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Milemax Reviews – The Reality of the Fuel-Saving MileMax Scam

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Do you know about MileMax Fuel Saver? It promises to improve your car’s gas mileage and reduce fuel costs. But after researching, we’ve found that the MileMax scam is true and not worth your money.

In this blog post, we’ll expose the myth behind MileMax and explain why you should avoid it. Let’s start now.

Summary of the MileMax Fuel Saver

MileMax is a fuel-saving gadget that promises to increase your car’s gas mileage without affecting its performance. It is available on, which currently provides a 50% discount and free shipping.

Through the OBD-II connector, the device gathers information about your vehicle’s characteristics and driving habits. It uses this information after travelling 150 miles to maximise fuel economy. The website claims that the device requires no specific tools or abilities to install or operate.

Most automobiles built after 1996, including those with an OBD-II connector, are said to be compatible with the device. However, there are several warning signs around the MileMax fuel saver, so it is essential to exercise caution before making any purchases.

Let’s examine this fuel saver in more detail and see what our inquiry reveals to determine whether or not MileMax Fuel Saver is a scam.

Does MileMax Fuel Saver Work?

MileMax Fuel Saver’s efficacy is in doubt, and there isn’t any hard proof to back up their claims that it can increase fuel efficiency by up to 35%. Numerous users of such gadgets have complained about unpleasant incidents and diminished fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the product’s credibility is questioned because of the absence of openness and backing from significant automakers or regulatory organisations. Before purchasing any fuel-saving equipment, including MileMax, it is advisable to do an extensive study.

Milemax Fuel Saver Claims

According to the website, MileMax is an AI-based fuel-saving gadget that plugs into your car’s OBD-II port. They assert that the gadget maximises fuel economy by gathering information about your driving habits and the peculiarities of your car.

After about 150 miles of driving, it adjusts to these variables without affecting your car’s performance or throttle response. According to the website, MileMax can be installed quickly and easily without needing specific tools or skills on most vehicles produced after 1996.

Additionally, the business provides a one-year warranty on the item and a 30-day money-back guarantee. While these assertions may seem encouraging, conducting additional research before purchasing is important because MileMax fuel saver is linked to several warning signs.

Top Features of Milemax Fuel Saver

Milemax Reviews - The Reality of the Fuel-Saving MileMax Scam
  • MileMax bills itself as a secure and user-friendly gadget.
  • It promises to improve your car’s performance while maintaining engine power.
  • MileMax, according to the company, can cut your fuel use by up to 35%, saving you a lot of money at the pump.
  • The tool is made to function with any automobile that has an OBD-II port, which includes the majority of vehicles produced after 1996.
  • It is said that the installation procedure is quick and simple, requiring neither specific tools nor abilities.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty are included with MileMax. Our inquiry turns up multiple red flags about the MileMax fuel saver. Because of its possible connection to a scam, we cannot endorse it as a trustworthy or dependable fuel-saving technology.

Advantages of MileMax

Our study shows several warning signs regarding MileMax Fuel Saver that could be signs of a scam. Here are some of the advantages listed on the website, nevertheless, to give a fair overview:

  • MileMax asserts that it is compatible with all American-made automobiles built after 1996.
  • The gadget has an AI-adaptable configuration that gathers information about your car’s attributes and style. After a run of about 150 miles, it maximises fuel efficiency without sacrificing power or performance.
  • The manufacturer said the engine control unit undergoes no long-lasting modifications due to MileMax. It will revert to its default settings after the gadget is disconnected.
  • MileMax asserts that it can enhance your car’s performance by fine-tuning several variables, including boost pressure, injection timings, and fuel injection. These modifications lead to a more effective system that saves gasoline while preserving your vehicle’s other dynamic qualities.
  • The Fuel Saver tweaks several variables in your car’s system to improve responsiveness while preventing throttle loss or power reductions. Additionally, it uses less energy while operating, protecting the battery in your automobile.

Why is MileMax the Best?

Milemax Reviews - The Reality of the Fuel-Saving MileMax Scam

Because of its lofty promises of increased fuel economy and reduced emissions, the MileMax Fuel Saver has generated debate among consumers and experts. 

