November 2022 and no other outstanding charges, MFPL demonstrates a preference for a single, manageable credit line. This indicates a judicious use of leverage versus excessive risks.

Such loan management practices contribute to the overall financial stability of the company. Furthermore, regulatory compliance records show that MFPL is in good standing with no pending or historical litigation against the company. The absence of any penalties or compliance defaults further reinforces their responsible financial position.

These factors, combined with the stable leadership of directors Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta, suggest a strong and reliable company that prioritizes financial stability and responsible loan management.

Regulatory Compliance: Assessment of Legal Standing

The assessment of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd's legal standing in terms of regulatory compliance reveals a company that adheres to applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Regulatory Updates: MFPL stays updated with regulatory changes and makes necessary adjustments to ensure compliance. This demonstrates their commitment to staying current and maintaining a strong regulatory framework.
  2. Transparent Operations: The absence of pending litigation or regulatory actions against MFPL indicates their commitment to transparency and ethical business practices. This is crucial for prospective clients who seek a reliable and trustworthy financial partner.
  3. Timely Filings: The company's up-to-date annual filings as of March 2022 further emphasize their commitment to regulatory compliance. This showcases their responsible approach to financial reporting and accountability.
  4. Clean Record: The absence of outstanding penalties or compliance defaults suggests that MFPL operates within the legal framework. This provides assurance to prospective clients that the company operates with integrity and is mindful of its regulatory obligations.

Overall, MFPL's strong legal standing and adherence to regulatory compliance updates make them a trustworthy choice for prospective clients seeking a financial partner.

Contact Details: Accessing Mani Finance for Inquiries

To access Mani Finance for inquiries, interested parties can reach out to the company's Kolkata headquarters by visiting the physical address or through other available contact methods, such as email or fax.

While the company does not have a disclosed website or phone number, this does not necessarily indicate that it is fake or unreliable. In fact, the presence of a physical address can be seen as a positive attribute, as it provides a legitimate location for record-keeping and builds trust compared to anonymous online-only entities.

However, the lack of an online presence may limit digital accessibility and convenience for customers.

It is important to note that customer service responsiveness and support may be a key consideration for potential customers, as it can greatly impact their experience with the company.

Reviews: Customer Experiences and Feedback

Many customers have provided positive feedback, while others have expressed concerns about their experiences with Mani Finance. It is essential to analyze customer satisfaction and service quality to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's performance.

Here are four key points to consider:

  1. Positive feedback: Numerous customers have expressed satisfaction with Mani Finance's services, highlighting quick loan approval, competitive interest rates, and helpful customer support.
  2. Concerns raised: Some customers have reported issues related to delayed loan processing, lack of transparency in terms and conditions, and difficulties in reaching customer service representatives.
  3. Improvement areas: Mani Finance should focus on streamlining their loan processing procedures, enhancing communication channels with customers, and providing clearer information about loan terms and conditions.
  4. Importance of feedback: Customer feedback is crucial for Mani Finance to identify areas of improvement and enhance customer satisfaction. It is essential for the company to address concerns promptly and strive for service excellence.

Complaints: Addressing and Resolving Issues

Efficiently addressing and resolving complaints is crucial for maintaining customer trust and fostering a positive reputation for Mani Finance in the financial services industry. Customer support plays a vital role in ensuring prompt and helpful assistance to customers who have concerns or issues.

By promptly addressing and resolving these complaints, Mani Finance can demonstrate its commitment to customer satisfaction and build trust. Dispute resolution is another key aspect of effectively handling complaints. By implementing a robust process for resolving conflicts and addressing customer concerns, Mani Finance can mitigate the potential negative impact of complaints and maintain a strong relationship with its customers.

Through efficient complaint resolution, Mani Finance can not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones who value excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Authorized Capital and Paid-Up Capital of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd?

The authorized capital of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd is 1 crore INR, while the paid-up capital is 0.65 crore INR. These figures indicate the financial resources available to the company for its operations and investments.

How Long Have the Directors Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta Been With the Company?

Shankar Lal Gupta and Santosh Gupta, the directors of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd, have been with the company since its inception over 30 years ago. Their extensive experience and long-term commitment signify stability and strong leadership.

Are There Any Regulatory Actions or Legal Disputes Involving the Directors of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd?

There are no regulatory actions or legal disputes involving the directors of Mani Finance Pvt Ltd. Their extensive involvement and absence of concerning issues suggest a commitment to the company's success.

What Is the Current Outstanding Loan Amount From HDFC Bank?

The current outstanding loan amount from HDFC Bank is 17 lakhs INR. It is important to note that loan defaults can have a negative impact on one's credit score.

Is There Any Pending Litigation or Regulatory Actions Against Mani Finance Pvt Ltd?

As of the latest information available, there are no pending litigations or regulatory actions against Mani Finance Pvt Ltd. However, it is advisable to regularly monitor and verify the company's compliance status for any updates.


In conclusion, Mani Finance Pvt Ltd is a reputable financial services company in India. It has a strong leadership team, responsible financial position, and good regulatory compliance. The company has a long-standing presence in the industry and maintains transparency and effective communication through its Kolkata headquarters.

Customer reviews and complaints can provide insights into the company's performance and customer satisfaction.