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Online shopping seems easier, more efficient, and more trustworthy than going to your local physical store, but what are the potential pitfalls? Some online retailers and websites are reliable; others aren’t. How do you know which ones to shop at and which ones to avoid?

This article on the Beast Shops website shares all the information you need about their company and service. Be sure to read our in-depth analysis for more details about thebeastshops com.

Below, you will learn whether you should purchase items from The Beast Shop. They are known for 8-Light Chandeliers with a Brass Antique Gold Finish and carry items from Rebecca Stern and Breath.

Introduction to

Our online business offers you the finest houseware items at reasonable prices. Additionally, we provide top-quality tees in various textiles. This fabric is lightweight, so it’s comfortable and easy to use. They also offer some pretty white lawn chairs so that the lawn will look nicer.

This company has professional designers that create fashionable tees in beautiful colors and patterns according to the latest trends. One of their major objectives is that they offer unisex t-shirts, which are an excellent choice for couples and friends.

History of the company

Since COVID-19, online shopping has become more popular than ever, and people often say that it can be both an entertaining and heart-wrenching experience. More than ever, consumers compare products according to price, reviews, and features and become more critical in their selection process.

One of the greatest benefits of online shopping is the freedom and ability to compare various brands without ever stepping out of your home. It’s also beneficial to know if a company offers discounts and if their products have any warranties.

The most important factor is making sure the company you choose is legitimate. Despite a drop in the number of COVID-19 infections, many people still use the Internet to buy from businesses to minimize their potential for exposure by avoiding traditional storefronts. Here you will find a Beast Shops review so you can see if it is legitimate or not.

What do they sell?

This is an online store where you can buy various items, including the Hubless E-Bike, an Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case, Writer’s Club Chair, Brooke Club Chair, Blue Stripe, Reed Diffuser, a Fireplace, and others. However, you must be sure you know the ins and outs of this online store before buying something.

Specification of website

You can find all the important information about thebeastshops com website in this section. The data is important to understand before making a purchase. It would be best if you always did some research on our site or Google before buying anything from a new website.

  • There is a website called The Beast Shops.
  • The Beast Shop is the website linked below.
  • This email aims to ask for help with a new app.
  • The address is 210 Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202
  • We can be reached at 216-279-5792 if you need to contact us.
  • Chandelier in antique gold with eight lights by Adler.
  • Reed Diffuser, Feu De Bois, Viggo Boesen Fox Outdoor Chair, and Dove White are types of Reed Diffuser.
  • You can pay with PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, etc.
  • Delivery dates are not specified if they are not provided.
  • Returns are allowed for 30 days under our policy.

Are thebeastshops trustworthy company?

The website sells Adler 8-Light Chandelier, Antiqued Gold, Rebecca Stern, and Breath I. However, the site does not take cash; furthermore, it only delivers goods online.

Please take note of the following points so you can know more about the site and its worthiness. Let’s explore this a bit further.

The Creation Date for this Website is 29/03/2022

Unreasonable Pricing: Items are offered in the event of big discounts of up to 50%

This brand promises to offer customers quality fabric t-shirts, house chairs, chandeliers, diffusers, and other amenities.

Given the question as to whether the company is legitimate or not, here’s what we need to examine to know for sure.

Product Quality of

The site provides convenient, high-quality fashion items for both men and women. It features a chandelier shaped like a t-shirt with a reed diffuser.

They offer durable, lightweight, high-strength canvas, exceptionally high elasticity, and unbeatable longevity.
Each product comes at a different price. The most exciting part, however, is that the shop offers free shipping without any purchase limit.

It’s a new company, so prices are already reasonable and discounts have yet to start, but you may find them in the future.

They offer many forms of payment, like American Express, making payment easy for the customer.

Shopping mode can be done by utilizing Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Elo, Google Pay, JCB, MasterCard, Shop pay, Vimeo, or Visa.

Website Quality of

  • It has a few products but will soon have many more.
  • In March 2022, the website will be registered.
  • Eight months have passed since launched.
  • The website expiration date is March 29th, 2023.
  • The scam detector displays a trust index of 1.8/100.
  • The phishing score is 79 out of 100.
  • It shows increased website risk as it scores 87/100 for malware.

Founder & Contact information

No information is available on the website regarding the brand’s founder. This indicates that no one knows who owns the brand.

According to the website, you can contact the brand using the following details; they are always available to assist you.

Send an email to

The phone number is +1(216)-279-5792

210 E Trade St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202, United States

Shipping Policies

  • As follows, they seem to have good shipping policies:
  • Shipping costs are not included.
  • During transit, your order will arrive in 3 to 4 business days-no delays.
  • The company is readily accessible to its customers, and you can contact them to track your order.
  • Port Express delivers our parcels.
  • If you wish to cancel an order, please send a cancellation request via email within 24 hours of placing the order. Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of being placed.
  • You may return a damaged package to the customer service department if you receive one. Don’t hesitate to contact the service if you are not present when the parcel is delivered.
  • We do not charge taxes.

Refund and return policies

A 30-day return policy applies. You can return your order within 30 days; as soon as that is done, it can’t be returned or exchanged, but a refund may take a few days while the bank processes it.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews on the official website. There are no customer reports on other websites, so it may be a scam or a new website, so people have yet to purchase much from it. Pros

  • We offer a wide range of products.
  • Policies and terms that are good.
  • Shipping is free.
  • Tax-free.
  • A valid SSL certificate and HTTPS protect consumers.
  • The company offers a variety of payment methods to its customers.
  • To its customers, it offers all the valid and accessible policies. Cons

  • It is not a good idea to trust
  • Websites with malware are not recommended.
  • There are no customer reviews for
  • Website information is limited.
  • Other sites have negative reviews of the portal.
  • Some content on the website seems to have been copied from another one.
  • Registered on 29/03/2022, the Website domain is very new.


That is to say, even though the website has good policies, it is plagued by malware and phishing schemes and is rarely visited. For your protection, we suggest finding reviews on the website before buying anything. Many customers complain that the site ships their products but needs to deliver them to their addresses.

I’ve seen customer reviews on this site from people who were charged twice for their order and from customers who were assigned the original cost of their purchase but received fake products in their order and then had to contact customer service to get the real effects they ordered.

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