There isn’t enough proof to support the device’s claims that it uses AI technology to maximise fuel efficiency without sacrificing power or performance.

In addition to these assertions, the company’s website has generated several warning signs that point to a possible hoax. 

The website was just made, and respectable businesses typically publish their physical address and phone number on their websites. It is difficult to confirm the reliability of the business that manufactures the goods due to a lack of openness.

The numerous bad reviews and consumer complaints regarding the MileMax Fuel Saver’s efficacy are another factor that makes it a possible deception. 

After utilising the device, many consumers claimed they did not notice any appreciable increases in their fuel efficiency, and some even claimed that their car’s performance declined.

In addition, some specialists have voiced worries about the device’s safety. They contend that the MileMax Fuel Saver could alter the engine’s settings and create potential safety risks, a major worry for automobile owners.

In conclusion, the notion that the MileMax Fuel Saver can be a potential fraud has been influenced by its extravagant promises, lack of proof, dubious website, unfavourable reviews, and safety concerns. Before buying a product, consumers must do their homework and investigate it to protect themselves from scammers.

How Do I Use MileMax Fuel Saver?

Follow these easy steps to use the Milemax fuel saver:

  • Buy the Milemax fuel saver from an established merchant.
  • To find the OBD2 port on your car, refer to the handbook or other resources. Usually, this port can be found under the dashboard or close to the centre console.
  • Put the Milemax fuel saver into the OBD2 port after you’ve found it. The appliance must fit securely and snugly.
  • After installing the device, wait around 30 seconds while turning the ignition to the “on” position. Doing this will allow the Milemax fuel saver to readjust and improve your car’s fuel economy.
  • Start your car after the recalibration is finished, then drive as usual. To increase fuel economy and lower pollutants, the Milemax fuel saver will operate in the background.

Price of MileMax Fuel Saver

Milemax is a fuel-saving gadget claiming it would improve fuel economy and help drivers save money on petrol. The device’s price varies depending on how many units are ordered and is sold online through various websites.

According to the most recent data, a single Milemax fuel saver costs $49.98. Discounts are offered for purchasing numerous units, though. For $39.99 apiece, two units can be purchased, and the price for three units is similarly $39.99.

While Milemax’s initial cost can sound alluring, it is crucial to weigh the device’s performance and potential long-term cost savings before deciding whether or not to buy it. 

According to several consumers, Milemax did not live up to its claims and sometimes even reduced fuel efficiency. As a result, it is advised to conduct extensive research and read reviews before purchasing.

Milemax Reviews – What Are Customers Saying About the MileMax?

On the official website, there are a lot of positive reviews. But it seems to be paid.

“At first, I was a little dubious about the MileMax, but I decided to give it a shot. I’m happy I did. My car’s fuel economy has significantly increased, and I am now spending less money on petrol. With my purchase, I’m really happy.

Since using the MileMax for approximately a month, I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my gas mileage. I wholeheartedly urge anyone wishing to save money on petrol to purchase this product!”

Numerous customer testimonials raise the possibility that MileMax Fuel Saver is a scam.

As the device claims to save up to 35% fuel, one user tested it on a 2008 Prius and anticipated a 2 mpg reduction in fuel efficiency for a 150-mile drive. Nevertheless, despite not travelling more than 150 miles, the customer lost 6 mpg. 

Additionally, they attempted to use the gadget on a 2003 Ford Expedition, but the tiny LED kept flashing, indicating that the gadget could not interact with the car.

A different user examined the gadget in detail and discovered that it was nothing more than garbage with no link to OBD communication. 

They clarified that plug-and-play devices like MileMax Fuel Saver cannot change the primary fuel consumption determinants, including vehicle weight, tyre size, rolling resistance, friction in moving parts, and the number of moving elements in the driveline. 

The device, according to one user, has likewise been recycled numerous times and is only a recurring hoax.

Neither the product nor the firm that created it has an official presence on Trust Pilot. Although there are some favourable reviews on the business’s website, they could not be reliable because they could have been bought. 

Overall, MileMax Fuel Saver’s claims are not supported by any proof, and there are several warning signs that the company may be a scam.

Is MileMax Fuel Saver Legit?

