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Starfield Lubricant Location: Where and How to Get It?

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Starfield Lubricant location and acquisition methods.

As avid players of the highly anticipated game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, we understand the importance of this essential resource in navigating the challenging world of Starfield.

In this article, we will delve into the various sources and strategies for obtaining lubricant, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in this vast open world.

Join us as we explore the galaxy and uncover the secrets of acquiring this vital resource.

Vendor Locations: Where to Find Lubricant in Starfield

Lubricant can be found at various vendor locations in Starfield, such as the Jemison Mercantile store in Spaceport (New Atlantis), UC Exchange in Central Hub (Cydonia), Shepards General Store (Akila City), and Newills Goods (Neon). These vendors offer a variety of lubricants, including oils and greases, to help reduce friction and ensure smooth operation of various machinery and equipment.

However, it is important to note that lubricant scarcity may be an issue, as not all vendors consistently have it in stock. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check back with these vendors, as they may restock their supplies periodically.

Regular Checking: Ensuring Availability of Lubricant at Vendors

It is important for players to regularly check with vendors scattered across the game’s galaxy to ensure the availability of the desired product, such as lubricant in Starfield. Not all vendors have lubricant, so checking back with them frequently is essential.

Vendors like Jemison Mercantile store in Spaceport (New Atlantis), UC Exchange in Central Hub (Cydonia), Shepards General Store (Akila City), and Newills Goods (Neon) are known to carry lubricant.

Additionally, players can obtain lubricant by attacking enemy ships in space, exploring planets and scanning plants and creatures, or searching for storage containers. NPC sellers often offer lubricant for around 17 Credits each.

To avoid disappointment, players should check the vendors’ restocking frequency and plan their visits accordingly. Regular checking will ensure a steady supply of lubricant for smooth gameplay.

Alternative Sources: Obtaining Lubricant Through Combat and Exploration

Combat and exploration in the game Starfield offer players multiple ways to obtain lubricant, an essential substance for reducing friction and ensuring smooth operation. Players have the option to purchase lubricant from vendors scattered across the galaxy.

Additionally, lubricant can be acquired through combat and exploration. Engaging in space battles and defeating enemy ships can yield lubricant as a reward. Similarly, searching for storage containers during exploration can also lead to the discovery of lubricant.

Exploring planets and scanning plants and creatures also presents the opportunity to find lubricant. It is worth noting that lubricant serves different purposes in various game scenarios and enhances gameplay.

For instance, in space battles, applying lubricant to ship components can minimize wear and tear, thereby improving overall performance. Similarly, lubricating mechanical parts during land-based missions can prevent damage resulting from parts rubbing against each other.

Strategic use of lubricant can give players a competitive edge and ensure the longevity of their equipment in Starfield.

Buying Lubricant: Tips for Purchasing in Starfield

When purchasing lubricant in the game Starfield, players should consider comparing prices and availability from different vendors in order to make an informed decision.

Here are some tips for buying lubricant in Starfield:

  • Check different vendors in the game’s galaxy to compare prices and availability.
  • Look for vendors in big cities and check their Resources tab for lubricant.
  • Consider visiting Jemison Mercantile store in Spaceport (New Atlantis), UC Exchange in Central Hub (Cydonia), Shepards General Store (Akila City), and Newills Goods (Neon) as potential options.
  • Keep in mind that NPC sellers often offer lubricant for around 17 Credits each.

Tseng NPC on Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri System is a reliable vendor for beginners seeking to purchase lubricant in the game. As a beginner, it can be challenging to navigate the vast galaxy of Starfield and find the necessary resources. That’s where Tseng comes in.

Located on Jemison planet, Tseng offers a convenient and accessible option for purchasing lubricant. Lubricant is an essential resource in Starfield, used to reduce friction and keep machinery running smoothly. It can be obtained through various means such as attacking enemy ships, exploring planets, and scanning plants and creatures.

However, for beginners looking for a straightforward and reliable option, Tseng NPC is the go-to vendor. With their reasonable prices and consistent availability, Tseng NPC on Jemison planet is a valuable resource for beginners in Starfield.

Free Lubricant: Obtaining Without Spending Credits

Obtaining lubricant without spending credits can be achieved through alternative methods such as exploring abandoned locations, examining defeated enemy corpses, or attacking other ships. Here are some ways to obtain free lubricant in Starfield:

  • **Exploring Abandoned Locations**: When exploring planets, keep an eye out for abandoned locations. These places often contain valuable resources like lubricant. Search through crates, storage containers, and any other available objects to find the lubricant you need.
  • **Examining Defeated Enemy Corpses**: After defeating enemies in combat, take the time to examine their corpses. Sometimes, they may have lubricant on their person or stored in their belongings. Loot their bodies to find any lubricant they may be carrying.
  • **Attacking Other Ships**: Engaging in space battles can yield rewards, including lubricant. By attacking and boarding enemy ships, you may find lubricant in their cargo holds or storage compartments. Be prepared for resistance, as other ships may defend themselves.
  • **Lubricant Analysis and Substitutes**: Additionally, consider analyzing plants and creatures with a scanner. Some of them may contain substances that can serve as lubricant substitutes. Experiment with different materials to find alternatives to traditional lubricants.

Conclusion – Starfield Lubricant Location

In conclusion, Starfield players can acquire lubricant through various methods such as:

  • Purchasing from vendors
  • Scanning plants and creatures
  • Attacking enemy ships
  • Exploring abandoned locations

Regularly checking vendors for availability is essential, and the Tseng NPC on Jemison Planet is a recommended vendor for purchasing lubricant.

Additionally, players can sometimes obtain lubricant for free without spending credits.

By utilizing these strategies, players can efficiently navigate the game’s galaxy and ensure their success in Starfield.

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