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Holy Sword of the Ark Lies of P : What to Know?

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Holy Sword of the Ark Lies of P: The Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P is a legendary weapon of immense power and utility. This coveted weapon requires the exchange of one Kings Flame ErgotoAlidoro and cannot be disassembled.

With its Fable Charge of 528 and formidable damage reduction of 71.87% while guarding, the Holy Sword of the Ark is a force to be reckoned with in combat.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of this extraordinary weapon.

Acquisition and Information

The acquisition and information regarding the Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P are crucial for players seeking a comprehensive understanding of this powerful weapon.

To acquire the Holy Sword of the Ark, players must exchange x1 Kings Flame ErgotoAlidoro. Once obtained, the sword cannot be disassembled.

Upgrading the weapon requires 11.50 Charge Pulse Cells.

In terms of its attributes, the Holy Sword of the Ark has a Fable Charge of 528 and provides a Damage Reduction Rate of 71.87% while guarding.

When comparing it to other weapons, the Holy Sword of the Ark stands out for its unique fable arts, such as Patient Smash, which allows for stronger hits when the attack button is held down, and Alter, which transforms the handle length and reduces Stamina consumption.

Additionally, a hidden mechanic of the Holy Sword of the Ark is that after recasting Alter to shorten the sword, the next attack will be empowered and the weapon will glow red.

Fable Arts

One of the notable features of the Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P are its fable arts. These fable arts include Patient Smash and Alter.

Patient Smash allows players to hold down the attack button for a stronger hit. This provides an effective way to deal significant damage to enemies.

Alter, on the other hand, offers a unique transformation of the sword’s handle. This transformation temporarily reduces stamina consumption. This feature is particularly useful for stamina management during intense battles. It allows players to execute powerful attacks without depleting their stamina too quickly.

When the sword is transformed, Patient Smash is replaced with a combo slash that hits five times. This makes it an excellent choice for dealing with multiple enemies.

Hidden Mechanic

An intriguing feature of the Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P is the hidden mechanic that empowers the next attack and causes the weapon to glow red after re-casting Alter to shorten the sword. This hidden mechanic adds depth to gameplay and allows players to strategically plan their attacks for maximum effectiveness.

To fully understand and utilize this mechanic, players should familiarize themselves with the Alter mechanics and experiment with different optimal builds. Here are four important points to consider when utilizing the hidden mechanic:

  • Timing is crucial: Players must time the re-casting of Alter accurately to activate the hidden mechanic and unleash a powerful attack.
  • Red glow indicates power: The glowing red sword signifies that the next attack will be empowered, dealing increased damage.
  • Strategic planning: Players should plan their attacks accordingly, taking advantage of the empowered attack to maximize damage output.
  • Optimal builds: Experimenting with different builds is essential to find the combination of abilities and stats that synergize well with the hidden mechanic, enhancing its effectiveness.

Build Videos

Several informative build videos are available for the Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P, showcasing different strategies and playstyles for maximizing its potential.

These videos offer valuable insights into the various build strategies that players can adopt to optimize their performance with this powerful weapon. From focusing on raw damage output to emphasizing defensive capabilities, these videos cover a wide range of Holy Sword of the Ark build strategies.

Additionally, some videos specifically highlight the weapon’s effectiveness in PvP scenarios, providing viewers with valuable PvP tactics and tips.

Whether players prefer a more aggressive or defensive approach, these videos offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for Holy Sword of the Ark users, allowing them to fully explore the weapon’s capabilities and adapt their playstyle accordingly.

Conclusion – Holy Sword of the Ark Lies of P

In conclusion, the Holy Sword of the Ark in Lies of P is a highly sought-after weapon with immense power and utility.

Its acquisition requires exchanging one Kings Flame ErgotoAlidoro and 11.50 Charge Pulse Cells.

With a Fable Charge of 528, the sword offers significant damage reduction while guarding.

Its Fable Arts enhance combat capabilities, and a hidden mechanic empowers the next attack after using the Alter ability.

The comprehensive build guide titled ‘Lethal Gambit’ provides valuable assistance to players aiming to unlock the weapon’s full potential.

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