The Milemax fuel saver doesn’t seem to be a genuine product. Any independent testing or proof does not support the manufacturer’s claims that the gadget can considerably increase fuel efficiency, and it has no genuine link to the vehicle’s OBD communication.

Many consumers who bought comparable products have complained about bad things including poor fuel efficiency and engine issues.

Additionally, a plug-and-play device like the Milemax cannot simply change several important elements that affect a car’s fuel consumption, including the vehicle’s weight, the tyres’ size, rolling resistance, and driveline friction. 

Therefore, it is advised to use caution and conduct in-depth research before buying any fuel-saving technology, including the Milemax.

MileMax Fuel Saver Pros & Cons


  • Installing Milemax Fuel Saver is simple and doesn’t call for any specialised equipment or technical know-how.
  • Affordable: Compared to other fuel-saving gadgets, the product is relatively cheap.
  • Claims to increase fuel economy: The product claims to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions, which may result in cost savings and favourable environmental effects.


  • Lack of evidence: The claims claimed by Milemax Fuel Saver are not backed up by any reliable evidence. There is no scientific evidence that the product genuinely increases fuel efficiency, and several customers have claimed that the device did not work for them.
  • There are various warning signs on the Milemax Fuel Saver website, including the absence of a real address or phone number, which casts doubt on the reliability of the business and its offerings.
  • Use of aftermarket devices, such as Milemax Fuel Saver, may result in the voiding of your car’s warranty, which could cost you extra money down the road if something goes wrong with your automobile.
  • Mixed consumer feedback: Although the official website has positive evaluations, some customers have complained about their unpleasant experiences and outcomes with the product.

MileMax Fuel Saver Conclusion

MileMax fuel saver is a fraud, it can be said after reviewing the facts provided. The manufacturer’s claims are unsupported by science, and it appears that positive reviews posted on the official website were bought. 

Furthermore, user reviews indicate that the product does not perform as promised, and the item is not included on respected review sites like Trustpilot. Some customers claim that instead of saving fuel, they lose fuel efficiency. 

The gadget lacks the essential technology to change the fundamental elements that affect how much gasoline a car uses. 

Furthermore, it looks like MileMax is just a renamed version of earlier, ineffective medicines of a similar nature that have been available on the market for years. It is therefore advised to stay away from this product and spend your money on a more reliable fuel-saving alternative.

MileMax Fuel Saver Alternatives

There are several possibilities on the market if you’re seeking an alternate fuel-saving device.

The EcoOBD2 plug-and-play gadget, which promotes a 15% increase in fuel efficiency, is one well-liked choice. The device operates by enhancing the engine’s performance, potentially lowering fuel usage.

Another choice is the Fuel Shark, a gadget that promises to stabilise your car’s electrical system and increase fuel efficiency. The Fuel Shark may be used in any kind of car and is simple to install.

Additionally, there are eco-driving tools like the CarChip Pro, which tracks your driving habits and offers advice on increasing your fuel efficiency. The CarChip Pro can assist you in improving your driving practises and reducing fuel use by analysing data like speed, acceleration, and braking.

MileMax Fuel Saver FAQ

How does Milemax operate?

A: According to claims, Milemax increases fuel efficiency by tuning the electronic control unit (ECU) in your car.

Is installing Milemax simple?

A: Milemax is made to be simple to install. Simply insert it into the OBD2 port on your car.

How does Milemax work?

A fuel-saving technology called Milemax says it may increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 35%.

Does Milemax function in all types of vehicles?

A: Milemax might not be compatible with all automobiles. Before buying Milemax, it’s crucial to ensure your car is compatible.

What is the price of Milemax?

A: A single unit of Milemax costs $49.98, while two and three units each cost $39.99.

Is Milemax secure for my car?

No proof exists to support the claim that Milemax harms your car. It’s crucial to remember that the device’s efficacy has not been established.

Will Milemax void the warranty on my car?

A: The warranty on your car can be voided if you use Milemax. Before using Milemax, it is advised to check with the manufacturer of your car.

If I’m not happy with Milemax, can I return it?

Yes, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available from Milemax. Within 30 days of purchase, you can return the item for a full refund if you’re unhappy.

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